Perfect Day Picking Apples

Two weekends ago was the Apple Festival at Showalter Orchards in Timberville, Virginia so, I took the scenic drive a few miles north for a fun day in the apple groves picking the most delicious fruit. I've raved about Showalter so many times before because of the family atmosphere and incredibly beautiful views of the mountains. I love spending few hours at the orchard but I also enjoy seizing the opportunity to take a few pictures as well. Truly, apple picking and having photoshoots in this little slice of heaven is my favorite Fall activity. Whenever I go to the apple orchard, I always start my outfit from the shoes up. I never wear flats or sandals there just because it's always so muddy

30 Items Under $30 for the Pre-Holiday Seasons

I love being able to share inexpensive, affordable, and still cute items with everybody on the blog. Sometimes you read blogs from women who share the most expensive and out of reach clothing and it can be extremely frustrating at time. Yes, I want that Nordstrom dress too but groceries > a $200 holiday dress. I spent hours last night rounding up my thirty favorite items that are under $30. I shopped at stores such as Target, H&M, SheInside, BooHoo, and Forever21. In this collection of clothing, I shifted away from early Autumnal colors like bright orange and yellows towards creams, blacks, hunter greens, and reds. I think now that Halloween is here, we can start thinking towards late fall a

Neutral Layers for Fall

Layering throughout the cold months is the best way to stay warm while keeping your outfit cute. I love layering my favorite sweaters with button downs, turtlenecks, flannels, vests, and long sleeve tees. I particularly love this black and white striped turtleneck from Target. It was only $9 and looks great styled with so many sweaters and even a few dresses. They come in so many different colors and can match multiple items in your closet. For a little extra warmth, I threw my half sleeve turtleneck sweater from Loft. It was actually a hand me down from a sister and was purchased probably 6 or 7 years ago. It's so thick and cozy, it's perfect to pull out in October. My jeans are from Old Na

Weekly Skinny October 27th

A little late start on this post but it's time for another weekly skinny. I think these are some of my most favorite posts to share. I love dishing on things that don't always make it on the Instagram and on things that aren't always related to fashion. This week was much calmer than the last. Only a paper due and a couple of tests -- nothing too crazy. It was all worth the hard work though because it's Halloweekend and let me tell you, JMU does Halloween well. It's a four day affair, starting Thursday and ending on Halloween. On Saturday, JMU also has homecoming so some of the Pi graduates from my sorority are coming back for the weekend. Along with the graduated seniors, my parents will ma

What I've Learned from Blogging: General Lessons

I've been writing Daily Dose of Prep for about two and a half years now and I have to say, it was the greatest thing I have ever done. I mean, I'm only 19 -- something is sure to top it but for now, the best thing I have ever done was create DDoP. It was no easy task, I'll say that. Not only did I have to work up the self confidence just to put myself out there, but I also had to teach myself everything. I had nobody to turn to or ask for help. It was all me. What I have going for me now is something truly special. I love sharing what I have learned from blogging because like I mentioned earlier, nobody was there to teach me so even if you learn one thing from this post than I have done my j

Statement Sleeves & Mules

I'm starting to dip my toe (slowly) into the trendier side of fashion. I know that each season, trends come and go, and sometimes they stick around a lot longer than most people anticipated. This Fall, statement sleeves seem to be "the thing". I see tiered sleeves, over the top bell sleeves, balloon sleeves, cutout sleeves -- you get the point. I have contemplated buying statement sleeve sweater from SheInside and ASOS but honestly, I am always a little hesitant to invest in a trend -- who knows if they'll stick around for next year. Still with the ambition to go outside my comfort zone, I went on the hunt for a statement sleeve sweater that had a slight infusion of my style but also didn't

Cozy Fall Essentials

Snow popped up on my weather app for Harrisonburg the other day which signifies the official arrival of Fall. Even though it's been autumn for a few weeks now, the weather has just caught up with the month. So much so that I have already worn my nano puff jacket to class a few times and I've officially swapped running shorts for leggings at the gym. With football, pumpkin patches, apple picking, spiced toddy, Halloween, and changing leaves it's almost impossible not to fall in love with Fall. I love snuggling up and watching a good movie or maybe writing posts to some premature Christmas songs (guilty!). I have noticed this season that I am repeatedly reaching for a few of my favorite items

Keeping Motivated in College

When coming to college I never realized how much time I would have on my hands as opposed to high school. High school was a continuous eight hour day, followed by either a two and a half hour practice or a shift at work. I was busy from 8 in the morning until 11 and 12 at night and it wasn't because I was lazy, it was because I just at a lot to do. College is so different. For one, I don't play a sport so I don't have to worry about practice every day. Another thing that helps is that my shifts at work are very flexible with my class schedule and I can do homework on some shifts which is nice. Another factor about college that contributes to my time is that I only have two to three classes a

Weekly Skinny October 19th

It's already been a hectic week and it's not even half way over. Monday came and went in blur. The beginning of my weeks are by far the busiest with three classes, time at the gym, a late shift and work, and getting ready for the week ahead. There is so much to juggle on Mondays that the time really flies. On Tuesday, I again juggled a few classes and a double shift at work which drains my day. I did manage to carve out some time to get dinner with a friend from high school and catch up with her and I also have found a great way to fit going to the gym into my schedule. I'm currently working on creating a great workout routine for weight loss and toning. I have done a lot of research so hope

How I Organize My Agenda

After many requests, and much procrastination, I am finally sharing with everyone how I organize my agenda. Truthfully, I think my life would fall apart without my agenda. I love my Erin Condren Life Planner and although it does take a lot of prep and planning just to get organized, it's by far my favorite way I have ever organized my agenda. I have the Erin Condren Life Planner with the hourly set up. This is an hourly schedule which shows a weekly spread at a time. For each week, I create custom stickers with my "permanent schedule". When I say permanent schedule, I mean my classes, work schedule, and sorority schedule, and gym hours. These are things that are constant each week. I know mu

College Gameday Recap

It has been a crazy weekend! College Gameday rolled through Harrisonburg this past weekend and it was a blast to say the least. If you aren't too familiar with what College Gameday is, it's an ESPN Saturday morning broadcast that airs live before the Saturday college football games. The group of sportscasters travel all around the nation to the best games of the week and if they pick your school, it's a really big deal. They announced last Sunday that Gameday would make another appearance at JMU on Saturday and that's all everyone on campus could think about for the next six days. JMU is ranked number one in the FCS and has the longest winning streak in the history of the conference which is

Instagram Q&A

I took to Instagram earlier this week to see if you all wanted to read a Q&A. Some people either love these or they hate them, which I totally understand. I surprisingly received an overwhelming yes, that y'all wanted to read a Q&A. I received so many questions from readers over on Instagram and sadly, I can't answer them all, but I am going to answer the most popular questions asked. If your question was answered let me know in the comment below! @sa_hailey24: "How did you start to like to blog?" When YouTube was just starting out, I always thought it was really cool and the people who posted videos were really courageous and outgoing. The whole idea of blogging, making a website, or making

Weekly Skinny October 11th

It's been an exciting past few days. I spend the past weekend at home spending time with my family and relaxing. JMU doesnt get a fall break so I treated the weekend as my "fall break". I probably won't get the opportunity to go home until Thanksgiving. While home, I spend Saturday in Charlottesville at UVA. My family went to the UVA vs. Duke game and then the Zac Brown Band concert in the evening. It was an incredible time with my family and catching up with my sister and dad. Sunday morning, my mom made a delicious brunch. I swear we sat at the table for two hours and just talked -- it was so nice. See what I have been loving this past week below and and share what you've been loving in th

Fall with SheInside

The calendar is telling me it's Fall and the weather this week in Virginia is telling me otherwise. Whatever the temperature may be, I'm dressing for Fall with SheInside this season. I love SheInside and have raved about them before. I know so many people question the quality of the clothing compared to the prices, which I did too before trying the brand. The prices at SheInside are incredible and perfect for the "college girl budget". Don't let the prices make you question the quality though, everything I have ever purchased from SheIn has been incredible and has fit me perfectly. Right now, SheInside is sharing so many cute and affordable products right now for the Fall. The first is this

Showalter Farms Apple Picking

I love going apple picking and the farm in Harrisonburg is beautiful. It's one of my favorite places to spend an Autumn day with friends. Showalter Farms and Orchards is tucked about twelve miles north of JMU and has everything one would need for Fall. From the fields of mums they have, the rows and rows of apple trees, or the patch of pumpkins, everything you need for decorate and cook your Fall faves can be found at this family run farm. On Friday, my little, Anna Lyle, and I spent the afternoon picking apples, taking photos, and soaking up the incredible views that the Shenandoah Valley has to offer. While apple picking, I wore this flannel from J. Crew. It was from a few years back, but

Seven Things You're Doing Wrong When It Comes to Skincare

Today I'm dishing on all things skin, or more so what you're doing wrong with your skin. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and because of that, we need to take care of it. When you get a pimple or a blemish it's always a little embarrassing. For me, they always seem to pop up at the most inopportune time. When they do pop up, I always begin to think about what I'm doing wrong in my skin routine, what isn't working, what seems to be helping, and how to prevent future blemishes. The thing is, our future blemishes are already lying underneath our skin. There are a few misconceptions that many have about their skin routine which could be causing this acne to continually surface. I mapp

Fall Street Chic

This is one of my favorite Fall outfits that I have worn so far this season. I feel so sophisticated and mature in this look and I am so excited to be sharing it with you today. This outfit is made up of extremely easy to find and relatively inexpensive items. It's extremely simple to recreate and everything I am wearing now is linked down below at the bottom of the post. I want to take a quick minute to talk about these gorgeous over the knee boots. These are the Calia Boots from the Dolce Vita for Target and they're under fifty dollars. Seriously, you can't find such a cute and comfortable pair of OTK boots at that low of a price. They have a three inch heel to give you a little lift but

Weekly Skinny October 4th

I ran a poll on Instagram yesterday afternoon asking what post you all wanted to read today and you all just barely outvoted weekly skinny over an outfit post. Instagram is seriously stepping its game up. I'm obsessed with Instagram Stories and the fact that I can go live, tag companies, and now run a poll on my most used platform makes me so excited. If you aren't already, make sure to follow me over on Instagram so you too, can vote on the next post! This week, I have done a lot of online "window shopping". I only pulled the trigger on two items and then had to cut myself off due to grocery shopping, bill paying, and sorority fees. Now that it's October, I don't feel so guilty sharing my n

October Playlist

It's October and officially fall, and just like the seasons change, so do my playlists. During the summer I was listening to a lot of pop music and even a little bit of rap but once Autumn arrives, I love listening to folk, indie, and singer songwriter music. It always reminds me of driving through the Shenandoah Valley on Fridays going home for the weekend. The trees are all beautiful shades of fire and the sun is setting. I love my Spotify account and have put all of these songs into a playlist over there. This playlist features a lot of songs I play in the background of my Instagram Live Stories. I always have people commenting on the music in the background! You can access this playlist

Neck Scarf Fall Style

October is finally here and so is the Fall weather. It took it a while to cool down but I think the crisp air is finally upon us. I am so ready to walk on crunchy leaves, watch Hocus Pocus, and go apple picking. I finally had time to go out and take some outfit pictures for the blog (three weeks overdue) and I am so exited to share this particular one with everyone today. I am so happy to be sharing my Fall style with everybody. I am starting to infuse current trends with my classic style. I love to base a good outfit with a great pair of jeans. My J. Crew toothpicks are my favorite I wish they were just a bit longer but other than that, they fit perfectly. I styled my jeans with this extrem

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