Why JMU.

This year, I have taken the time to reflect on my thoughts about JMU and my original mindset when coming to the university as a freshman. It's crazy how much things can change in just 365 days. As a rising freshman, I wasn't excited to come to JMU. I was thrilled about college, but not particularly James Madison. It's not that it was a bad school or anything, but I just wasn't as excited about it as my other friends were about going to their schools. I had a bad first semester -- there's no way around that. I was in a major I told myself I loved but really didn't, I was questioning my sorority, I was missing home, and having a hard time adjusting to a new place. These are all things that peo

Best of the J.Crew Sale

For the past few weeks, J. Crew has been having the most incredible sale. When it comes to shopping J. Crew I find the regular prices way too expensive for my budget, so when the store has a great sale I make sure to get the best out of it. Right now, the sale prices are crazy awesome plus an additional 50% off. Some tops are down to $15 that were originally $78 tops. What's even better is that there are so many sizes still available. This sale includes great winter styles, classic chino shorts for Spring and Summer, and even great swimwear for the warmer months. I shared a few of my recent J. Crew purchases last week and I have since had to tell myself to just stop going on the site in fear

Blogvice: How to Make Composite Photos

WOO HOO! Finally back around with another Blogvice! Questions pertaining to how to start a blog and all things blogging are messages I receive every single day -- and one of the more specific ones is how I made all of my composite photos when I share my favorite products or a haul of what I've recently purchased. It took me several months to understand how exactly to make these and what goes into making these. It does take more detailed time and it's tedious work but anyone can do them. I use Pages on Apple for this because I love how the software offers me direction when it comes to having level pictures, cropping, and centering titles. You can do this on Microsoft Word though! Start with c

4 Ways to Appreciate the Little Things

My sophomore year of college has been all about appreciating the little things. Ecclesiastes 5:18 tells us that "it is good for people to eat, drink, and enjoy their work under the sun during the short life God has give them, and to accept their lot in life". Although it seems like time is fleeting, and we are rushed we should also be recognizing that there is so much beauty around us. Everything from the food we eat, to what we drink and even the lot we have been cast is a gift from God. Sometimes, we overlook smaller things and go right to focusing on big picture things. We notice the things that ruined our day and never recognize the littler things that make our day to day life so great.

Weekly Skinny: January 24th

I hope you enjoyed my life update yesterday. Those kinds of posts aren't typically something I love writing because I always wonder who actually cares. I am so wrong to think that because it seemed like a lot of readers got online from Instagram or checked out the blog themselves and for that, I thank you! This week, I have a lot going on. Last week we had a four day week and part of those days had delays thanks to snow. Because it was such a short week, this week feels like I've been eternally stuck on Monday. Despite the feelings of the long week, I have almost every day booked with meetings, study hours, or shifts at work. I love weeks like this because when Friday rolls around you know t

Life Update: January

Wow, what a month it has been! January is always one of my least favorite months. I don't know if it's the post-holiday season setting in or how without snow, the earth looks like it's sleeping. Whatever it may be, each year, I always rush to get through January. As February rolls around, you start to see Spring in sight as well as the last half of the semester -- all exciting things ahead. As much as I sit here and write that January isn't my favorite time of year, I can't complain about how my 2018 has started. 22 days in and I having an incredible semester. Here's what's been going down. School: I'm finally back at JMU!  It's honestly nice to be back in the Shenandoah. It's weird -- after

The Perfect Winter Outfit

Today I'm sharing the cutest winter outfit! This camel brown ruffle sweater from J. Crew is absolutely perfect for this time of year. The boiled wool is soft and extremely warm, but not too thick. Sadly, this sweater was so popular that it sold out just a few days ago, but I linked a few similar ones so you can recreate the outfit! I styled this outfit with a pair of black skinny jeans from H&M. I have never tried H&M jeans before and last Friday I found myself in the store and thought why not. Finding jeans that fit both my waist and my legs is near impossible to do. If anything, I was really pleased they carried tall sized in store. Almost nobody does that, and buying jeans online stresses

Classic Prep in Plaid

As my style is maturing, there's one thing that will always stay the same and that's my love for classic silhouettes and styles. Bows to me will never go out of style and neither will a classic black and white sweater. It took me a year, but I finally got my hands on the Gayle Bow Sweater from J.Crew. I seriously love this little classic sweater so much, I can't stop finding new ways to style it and new things to wear with it. It's extremely warm while not being too heavy. It looks great styled on its own but also looks just as great layered with a tissue turtleneck or a button down shirt. Today, I went for a preppier, more classic look by styling the Gayle sweater with a blue and white vert

Monthly Must Haves: January 2018

I'm still sort of on savings mode as we head into the second half oj January. I still feel like Christmas just happened and it's not quite time to start spending paychecks yet. At the same time, so many stores are trying to make room for Spring lines with Winter sales -- and let me tell you, my will power to not shop is depleting. I have been "window shopping" on Nordstrom and all throughout other bloggers' Instagram's and have found my January monthly must haves -- the first of a new series I'm starting. I'm sharing a little bit of Winter and a little bit if Spring. It's way too early to start pulling out our pastels and pom pom trimmed dresses, but it's not too early to start slowly collec

12 Minute Baked Tortellini

When I first moved into my apartment, I was so scared. It wasn't living on my own or having to be responsible for my own property that frightened me -- it was cooking that terrified me. Yes, I can cook frozen pizza or a Lean Cuisine meal and call it a day, but if I wanted to walk the path of adulthood one of the big tasks I wanted to accomplish was learning how to cook. Who knows, one day I could be cooking for my husband or family. I had friends growing up in school who said that their parents didn't know the first thing about making homemade meals and spaghetti was about all they could do. I was fortunate enough to have practically a chef in my family -- seriously my mom can make a brick t

Think Pink with J. Crew

As my style matures, I am finally starting to add black to my closet. As a high schooler, I thought color was the thing. I think I owned one black dress, maybe. I loved (and still love) Lilly, bright neon pinks, kelly greens and every color in-between but, I cannot believe I went so long without adding essential black garments to my closet. I looked around my closet at school the other day and realized that I didn't even own a black skirt -- something so essential in any young woman's closet. I found this perfect faux-suede skirt from H&M the other day and cannot stop thinking of different outfits to pair it with. It was featured in yesterday's 30 Under $30, so you know you're getting a good

January 30 Under $30

I'm back with another 30 under $30. I always love rounding up price conscious items to share with y'all! I went to some of my favorite "bargain" stores and found great items for January and the post-holiday season. After Christmas, I don't want to spend any money but wow, are these January sales incredible. Yesterday I spent way more money than I wanted to at J. Crew but everything was almost 75% off original price, it was just something I couldn't pass up! Stores like J.Crew Factory, Forever21, H&M, BooHoo, SheInside, and Target all have great new arrivals right now -- all on sale. I even found some great pieces for early Spring. It's never too early to start looking for your go-to Summer s

How to Start a Semester Off Right

Although I have already started my semester, I know many colleges go back on Monday morning and a lot of high schools are starting quarter three in a few weeks. I think it's important to decompress after midterms and finals and then start your new semester on the best foot possible. There's something to be said about starting off with a fresh, clean slate. That's one of the things I love so much about college -- the fact that I can start the new year on a new foot is awesome. This semester I am really diving into my major and minor classes. At this point, almost all of my general education classes are complete, minus a science lab 😑. I am taking introduction to public relations, intercultur

Apple Watch Series 3 Review

I received an Apple Watch Series 3 for Christmas with little to no knowledge on the gadget. I was thrilled when I opened the packaging and see a shiny new toy to play with, but I knew I would have to do some research on it before I could share too much information with you all. There are two versions of the Series 3 watch. One that starts at $329 and includes GPS and another that starts at $399 and has both GPS and cellular. Both watches come with Siri which is different from the previous versions of the watch. I have already used Siri a lot on mine to send texts and call people. I have also used the GPS, and I find it really nice that it vibrates when you’re coming close for you to turn. Yo

How to Cultivate an Instagram Theme

By now everyone knows how much I love Instagram. I'm posting on it all the time and when I'm not posting, I'm on stories sharing my day to day life. Instagram is great for both personal and business use and the app has recently stepped up their game when it comes to business accounts. Being able to track your exact following, popular times to post, age groups of your audience... literally anything you could think of to track statistically, Instagram has it. One of the big things that people talk about when we post photos is how to establish an Instagram theme. Don't think that your personal account can't have a great Instagram theme either. You can show off all of your life moments with your

Shop My Desk

I shared an image of my desk at school on Instagram the other day and people love it. I was so surprised to see how many of you loved it. For me, my space at school has to be both a cute and inviting space all while keeping me on task and productive. I use my desk at my apartment a lot, where most students use the library on campus, I talk aloud when I study and I can't quite get that done at the library. My desk is comprised of very inexpensive items which come together to make the perfect study environment. I wanted to make sure, that with a desk without drawers, that I would have everything I need for studying on top of the desk. I also wanted to ensure that I would have a space to write

Dukes in Frisco

This past weekend I enjoyed the most incredible time with my family and friends at the James Madison national championship in Frisco, Texas. Although the weekend didn't result in another championship crown, we did gain many memories and experiences along the way. The weekend started out early Friday morning as Lisa, my Dad and I flew out of Richmond International and began our journey to Texas. We had a quick layover in Atlanta and then were off again to Dallas. We couldn't have been blessed with better weather Friday. Seriously, not a cloud in the sky and when we arrived in Dallas, I swear I wanted to hit the beach. Although it was only about 55 degrees, its much nicer than this 2 degrees c

Classically Chic Girl

I have loved the changes on the blog recently. I have received such positive feedback on both the new blog layout and the new Instagram editing and I couldn't be anymore grateful to all of my extremely supportive readers. Seriously, y'all have hearts of gold. THANK YOU! Truthfully, I didn't expect to bring so many changes to the blog so soon After all, I just completely changed everything back in May. It's been half a year and it seems like I'm already onto the next thing. To be completely honest, I knew that the previous version of Daily Dose of Prep was temporary. I loved the fun bright colors during the Springtime but I also knew I was maturing as well as my style. I needed to change DDP

Winter Recruitment Outfit Ideas

It's that time of year again! Recruitment is back for schools who rush in January! Its such an exciting time, especially for potential new members. Now that I have gone through rush on both sides, I think out of the two, I would rather be going through as a new recruit rather than as a recruiter. The questions regarding winter rush and what outfits to wear have flooded in over the last few weeks and today I'm sharing my top three outfits for different rounds of recruitment. I split these outfits up based on the rounds that JMU has and although, most schools do things similarly, nobody does recruitment exactly the same. I have a skirt, a pant, and a formal dress outfit so you have plenty of o

Weekly Skinny: January 6th

Welcome back to another Weekly Skinny! I love writing these posts but over break I don't think I wrote a single one. What's wrong with me?! Right now I am at the James Madison national championship game in Frisco, Texas and am having the absolute time of my life! One thing the Smith family has always spent time doing was going to collegiate sporting events. We were all raised UVa fans and I've done my time watching crappy football and losing a game in the last 2 minutes. Being a JMU student and fan is awesome because I can finally back a winning football team. Yesterday, we left Richmond at 8am, flew to Atlanta, and then to Fort Worth. I have a slight fear of flying but today went extremely

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