Camel for Fall

By now, every store has fall collections displayed in their windows. It's nice to know that others are looking forward to fall as much as I am. I am so ready to see some color on the trees, leaves on the ground, and pumpkin spice lattes. Give it a few weeks and summer will be long gone. Here at school, it's already getting chilly at night and two days ago, it was 62 degrees all day long. We had such a warm Autumn last year, I'm hoping this year brings a lot of snow and crisp air. I am slowly starting to pack away my summer clothes and bring fall to the front of my closet. I realized just yesterday that I have so much camel in my closet. It's such a great fall color that you an style as early

Weekly Skinny: August 30th

It's time for another Weekly Skinny! I am loving sharing my current faves with you all each week. This week has a lot of videos on it because I was trolling Facebook in bed the other night and found some great videos that I just needed to share with someone. Yesterday, again, no post because it was my first day of school and I had a lot of stuff to do and writing the blog post didn't make it into the schedule. I'm still working on scheduling my day out and tbh, yesterday was so busy that I just didn't schedule things out! Weatherman Folds American Flag -- We have all watched the news about Hurricane Harvey and how hard it hit Texas, especially Houston. It's crazy to see how powerful and weat

Summer Recap

And just like that summer's over. It's been a super long summer of four months and today I go back to school and start off my sophomore year! I have spent the last few days settling into my very first apartment (woohoo!) hence my lack of posts these past 72 hours. I'm glad to be getting back into a schedule and into my daily routine. Towards the end of August I started getting bored with all of the time that I had on my hands. When I have a busy day, I am much more productive and get so much more accomplished.Despite how ready I am for classes to commence, a little part of my is so sad to see summer end. It has been a great four months of regrouping, refocusing, and preparing for another gre

How to Shop the Lilly Pulitzer Sale

The biggest sale of the year is finally happening. I have known about the sale dates for so long and I am so happy that I can finally share them with you. So many customers at the store asked me and I had to lie and say I didn't know, along with so many curious readers. If there's one thing I have learned, it's that there are some dedicated and very patient Lilly Lovers out there. I know how cut-throat the sale can be so I wanted to share a few of my tips with you for both online and in-store shopping the day of the sale. There are some great perks of both shopping experiences, and although it's up to you to decided how you want to shop, I hope some of my tips will help you have the most suc

How I'm Going Into Sophomore Year

Today's the day! I'm off and on the road to JMU to start my sophomore year of college and I am so excited! Seriously, words cannot describe how thrilled I am to be returning to Harrisonburg. Last year as a rising freshman, I was excited to be heading off to college but wasn't entirely too thrilled about James Madison itself. I wasn't totally in love with the school and had the predetermined plan to try to transfer out of the university as soon as possible. It was so silly of me because I immediately gave up on something without giving it a chance. A year later and it has become so obviously clear that God's plan was way different than my own. As I shared in this post from July, I failed mise

Weekly Skinny: August 23

They response to my new Weekly Skinny series was so great! I am so happy that you all enjoyed reading up on my favorite things and boy do I have a ton of really fun things to share with you today. On social media, at the mall, or the store, whenever I saw something I loved I wrote it down on my phone so I wouldn't forget a thing. This week is my last week at home, and tomorrow I get to pack everything up and load up the car so I can head back to JMU. I can't wait to live in my first apartment and really decorate the place that way I want. I am thrilled to be living in my own space all while sharing a home with three other wonderful girls. But, until then, let me share what I've been loving f

What to Expect Each Round of Recruitment

There are only two weeks left until rush week at JMU and I know every chapter on campus is getting ready to meet all of the PNM's and invite the most fitting group of women into their chapter. I truly can't wait to welcome 60 new incredible ladies into ADPi in a few weeks. As much as we initiated members are so excited and a little nervous about rush week, I know the ladies finding their new home are all having pre-recruitment jitters too. I was once in your shoes, I totally understand how nerve wracking the entire process of rushing a sorority will be. I have had so many ladies from all over America email me asking for advice, sending me pictures of their outfits, and spilling about their n

Back to School in the Skipper Dress

I'm starting to think about back to school clothes. I spend all day walking round campus, riding on the bus, shuffling around at work. and sitting in class. I want to find not only cute outfits, but comfortable outfits to help me conquer the school day. Since I'm in college and I spend a lot more of the day walking around outside, I love to have a breathable and cute outfit that's easy to move in. Most people walk around campus in leggings and an oversized tee shirt but I love feeling all dressed up for the day and the Skipper Popover dress from Lilly Pulitzer is a perfect happy medium. I purchased this on a whim at the store right before my discount disconintued and I am so happy I did. I l

Sale Sunday No. 1

I am staring up another series on the blog. I don't know how long I went without writing a blog series because they seriously make my writing life so much easier. I will be posting about the current online sales probably every other Sunday. I want to make sure I'm bringing you great content all while sharing my shopping expertise with all of you. Loft -- Extra 60% off all sale styles J. Crew Factory -- 40% off everything, prices as marked J. Crew -- 30% off select women's dresses, shoes, and jewelry Anthropology -- Extra 30% off all sale styles Madewell -- 15% off for all Madewell insiders BooHoo -- Take 50% off all items on U.S. site SheInside -- Sale items up to 80% off ASOS -- Sale items

Master the Art of Small Talk

In an ever-evolving world where much of the business done today it through email, we sometimes forget how to communicate face to face. It's a scary thought that we can easily close deals over the computer but can't have a fluid conversation in person. Nowadays, so many employers look for potential employees with outstanding customer service skills and people skills. Small talk is so essential and important in the "real world". You'll use it when making new friends, moving to new towns, and interviewing for jobs. it's a massively crucial skill to further improve communication skills. Nothing is more awkward than meeting a new person and not being able to making it past the first few sentences

Early Fall Wardrobe Essentials

We are more than halfway through August so, it's time to start packing up our bikinis and start pulling out our sweaters -- or at least start thinking about transitioning your closet. It's nowhere near close to the time of the year to be layering on clothing but, if there's one thing I love it's Fall clothing. As soon as the peak of August has passed, I start thinking about Autumn. September here in Virginia is still fairly warm but when the sun sets each night, it gets cool pretty quickly. I like to bring the fall color while keeping my clothing still slightly in summer. I will sometimes even go with a fall colored pair of shorts and a long sleeve tee or sweater, if I feel like long pants,

Does It Feel Right?

I've been thinking a lot about my future lately. I only have three more years of school until I'm off in the real world and on my own. It's crazy to think how quickly your childhood passes you by. What really split my childhood from my adulthood was moving from my childhood home my freshman year of college. It was like someone read the last chapter of my childhood and started the second installment of my life. Since recognizing my growth from Childhood to early adulthood, I have been thinking a lot about the future on many different levels. From my career to a significant other to friendships and even my style. I always feel like I'm asking my self the same question -- does this feel right?

Weekly Skinny: August 17

Today I am staring a brand new blog series called the "Weekly Skinny". I love how so many bloggers share what they are loving each week with their readers whether it be a new television show, a book, YouTube video, or items of clothing. I have wanted to start something like this for the longest time now and never quite knew what to call it. I finally decided on "the weekly skinny". I thought it was a perfect title to share a "skinny" or small view into what I'm obsessing over each week. This will come out each Wednesday and will feature a handful of things that I am loving or are inspiring me those seven days beforehand. I hope this new blog series will inspire you and get you thinking about

Philanthropy & Sisterhood Round Dresses

I'm dreading but also extremely looking forward to recruitment. It's such an exciting time, especially for those girls rushing sororities. It's an intimidating process going into recruitment. You usually spend the first two days in a Go Greek Panhellenic t shirt and a cute pair of shorts or a skirt but once you head into philanthropy round and sisterhood round, picking out an outfit with no guidance can be daunting. I for one, had no clue that to wear when it came to those dressier days of rush. Lucky for me, I had a sister to ask for someone I could look to for guidance but some of you might not have that! I want to share some of my favorite picks for sisterhood and philanthropy rounds of r

Shoes Every Fashionista Should Have

Life is short ladies, get the shoes. Today I am sharing the shoes that every self-proclaimed fashionista should have in her wardrobe. I am a firm believer in the fact that you can never have too many pairs of shoes but there definitely are the few that I reach for most often. I love to look for super expensive shoes online and then try to find a great dupe somewhere else for a smaller amount of money but when it comes to great closet classics that will stick around for seasons to come, it's so worth spending a little bit more money. These are shoes for every occasion and ones that you can grab for, like I previously said, for seasons to come. So if you're a self-proclaimed fashionista and yo

5 Things Freshmen Should Do Their First Semester

College move in is just around the corner and for some of you, you've already packed up and left the nest. You are entering uncharted waters and it's a really intimidating process. You have to learn an entirely new place all while deciding how you want your daily routine to be and going to classes. As you begin to get used to this new place you now call home there are a few things I encourage you to do. Before going too far into the post, I want to mention that this post is a collaboration with my friend Renee over at her blog Gimme Glamour. She's a rising sophomore at Elon and is also sharing her top things freshmen should do their first semester. Go read her post over here, and check out h

Back to Campus with eBay

As much as it pains me to say, going back to campus is upon us. Stores are putting out their school supplies, back to school clothes, backpacks and desk supplies. In order to have a successful school year, my desk space has to be organized. There is no possible way I can accomplish anything without an organized and clutter free office space. This year I am moving into my vest first apartment so I wanted to mature my office space while keeping with the colorful and organized theme I really enjoy. I’m saving as much money as I possibly can so I needed to revamp my desk without breaking the bank — eBay was the perfect place to get all of that accomplished. I was able to purchase office decor,

It's So Good to Be Here

As I grow older, I find that I'm always rushing around. I never have an entire day where there nothing for me to do. If I have the occasional day off from work, I can't ever just stay home and be lazy. There are always errands to run, things to clean, posts to write, or outfits to shoot. There never is just a time where I can relax. I'm finding myself looking forward to the times when I'm not working or running around trying to catch up with life. Now that August has arrived, and we're actually halfway through the month, I am starting to prepare to go back to school. I must say, summer has been slow. I have been home since May 2nd, almost four months of being home and working. I feel like fr

Classic Summer Swing Dress

Let me keep this brief: I tried SheInside so y'all don't have to worry about trying it for yourselves. Let me tell you, So. Worth. It. SheInside approached me and asked if I wanted to style something from their website. Of course, I couldn't turn it down! If you're unfamiliar with SheInside, it's a website that sells every style of clothing you could possibly imagine but at the lowest of prices. I'm taking $15 for a dress or $8 for a fun top. They sell dresses, bottoms, tops, accessories, shoes, and even swimwear. I have to dig a little deeper into the website to get to those more classic pieces, but trust me they're there. The site is a goldmine for all of you ladies on a budget out there (

My Favorite Backpack

I've worked with Madeline and Company for a few years now. I can't speak highly enough about the company. For those who aren't too familiar with Madeline, let me fill you in. Madeline is a rising sophomore at Miami University. She started her own company back when she was 17 years old when she was stumped in finding the perfect backpack for the classic prep teenager. She created the most perfect and most adorable backpack on the market. This fun flat bottomed bag stands up on its own, has a built in lap top sleeve, has a roomy pocket, side pockets, as well as a minimalistic feel all while including my favorite colors. As a little extra inspiration, she even embroiders a motivational quote on

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