SheInside Obsessions

SheInside is a great place to shop this summer for swimsuits, skirts, dresses, and the most adorable blouses. They offer the cutest items while keeping the prices extremely low so every girl on a budget (including me!) can have the perfect wardrobe. I'm talking reaaaally inexpensive. Most everything is $12-$18 but the quality is still great! I searched all through the site last night and found some of the most perfect and preppy items from their newest arrivals. I'm obsessing over their gingham swing dresses and their pearl flute sleeve top! I have linked everything down below but if you want to shop the entire site, click here! As you can tell, I'm really into oxford blues, gingham, and see

Adopting Confidence

The other day, someone at work told me that I seem much more confident in myself than I did last summer and I completely agree. It was such a nice compliment to hear from one of my co-workers but it got me thinking about how my confidence has grown over the past year. Before going to college I was very nervous and lacked confidence as a whole. After a year alone at school, I have learned so much about myself and I think there are a few things that have mainly contributed to my newly adopted confidence. Having confidence honestly can change your day. It has completely changed my outlook on life, has distinguished what is and is not important, and has helped improve my overall happiness. Don't

Amber Waves of Grain

Memorial Day honestly gives me mixed feelings. I try to refrain from saying "happy Memorial Day" because truth be told, it's not a happy thing to celebrate. It also makes me a little upset that retail stores like Macy's and Nordstrom decide to take the weekend to promote sales. Yes, we can celebrate our freedoms and our rights but when it comes down to it, it is a day to recognize the sacrifice of the thousands upon thousands of men and women who served our great nation. From firemen, to police officers, to soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors who protect us everyday we all need to stop and say a prayer of thanks for them. Many people gave their lives so we can live the amazing ones that w

10 Summer Essentials

Summer is here. School is finally letting out, the warmer weather is here, and all we can think about is the beach. I'm already enjoying my summer vacation and I am also really loving being able to put my summer closet to good use. I always find that there are 10 things in my summer closet that I always end up returning to. They are tried and true essentials that every prep needs in her closet this summer. 1. Chino Shorts -- these are great to have in all colors! You can style then with a classic white tee or a blouse to dress them up. I suggest J.Crew Factory when searching for chino shorts. 2. A go-to dress -- I love to have a go-to dress for each season and for summer that dress is always

Room Tour

My most requested post is finally here. Since coming back home from college all you have wanted to read is a tour of my bedroom. A lot of the furniture in my room is antique or was purchased back when I was in the first grade. I also do have two closets in my room. The one with one bar stores pants, dresses, and jackets along with my storage from college and my shoes. My other closet with two bars holds my Lilly Pulitzer on the bottom bar and my winter and fall items on the top bar. I would love to know what you think about my room in the comments below however I did want to answer a few questions here, because I have a feeling a lot of you will ask them. Q: Where is your desk from? A. Hones

Splash into Summer

It's finally here, y'all!! Splash into Summer is finally here at Lilly Pulitzer and I for one, cannot be more excited about it. I love celebrating Splash into Summer at Lilly. It is by far the most exciting and colorful event that we have all summer long. We are offering amazing gifts with purchase all weekend long and are celebrating summer with everyone who walks through our doors. From now until Monday, you can come into any Lilly Pulitzer store or online and shop out newest summer release all while reaping the rewards of beach themed gifts with purchase. If you are lucky enough to be able to come into stores, specifically the Short Pump location, we will be having live entertainment alon

Sunshine Yellow

My summer closet is made up of navy, red, and Lilly Pulitzer and although the Lilly does bring a great deal of color to my wardrobe I'm looking to brighten up my closet. I have really been enjoying the color yellow lately and I honestly have Julia from Gal Meets Glam to thank for that. I mean that girl is always wearing such happy colors, yellow being one of them. I rounded up my favorite yellow items and am writing today to share them all with you. The one item that I really love are the lemon espadrilles from C. Wonder. Not only are they just about the most adorable shoe I've seen in a while, but they are called the Lucy espadrille so we both know I will have those soon enough! Everything

6 Things That Will Happen in College

I know that so many readers of Daily Dose of Prep are headed off to college this fall and I understand that it's a nerve-wracking time in your life. College is a big adjustment whether you're staying close to home or moving far away, either way there are a few things to know when you head to college. 1. You will get homesick. No matter how far away you are from home, two hours or 15 hours away, you will get homesick at one point or another. Maybe you'll miss your family or just the idea of living at home but the day will come when all you want is to be back at home. During my first semester I counted down the days between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break because I was that homesick. It

Prep for Less: Save & Splurge

Finding your style and then cultivating your closet to match your style can get expensive. Although the preppy style is known for being pricey, the actuality of it all is that every style is going to be expensive. Let's look at Urban Outfitters and Free People, those aren't cheap stores. There is a way to avoid spending a lot of money on your closet though, and that's distinguishing what you can save on what you should splurge on. My philosophy is if you should purchase "the basics" at a cheaper price but still good quality than you should and splurge on items that are true to a brand: a Lilly Pulitzer shift, a Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt, and Palm Beach Sandals or Jack Rogers are all great th

Easy and Breezy in May

I love to wear easy dresses as the weather warms up. Something as simple as a clean and light shirt dress is all I need when the weather starts to get up into the high 70's and 80's. I am in love with this light blue oxford shirt dress from Gap. It has a feminine edge with the fun ruffle down the front but is timeless due to its classic light blue color. Since we moved out to the country, we have been preparing the farm for our cattle and goats. We are in the process of preparing the fences, pastures, and growing hay. This field of hay was honestly too pretty and scenic to not take advantage of. I styled the dress with my Hunter wellies and a pair of matching blue boot socks. I linked my fav

Current Obsessions: May 21, 2017

It has been so long since I have purchased anything, come to think of it I don't think I have had cash in my wallet since February. I've been pretty good about not spending money these past few months and that means that I has been almost 4 months since I have purchased any clothing whatsoever. Yes, I have partnered with companies in exchange for clothing but I haven't spent my own money on clothes in a while. Now that I am back working almost every single day, I have a lot more money in my bank account which inevitably leads to shopping. I mean, I'm a fashion blogger...we're just going to say that shopping is apart of the job! Right now, I am really working on tailoring my closet for late s

Four Pillars of Growing Your Blog

Whenever anybody asks me how to grow their blog I always circle back to four main points. After almost two years of blogging I have found the four pillars on growing a blog. I am no expert, and I have miles and miles to go when it comes to blog growth but I will do so by following these four aspects. These pillars are good quality, catering to readers, consistency, and being original. These are all pretty general topics but more detailed principles can be applied to them which in turn, increase your blog readers. Good Quality It's important to make sure that your blog has nothing but the best possible quality images, posts, and format. The first thing you can do to help fix this is to invest

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Daily Dose of Prep, or shall I say the new and improved Daily Dose of Prep. I'll be approaching my two year blogging anniversary at the end of July and I decided it was due time that I rebranded and redesigned things. The blog needed a little more sophistication and a lot more me. I realized that Wordpress couldn't offer me all of the things that I needed to truly make Daily Dose of Prep perfect. I was unable to add specific HTML, couldn't use my preferred widgets and had to stick strictly to their template. As much as everybody raves about Wordpress, I was rather disappointed with their services on the paid platform end. They are simple to use but very rigid when it comes to

Spring in Stripes

We are closing out winter, I can feel it. I am so sick an tired of winer weather, let me tell you! For the past two or three weeks here in Harrisonburg, the weather has been beautiful. Usually here in the Shenandoah Valley, there's a week or two full of snow but this year there wasn't a single "big snow" like we usually get. Honestly, it was a huge relief because I did not want to walk all the way across campus in the snow. The temperature has been in the low 50's though mid 70's (on a rare day) lately and I'm so pleased. I even took the liberty of putting my puffy coat back in my closet instead of keeping it on my chair. I wanted to start with some early spring outfits on the blog to not on

To The House That Built Me

Well, today's the day. After 24 years of living in Old Prescott Road, the Smiths are moving to a new home. I have tried for days to sit down and write this post and every time it ends in me crying over the computer forcing myself to shut it because the thought of leaving my favorite place was too much. This house was the house my parents came to after they got married and this is the house all of my sisters and I were brought home to after we were born. So many memories were made at this house -- memories of birthdays, Christmases, snow days, pool parties, sleepovers, first dates, and so many more. Some small, tiny memories that seem so insignificant but mean the world to me. As early as m

NYC Recap

I'm sadly back in Richmond no longer in NYC. Over the past four days, my dad and I shared the most amazing time in the city together. We did so many fun and exciting things and shared such great memories. We had such a great time together and y'all have been asking how my trip was so today I wanted to sit down and share all of the details of my trip and answer everyone's questions. ALSO I wanted to quickly thank Carolina Dandy for hooking me up with a great weekender bag for my trip. It was the perfect size for all of my outfits and shoes. Go and order yourself a monogrammed weekender here!! Tell the Lucy sent you! Wednesday, March 8th On Wednesday my Dad and I departed Richmond around 8am o

A Day in Central Park

My dad and I are living it up in NYC this week and I wanted to share yesterday's outfit with everyone. The past two days have been absolutely perfect - high 40's and low 50's. This weather is great with a sweater and a light trench coat. Yesterday my dad and I took on Central Park after breakfast. I haven't been to Central Park since the second grade but every time I watch Gossip Girl it makes me want to go back. I insisted on going for a little walk based off of the gorgeous weather (& the fact we could walk off breakfast)! For my outfit yesterday, I wore my favorite pair of J.Crew jeans, and a J. Crew perfect fit button down. I layered a Brooks Brothers navy and white polka dot sweater and

Snowy Day in NYC

Yesterday is snowed all morning in New York City, and honestly it was so magical. It hasn't really snowed all year near me in Virginia so it was nice to be able to walk around in the snow for a few hours. Fortunately for us, it never really stuck to the sidewalks and roads. The temperature however, dropped from 50 the day before to a crisp 31. We didn't want to wander around in the show freezing all morning so we stopped off at the Natural History Museum and it was so incredible. I was secretly waiting for the exhibits to come to life (lol movie reference) but either way, the museum was great. I had planned for it to be very snowy yesterday morning so I packed a warmer outfit. Yesterday I wo

It's All for the Better

Exactly one year ago, I was accepted to James Madison University. JMU was the last place I heard back from and I was terrified that I wasn't going to get it. I was very convinced that I was going to go to CNU but when I got the good new from JMU, I submitted my deposit the next day. I am so thankful for where I ended up going to college, it's been a great year so far! Since going to college so much has changed. For the better that's for sure. I have learned to much about myself and about the world and I wouldn't have been able to do so if I weren't here. Everything has changed since I moved to college; from my though process to my sleep schedule. Here are some if the changes that college ha

Spring Essentials

The blog is in full Spring mode! I am so over winter, so much so that I packed up all of my sweaters in my dorm room and am taking them home for storage with me this weekend while I'm home. I ran a poll on Twitter yesterday asking what you all would like to read on the blog today and you all wanted to read up on Spring wardrobe essentials the most out of the four choices. I picked out six items that I love to have in my closet ready to access for the season. To me, Spring means being able to finally pull out shorts, lighter tee's, and sandals. It also means packing away trousers, thick sweaters, and vests. As much as I love all of those things, I've had my fill for the season and don't want

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