Tips for Acing Finals

Finals week is quickly approaching us and this time is easily the most stressful time the year for students. As a freshman in college I really didn't have much of a clue how to prep for finals except study, study, study. There's not tip or trick I can give without the student putting a lot of work and time into their grades. Do understand how big of a percentage your finals are. I have one class where the final is worth 40% -- there's not too much room for error there. At this point in the year you should be wrapping up all of the information you need for you classes and it's up to you to start early. Just remember though that even though it's a crazy time, you are so close to Christmas brea

Weekly Skinny November 29th

I cannot believe this is the last Weekly Skinny for November! This month flew by I think, where on the other hand October literally wouldn't end. November was all around a great month for me. The highlight was for sure heading home for Thanksgiving. I loved being home with my family again and seeing all of my sisters, and cousins. My mom has decked out the house and is looks like the pages of a Southern Living magazine. It wasn't quite finished. We still need to put ornaments on the trees, hang some stockings and put wreathes in the windows but as soon as it's finished I will share pictures. Seriously, every needs to see the fabulous job she did. This month I also declared a writing minor wh

Lucy's Christmas Wishlist 2017

One of my favorite kinds blog posts to read and YouTube videos to watch are other people's Christmas lists. I think they're my favorite because they caters to my slightly nosey side and it helps me cultivate ideas for my own Christmas list. As I get older I find my Christmas lists getting shorter and shorter. I remember wanting all kinds of toys when I was in elementary school, and then in middle school all I wanted was what everyone else had like an iPod touch or Wallabees (*cringe*). In high school lists usually consisted of a nice pair of boots or gift cards and now as a college student, there's not to much that I can think of to ask Santa for. At this point in my life, there are so many

Outfits for Holiday Parties (That Aren't Dresses)

This Friday is Alpha Delta Pi's Christmas Cocktail date function. This is my absolute favorite event of the year when it comes to date functions and formals because well one, Christmas, and two it's the only time of year it's acceptable to wear as much glitter, velvet, or red and green in one outfit. Also, you can get all dressed up and have one last night of fun before finals consume our lives. I love being a little more original with my outfit at Christmas cocktail. I love getting dressed up and putting on my favorite high heels and going out with my friends. Last year, I wore gold sequin high waisted pants with a cream velvet tank. It's definitley not something that one wears everyday but

Tartan Holiday Traditions

I love wearing tartan during the holidays, seriously it is my absolute favorite pattern. This black watch plaid is perfect for December and the holidays. Navy is the most versatile color and the accent of hunter green ties in so well with the Christmas decorations all around. I styled this black watch plaid circle skirt with my embellished white button down. The skirt was a 2016 purchase but I linked something similar below. The top was from years back but they're pretty simple to come by, again something similar is linked below. For shoes, I styled my all time favorite heels. These black block heels are from Target and I keep finding myself grabbing for them first in my closet. They're comf

The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday has been the topic of most blog posts across the internet and I am finally discussing it. I didn't want to spend days and days talking about the same thing or have the post be forgotten weeks back. All of these deals are live, unless time restraints are listed below. I love Black Friday shopping. For a few years, my dad and sister and I would travel 45 minutes to the outlet mall and get shopping done, it was such a trip for just a few gifts but I will say, the memories of shopping all hours of the night are well worth it. I feel like each year, stores ramp up eCommerce shopping more and more -- rightfully so too. They can maximize their sales by having more sizes, colors, and st

"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good"

1 Chronicles 16:34 says "give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever". Today on this beautiful and chilly Thanksgiving morning, I sit here agreeing with such a statement. This year has been a stellar one, truly as I look back on all of the blessing that that LORD has bestowed on my family and I, there is nothing I can complain about. He has gifted me so many blessings, it would be impossible for me to list out the small tokens of His love that I have. Thanksgiving always puts into perspective just how small and insignificant things are sometimes. We all get caught up in the moment and although drama, long nights at work, a low grade on an exam, or an afternoon stuck in

Back Home on the Farm

It feels so good to be back home again. I only traveled home for the weekend once from August until now so this break was much deserved and well needed. As I have mentioned before, this holiday season is the first at Markley Farms so everything during this break feels so new. We are beginning to put up Christmas decorations and plan parties. We even started the Thanksgiving meal prep this morning. Thanksgiving on the farm is such a beautiful time of year. The trees lining the pastures have turned the most beautiful golden shades and even though the sun sets around 4:45 every afternoon, they are so pretty over the hills. I was visiting the cows yesterday and snapped a few pictures up by the b

Gifts for Your Guy

So many people have already gotten a jump on their Christmas shopping this year. I know that it's still a little bit early in the Christmas season to shop, getting a head start on other shoppers is always a good idea. Black Friday is so busy and the most common sizes and styles always sell out first so beating the competition is always wise. Yes, this Friday might offer the best deals but if you are shopping for a special someone and don't want to take a gamble on Black Friday or the weeks to follow, shopping these next three days is the smartest option. Today I am sharing a great gift guide for the men in your life. Whether you are shopping for you brother, father, or significant other -- t

Life Update: November

Long time, no life update! It's been a very manageable yet still busy semester and I always forget to fill everyone in on how school is going and how I'm doing. I'm so thrilled that it's Friday, but also that it's finally Thanksgiving Break! I talked a little bit about why I'm excited in my post yesterday, but today I just can't contain myself! Finally, my family will all be under one roof again. I have been a pretty busy month or two around JMU for so many different reasons and I want to share everything with you! School -- School is definitely the biggest life update of them all. First off, I declared a minor (and I'm thinking of declaring another one). I am now a *drumroll please* communi

Weekly Skinny: November 16

This week has been endless, I swear. There are only two days until Thanksgiving break and I can assure you, I'm counting down the hours. I have really enjoyed this semester so far but a little time at home is much needed. I'm so looking forward to being with my family again, especially seeing my oldest sister, Leslie. All the Smith sisters haven't been together since July and it was for four hours. Other than that, I think the last time we all saw each other was in March (?). When all four of us get together it's like a reality show, I swear one of these days E! will call us and ask to make a show haha. This week has been a relatively slow one in terms of work. I still have my regular shifts

50 Gifts Under $100: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Her

It's finally time to roll out the gift guides for the holidays!! This seriously is my favorite time of the year for blogging. I love sharing my favorite gifts to give, recipes to make and outfits to wear to fit the happiest season of all. I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but getting a leg up on our Christmas shopping is always a good thing to do. The earlier we get started, the better -- I for one have already started shopping and even with a month and a half until December 25th I'm still stressed. This gift guide that I'm sharing today is the ultimate gift guide to not only shopping for a girls in your life, but might also help you curate your own wishlist if you're stumped on what to

Feeling French

I am so in love with the Beret trend that is going on this late Fall. I have always loved everything French. I have studied the language for years and love the culture. Paris for sure is my dream vacation so seeing the classic beret in Vogue and on runways really makes my inner French "fille" happy. This outfit is one of my favorites for this time of year. I love how dressy you can make it and on the other hand, how much you can dress it down. These jade J.Crew pants are a closet favorite of mine and were a total steal! I purchased them back in July off the sale rack at J. Crew for only $6. The combination of a fractioned price, an additional percentage off due to the sale rack, and a studen

Daily Dose Cooks: Festive Rice Krispies

I went to a Friendsgiving on Sunday night with a few of my friends in ADPi and was assigned to take a dessert to share with everyone. I knew that people would stick to the classic Thanksgiving desserts like Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie so I knew I wanted to make something equally as good but a little more unique. One of my favorite sweet treats to make is Rice Krispy treats. You need three ingredients to make the classic sweet and they're very easy to make -- all around a perfect dessert on a low budget. I wanted to jazz up the classic treat to fit the festive theme so I took it to a whole new level. Ingredients: -6 cups of rice cereal -10 oz (or one package) of marshmallows -3 tablespoons of b

How to Host a Friendsgiving

As I get older I start to recognize a few people as family more than friends. Although there's no blood relation, I recognize the love, warmth, and appreciation that radiate from a friendship. I especially see these relationships this year of college. As a freshman last November, people were still very much finding their friends and feeling their way out but now that I'm almost three semesters in, I feel like I have a tight knit group of girlies and a great friendship with them. Take a page out of the Peanuts gang's book and host a dinner for your friends. They all sat around a table, enjoyed a meal together, and enjoyed one another's company. Maybe sub the popcorn and jelly beans for potato

Inspired by HBO

I swear I never watch cable anymore. With so many streaming sites out there, there's truly no need to have cable. My favorite streaming site by far is HBO. The reason I love the site so much is because not only do they have shows that aired on television prime time, but they also have HBO original series like Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, and my personal favorite, Veep. If you aren't sure with HBONow let me share a little bit about this incredible streaming site! They stream both movies and television shows. They inspire new perspectives through their shows in both fictional and realistic shows. They create shows that cater to everyone. HBO Go gives you unlimited access to ALL of HBO --

Prep-ping for Thanksgiving with Lauren James

Each holiday season I always try to set my best foot forward when it comes to style. Thanksgiving and Christmas bring plaids, stripes, deep rich tones, glitter, and soft sweaters. This Thanksgiving, I set out to find the most perfect plaid skirt I could, and my winning ticket was the Lauren James Plaid Wrap Skirt. I know this time of the year gets extremely busy for most. We are all pulling out our recipe boxes, creating Christmas lists, planning parties and dinners, and beginning our holiday shopping. It seems like from November 1st through December 25th we never seem to stop moving. Another thing we are trying to solve is the mystery of what we will be wearing to these fun and festive even

8 Holiday Dresses Under $75

It's that time of year where we have so much going on. There is so much to do these next two months and we want to do it on a budget. I love finding perfect holiday outfits at a great price. I always try to look my very best at Thanksgiving, on Christmas Eve, at Christmas Cocktail or whatever the occasion may be. This time of year is the time where pearl embellished dresses and sequin pants are acceptable (guilty!). Not only is there so much to do but there is also so much to buy throughout the holiday season. Thanksgiving ingredients, hostess gifts, last minute decorations, presents, and party outfits -- it's always nice finding something on a budget. Today I am sharing my favorite eight dr

Switzer Lake Wanderlust

I love to go on adventures. Whether it be spontaneous weekend road trips to Chicago, traveling to Texas by RV, or exploring the Shenandoah, spending time with friends, listening to music, and discovering new places is something I love to do. Yesterday, my friend Erin, a fellow Alpha Delta Pi and stellar photographer, had a photoshoot planned. We both brainstormed a few ideas of where to shoot and she suggested a lake she had heard of through Instagram. She said it was about 20 minutes north of JMU and with four hours carved out to shoot, of course I wanted to explore this secluded lake! Little did I know I would be thrust into the most beautiful place I had ever been. I have been a lot of pl

Weekly Skinny November 4th

I cannot believe it's November already!! I feel like just yesterday I was at the beach and now it's time to pull out my parka and Bean Boots! Halloween is finally past us, thank God, and we can focus on being thankful and spending time prepping for the holidays. Weekly Skinnies are going to be full of holiday items from now until Christmas. Truthfully, it's better you be prepared early than scrambling before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to prep. If there is a specific post you want to see here covering Thanksgiving or Christmas, let me know here! There have been some great videos, products, and music circling around recently I am so thrilled to share them with you. These past few weeks at

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