Why You NEED Amazon Prime as a Student

Being a college student gets expensive quick – trust me I completely understand. I am partnering with Amazon Prime Student, a Prime membership program, which was created especially for college students. As a Prime Student member, you receive a six-month trial, at no cost to you, which includes Free Two-Day Shipping --perfect for shipping textbooks and last-minute dorm room necessities, unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, and more. Being an Amazon Prime Student member, the shipping and one-stop shopping helped me save time in between classes. My favorite way to relax during school is to kick back and enjoy some great movies and TV shows. Today I want to tell all you college gals ab

Family Vacation Recap

I returned from my family vacation on Friday night and I was just so exhausted and had such a long list of things to catch up on yesterday, by the time I looked at the clock to blog it was already 2pm. I haven't missed a posting day in a while but yesterday I was so busy, there was just no way that anything was going on the blog. I did post an Instagram though from the Meet & Mingle at Lilly Pulitzer -- you can check that out here. I rarely get to see my family anymore, even though we all live in Virginia (except for my sister). We have one family member deployed, Leslie has moved away, and half of us are in college by now. When we do all come together for dinner, I can never go because I'm

Nantucket Living Wherever You Go

I have always been in love with the Nantucket lifestyle but, living in the south doesn't always make it easy to travel to those gorgeous New England destinations. One day I'll get there -- but for now, I'm trying to live the Nantucket lifestyle anywhere until I take a trip to ACK. Murray's Toggery Shop is a famous store on Nantucket that is home to the original Nantucket Reds. Nantucket Reds is a collection of both men's and women's wear showing off the classic Nantucket red color. This store sells everything from Vineyard Vines to Spartina 449 as well. I love the Nantucket Reds collection! Although their Nantucket Red pants for men are one of the most popular items they sell, don't be foole

Family Pictures in Vineyard Vines

My family always talks about taking a family photo but we never do. The only real family picture we all gave is from my sister, Leslie's, college graduation last spring. A random man in the crowd snapped a quick picture for us, and that was it -- the only family picture we have. Now that Leslie has graduated and moved to Texas, we are never all together. This week, she joined us for our beach trip and we all got to spend a whole ~four hours~ together before Lisa had to leave for her internship. We seized the opportunity to take a family photo after 23 years of talking about taking one. We decided to match in multi-colored Vineyard Vines tee shirts and white shorts. It turned out way better t

Sailing in Lilly

Summer in Lilly Pulitzer is a always a great move. Working in the store this summer, I have definitely expanded my Lilly collection quite a bit. Truthfully, I've been pretty good about what I'm buying. The nice thing about working there, is that I can see everything that will come out during my summer so I can plan my purchases accordingly. This summer, Lilly is throwing back to it's roots with button downs and classic shifts. The summer, they released the Emerald Beach Cover-Up, a lightweight button up tunic top with pockets. It has a collar and comes on two beautiful prints -- I couldn't say no! I purchased the one in Hey Bay Bay, a cooler print with sailboats that practically screams sum

How Do You Summer?

Today I'm partnering with Vineyard Vines to bring you the most comfortable and most perfect summer outfit. I love the Vineyard Vines brand because the brand was created on such wholesome ideas and the story behind the creating of the event is truly inspiring. Vineyard Vines is a go-to brand for me, especially during the summertime. The entire summer line is extremely soft and comfy. It's perfect for sailing, walking on the beach, going on adventures, and soaking up the sunshine. It's truly designed to help you live the good life. In this outfit, I am showing off the Double Faced Heathered Relaxed Hoodie Shep Shirt. My closet is full of Shep Shirts and I think this one made it to the top of

Recruitment Outfits: Open House

Recruitment starts in just a few weeks for some schools. I know Auburn starts the second week of August for example but others won't being until September. When it comes to recreuitemt, you want to put your best Essie-polished foot forward from the get go so, today I want to share my favorite picks for the open house round of recruitment. For those of you who don't know, open house is the very first round of going through rush. It's the most casual of the days and it's where you meet all of the sororities going through Panhellenic Recruitment. It's where the sororities want to hear all about YOU. Usually, you will be given a recruitment t-shirt that you will wear for the first day or two of

My Go-To Makeup Products

I'm pretty simple when it comes to makeup. I stick to the same one or two routines and have found my favorite products on the market and have stuck with them. I also don't like to spend too much money on makeup because at the end of the day, you just end up washing it down the drain. I would much rather spend the money on clothing or shoes rather than makeup. Today I want to share with you my favorite makeup products recently along with why I love them. If you're looking for some super in depth routine on how I do my everyday makeup, this probably isn't the place to come but if you're looking for some inexpensive and incredible products, this post is for you. My routine consists of mainly Co

Meet & Greet at Lilly Pulitzer

I have never hosted a meet and greet before and I finally found the guts to do one! The reason that I have always been so nervous about hosting a meet up is because I'm scared that nobody will show up. You all know that I work at Lilly Pulitzer in Short Pump and so do a few other bloggers as well. The store asked us if we would like to be a part of an in-store event inviting our readers to meet, greet, and shop the new fall line with their favorite bloggers. I couldn't pass this offer up! You all ask me quite often if I will ever host a meet up and I finally am -- so now it's up to you!! The event is going to be so fun! I get to style a few mannequins with my own personal flair, sip on mockt

Tips for Incoming Freshman

If there's one post you all want, it's this one. The influx of emails and messages about this post has been so insane that I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't write this post for you guys. So many of my readers are incoming freshman in high school and to be quite honest, you can apply this to being a college freshman in some circumstances. The transition from middle school to high school is a huge one. For many of you, you are entering into an entirely different school and completely different people. When I went to high school, I left a 52 person class at a small Catholic school. I went to school with the same people for nine years in a row. I went to a huge public high school and on my

What's It's Like Working at Lilly Pulitzer

I have worked at Lilly Pulitzer in Short Pump for over a year now and it has been a blast! I get so many questions, especially on live streams, about working at the store and what my experience has been. Because I still work there, I want to protect the integrity of the store and some of the things we keep private but I will share as much as I can with everyone today. It's such an exciting job working with the company. Although I am just a sales associate, we do have a lot of fun in the store. I will take you through my application process and how I got the job to some of the great parts of working there along with some exciting perks! Applying to Lilly Pulitzer I got the job list like any o

7 Things a PNM Should NOT Do

Recruitment season is almost upon us and we are all preparing. If you are someone rushing to join a sorority you are prepping for what to wear each round, how to do your makeup, and what you want to talk about. For those of us on the inside part of recruitment, we are buying the necessary outfits for each round, preparing bump groups, and spending hours at rush workshops. Rush is truthfully, an entire other world. There are so many weird terms and strange vocabulary that you'll hear on the row so maybe I'll share those words and definitions in another post. Regardless, today I want to share seven things that a PNM should not do when going through recruitment. A PNM is "potential new member".

J.Crew & Jack Rogers

This summer I have been trying to stock my closet with items that I can wear into late September and this fun bow shoulder sweater is one of those gorgeous pieces. This fun tank is from J.Crew and is such a playful and modern classic piece to keep in your closet. I am normally not one to purchase full price J.Crew either but I really couldn't pass this navy top up! It looks great styled with these J.Crew white ruffle shorts (on sale!) but would look great later in fall with jeans and flats or white jeans and a little bootie as well. If you love this look you can shop the top, shorts, and shoes below! Shop the Post Stay Preppy, Lucy #jcrew #JCrewsummeroutfit #blogger #fashionblogger #dailyd

It's OKAY to Fail

My dream school growing up was always the University of Virginia. There was no other school in sight for me. My dad went there and I grew up going to grounds every weekend for football games and basketball games. Grounds was just a second home to me. I can navigate around the school like a student there, I've been to lighting on the lawn, and have travelled all over the country to watch the Wahoo's win championships. As a senior in high school, I applied to UVa and was rejected. I understand I just didn't quite have the SAT scores for the school. My GPA was a 4.0, my extracurriculars were stellar too. No matter how I slice it though, I was rejected. I had my heartbreaking cry for a few minut

Planning for your Next Planner

We are more than halfway though summer which means that Target is starting to put out their school supplies and college kids are starting to dorm shop. Although I'm not quite ready to leave home and go back to JMU, I am beginning to look into how I want to organize my notes and which planner I want to buy for this upcoming school year. I am a planner junky and I truly can't function without my agenda. The first thing I will do at school if I have a couple minutes of free time is check my agenda and add new events to it. I love to color code, sticker, flag pages, and paperclip. Although I have my own system to keeping up with life, not everyone adopts the same method as I do and not everyone

Applying to College & What You Need to Know

It's that time of the year where high schoolers are beginning to think about college. Juniors are starting to do research for where they might want to apply and high school seniors are beginning to fill out those applications. I have received so many questions on applying to college and where to start -- this honestly is one of my most requested posts. I totally understand why! I was lucky enough that I had two older sisters to go to to ask for help when it came to applications but, if you have nobody to turn to for guidance, college applications can be so confusing. This post isn't going to answer every single question about applying to college and if it doesn't address a specific question

Nordstrom Sale Favorites

It's that time of year-- the Nordstrom sale is upon us and is dishing 48 pages of incredible online shopping and deals upon deals. You can buy everything to fill you closet's needs at this sale from beauty to shoes, clothing, undergarments, workout wear and everything in between. Seriously, this sale is the sale to shop. Not only does this sale include great items to outfit for the rest of summer but there are so many incredible finds for fall. I'm talking boots, trench coats, cashmere sweaters, velvet flats, and fall colored dresses and skirts. Let's not forget about the abundance of plaid that is popping up throughout the sale as well. The sale doesn't officially start until the 21st but y

The Little Navy Dress

We all know of the LBD (little black dress) and the LWD (little white dress) but not many know of the power that the LND can bring. The "little navy dress" is something that every girl needs in her closet. Navy is such a versatile color and can be worn from early Spring all the way through late Fall. It's one of those colors that you can style a thousand different ways due to its versatility. The power of a LND is incredible and is a great thing to have on hand -- a secret weapon of the modern classy woman. As a college student, I can use my LND for presentations, sorority events, chapter, and church just to name a few. My favorite current navy dress I have in my closet is my Callista Shift

Current Obsessions: July 12, 2017

I'm sharing my newest round up of current obsessions on the blog today and they all center around the my favorite hues of blue. As much as I say that blue isn't my favorite color, I think it's making it's way to the top of my list. I have been purchasing light blue, navy, and white all summer long and my list of current faves at the moment are all blue and white as well. I've been abstaining from online shopping for about a month now because I'm really trying not to spend money but these things items are such great pieces that I just need to share them with everyone! My favorite purchase in the past month was the Callista Shift from Lilly Pulitzer. This knit dress embodies the elegance of a

Saving Money & Managing Two Jobs

In this post, I also want to talk about how I save money. This year at school I have no meal plan so I am currently saving for groceries during school, my sorority fees, things on my apartment shopping list, and gas money for my car. There are a few other expenses here and there that I need to pay for such as recruitment clothing and utilities for my apartment as well but I want to share how I save money to help pay for all of these things. First, I want to talk about managing two jobs. I work at Lilly Pulitzer as a sales associate and I also work at a popular local restaurant in Richmond as a waitress. I work 6-8 shifts a week depending on how the scheduling comes out. I try to split the we

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