19th Birthday Wishlist

My 19th Birthday is on Wednesday and I have no clue what to ask for. My mom keeps coming up to me and asking me what I want and I can't think of anything. I have spend the past few days scouring the internet for something I can ask for for my birthday and I compiled a great list of lifestyle, fashion, and apartment items that I love. Everything on my wishlist is linked down below for your shopping pleasure! Shop the Post | Linen pullover | scalloped bulletin board | leopard slides | Birkenstocks | monogrammed bracelet | Indio sunglasses | monogrammed Jack Rogers | monogrammed shams | monogrammed canvas tote | striped sweater | monogrammed phone case | DryBar curling iron | Apple Watch Series

Lobstah Lovin'

I have been obsessed with the new Lobstah Roll print since Lilly Pulitzer brought it back a few weeks ago. The Pearl Shift is a nod to a classic Lilly silhouette while Kirsten's fun color flip print looks great in a more modern Tala Romper. Both styles are so incredible and are worth sharing. We are exploring Virginia Beach all week long and found a great Marina only blocks from my house. Shop both of our outfits below and share in our love for Lobstah Roll! Shop the Post Stay Preppy, Lucy #lillydreamjob #LillyPulitzerbeachoutfit #lobstahroll #fashionandlifestyleblog #summerinlilly #resort365 #pearlshift #makeitsunny

So Snappy on the Shore

I'm currently enjoying a wonderful vacation with my family and friends in Virginia Beach. The weather has been amazing these past few days minus a few evening rain showers and the memories we are making are so great. Kirsten and I did pack plenty of Lilly Pulitzer to wear on our trip this week and ended up matching on Sunday night in Lilly Pulitzer's newest print, So Snappy. This fun purple, pink, and yellow print is a part of the fifth collection of summer and features hidden octopi in the print. I styled my Baybreeze shorts with the Jaya Sweater Tank. Kirsten paired her So Snappy Lacy Tank with a pair of white Baybreeze shorts. Golden hour was upon us and we had a few minutes before we hea

Keep Organized with Lauren James

As much as I hate to start talking about it, sooner or later we are all going to have to start getting ready to head back to school. One of my favorite thing to do over the summer is research what brand of agenda is going to help me keep organized throughout the semester. Between academics, greek life, a job, and blogging, sometimes I have so much going on, it's hard to keep track of it all! Today, I am teaming up with Lauren James to tell you about their timeless planners. These agendas are 12 months but don't come with written dates. This means you can start and end the agenda whenever you choose. It's super convenient for those who buy 16 months planners. Not only does this planner come w

Fourth of July Favorites

The fourth of July is just around the corner! Everyone has a right to celebrate such a wonderful holiday and should be dressed for the occasion. Right now, Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, Nordstrom, and KJP have great red, white, and blue options. Use my code DDOPKJP for 15% off the KJP website! Here are my favorite starred and striped items for our nation's birthday! Everything is linked below for you shopping enjoyment! Shop the Post | red stripe sweater | red bow pearl bracelet | America rope bracelet | lobster earrings | phone case |

Beach Packing List

Today marks the start of my week long vacation in Virginia Beach, VA. I have been counting down to this for weeks and am so excited that it's finally here! This week, my family and I, along with a few family and friends will be spending the next 7 days sharing a house beachside. Not only is Virginia Beach absolutely beautiful, but Mother Nature has graced us with 7 days of absolutely perfect weather. This week, we decided to be very casual but go out to one fancy dinner on Wednesday where we would get all dressed up. In addition to that, I am also packing for blog pictures that I plan on taking this week as well. I have compiled pretty much everything that I am brining with me to the beach t

The Perfect Summer Dress

I love stripes, I mean LOVE. To me, stripes are such a closet staple, I this dress is no exception. This fun summer sundress is from Gap and not only has a great navy and white stripe print to it, but also has pockets! I mean, stripes and pockets, yes please!!! I love that it matches my navy and white Jack Rogers perfectly, too. For this outfit I styled my new wide brim packable sunhat from J.Crew that I love! I bought it on sale and is perfect for the beach! I linked the entire outfit below so you can shop it! Stay Preppy, Lucy #stripedsundressoutfit #summerdressoutfit #preppysummeroutfit #gap #blogger #fashionblogger #preppyfashionblogger #JCrew

What's in My Beach Bag

I am heading to the beach in a little less than three days and I am so excited! My sisters and I have been counting down the days to our beach trip and now that it's so close, we can hardly wait! I'm beginning to make lists and brainstorm what I want to pack on Friday night and usually that includes a duffle, my purse, and a beach bag. I am loving my new St. Anne tote from Barrington Gifts so that will be making it's way to the beach with me this weekend. These bags are great and are monogrammed #yesplease. You design these bags from straps to print so everything about this bag was completely designed by me. They have tons of prints and styles to choose from too. Start designing your beach

National Wear Your Lilly Day

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day and happy summer!! Today at Lilly Pulitzer, we are having some great gifts with purchase and are celebrating the first day of summer! Stop by and see us today and help us welcome in the most colorful day of the year! #NWYLD I am collaborating with Ashley from The Richmond Prepster today so share some of our favorite Lilly items. She is wearing an adorable sundress in Elephant Ears. If you are more of a dress girl instead of a shirt and shorts girl, make sure to check her post out here! You can also find her adorable Instagram account @therichmondprepster! I think Elsa Tops are one of the greatest products that Lilly Pulitzer makes. I can wear these silky sm

Current Obsessions: June 20, 2017

I have spent a lot of money so far this June so as of last week, I have put myself on a spending freeze. I am not buying food, clothing, or anything. The last thing on my wish list was the Pearl Shift from Lilly Pulitzer that was released last Wednesday and since then I have been keeping my wallet closed. That doesn't keep me from window shopping thought! Just because I can't shop doesn't mean that all of you can't! I've been pulling inspiration from my favorite stores lately and here are my favorite things that I have fallen in love with recently. Everything is linked down below do you can shop as well! Shop the Post Stay Preppy, Lucy #obsessions #preppyobsessions #preppy #blogger #fashiona

High School Advice: All About Friendships

I'm completely aware that most of my readers are still in school and a wide range of y'all are either in high school or college. I love the fact that so many of you will turn to me for advice on high school and for all of the dilemmas we might face when we go through school. Although it is extremely flattering, I feel like I haven't been serving my high school audience as well as I should be. High school is such an important and pivotal time in life and as many lessons you learn in the class, you double that amount in life lessons you learn when in high school. On my weekly live streams I have been getting questions about friendships in high school. Trust me, I have had my fair share if frie

An Open Letter to My Dad...

My Dad is honestly the greatest human to walk the face of the earth. He is funny, witty, kind hearted, passionate, hard working, faithful, God-fearing, fashionable, and extremely fun. Some of y'all have seen him on my live streams, but many of you haven't had the honor of meeting my Dad so I'm going to use today's blog post to brag about him. Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day! Today is all about you -- you completely deserve this day! There are so many things I want to share in today's post but I honestly can't sum up the words I have to say thank you for all you have done for me. You are a constant inspiration in my life on so many different levels. First I'll start with your work ethic. You st

My FAVORITE Lilly Pulitzer Shift

I'm back today with another outfit post! I am sharing my favorite Lilly Pulitzer shift dress -- the Mila Shift. I love this dress because of it's classic silhouette. It's such a nod to classic Lilly Pulitzer and it really lets the print speak for itself. There is no embroidery, jewels, gold, or glitter to distract from the beautiful print. This print is Besides the Point and just hit stores last week! This entire outfit is linked down below for your shopping pleasure! Stay Preppy, Lucy #LillyPulitzer #blogger #fashionblogger #Milashiftdress #BesidesthePoint #preppylillypulitzeroutfit #summerinlilly #resort365 #makeitsunny #summer

Summer Haul + Youtube Video

I have been shopping a lot these past few weeks, and honestly I need to stop! I need to save money so badly, and although I have been slowly adding to my savings account, the money isn't piling up fast enough. I knew the Lobstah Roll pop up print was coming out today so I told myself after that print was released, I would allow myself to buy ONE thing from the pop-up and then wouldn't allow myself to buy anymore clothes for at least a month. Yesterday, I took a look at what I had added to my closet over the past few weeks. Although I do love everything that I have added to my wardrobe, it's plenty for me to last all summer and I don't need anything else. However, with everything out in one p

Sweet & Sour Lilly Pulitzer

I am loving taking OOTD pics for the blog this summer. I have so many fun outfits to post for y'all and I'm thrilled that you all are enjoying it too! Today I am bringing y'all an outfit post featuring one of my favorite dresses from Lilly Pulitzer. I found this Lilly Pulitzer polo dress last summer at Marshalls of all places. It's called the Rayna Dress in the print Sweet & Sour. I love the sunny, bright colors in the print and I love the feminine back cut out even more! I styled the dress with the Fit to Be Tied sandal from Lilly Pulitzer as well and wore my usual necklaces and my club master inspired sunglasses from J.Crew as well! Stay Preppy, Lucy #summerinlilly #lifestyleblogger #fashi

A Classic Shep Shirt

I rave about Shep Shirts from Vineyard Vines all the time because honestly, they're amazing! I have four and plan on adding a 5th one soon. I wear them four seasons, all year long, because they work so well with any outfit. I'll style this same Shep in winter with Bean Boots and a vest but in early summer is looks just a great with a pair of white jeans and Jack Rogers. If you don't have a Shep Shirt from Vineyard Vines, I would highly suggest saving the money to purchase one. They are so versatile and a staple in any preppy girls closet. Now, Vineyard Vines even offers complimentary monogramming on a few of their Shep Shirt styles so you can guess what I'll be asking for for my birthday nex

Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals: June 8th

Lilly Pulitzer released yet another installment of their summer collection this past week and I'm obsessed. I know I always say that I'm in love with each collection but this one is by far my favorite of summer. I have seen the entire summer collection (what is to come as well, including surprises!) and this one is just so beautiful! I love the pastels, bright colors, and how summery this installment feels. I was so proud of myself for not buying too much Lilly Pulitzer so far this summer but this collection might break my bank this week! My favorite print by far is Besides the Point. It's been a while since Lilly made an all pink and white print. I think that is so classic Lilly, I just can

Sunday Ruffles

Today I am collaborating with my friend Meg over at A Sunny State of Mind. We both love ruffles so we are pouring our love into our posts today! If you haven't heard of Meg or her amazing blog, here's the skinny. One, she looks like she just stepped out of a Madewell catalog. Her closet is amazing! She shares her love for healthy living on her blog too. Megs, blog has definitely taught me a lesson or two on hour to eat cleaner. After you read this post, check her out here! Today I am bringing you featuring my new favorite shirt, which is currently on sale at J.Crew! This double ruffle blouse is so fun and flirty but also extremely affordable! The shorts I'm wearing are also from J.Crew. I pu

15 Facts About Me

Getting to know someone though the internet just isn't the same as getting to know someone in person. Let's face it, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms don't portray real life. They only let you all see what I want for you to see and know about me. I love to share randoms facts about me every now and then to share a little bit more about my personality. It's always nice to see if readers and I have similar interests in smaller things. Let me know if you share any of the same facts below! 1. I went to Catholic school for 9 years. I loved it! In the moment, I complained about being in such a small class size and having a uniform but looking back it was truly an awesome experi

The Corner of Monument and Strawberry St.

There are a few things in Richmond that make the city so iconic. For decades these icons are what make up the heart and soul of downtown Richmond. One of these things is Monument Avenue and Strawberry Street. Monument Ave is absolutely beautiful and lined with the most gorgeous houses. Strawberry Street is home to Strawberry Street cafe, a classic to RVA. While exploring downtown RVA, something that I don't do too often, I decided to take a few outfit pictures. In this outfit I wore my overalls from Old Navy with my new favorite top. This white ruffle blouse is from J.Crew and is currently on sale!! This is the perfect top for summer. It's light and airy but is also so fun and flirty. It's a

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