8 Apps for College Students

These past few months, I've realized just how much I use apps on my phone to stay organized, safe, and on task throughout my day. I never used to depend on technology for school, except the use of a laptop, and even then my tech use was limited. I think part of this stems from the "adulting" factor of college. Not only do I have school work to keep track of, but also bills. meetings, and important dates. After I came to this realization, I looked through my phone to see that most of my apps I use are all school related. I need every single one (minus Instagram) so either keep my sanity, my safety, or my school work on track. Without these apps I honestly don't know how I would make it throug

The Best Greek Gear + Coupon Code Inside

Today's post is for all you Greek gals out there. I know so many of my readers are in a sorority or academic fraternity, so today I'm sharing my favorite websites to buy letters from or any apparel associated with Greek organizations. For the longest time, I never knew where I could hunt down the cutest sorority wear, but after two semesters of searching, I feel like I have a good grasp on shopping Greek orgs. Today, I'm mapping out the items that I always seem to grab for in my closet. Whenever I buy sorority stuff, I always ask myself if I can get longterm wear out of it. It's so easy to fall into the habit of purchasing every tee shirt offered to you by your sorority. The first thing you

Save vs. $plurge: Spring

Just a few more weeks until Spring is officially here. I don't know about where you live, but here in Harrisonburg, Spring is already giving us teasers. Temperatures are getting up to the mid-seventy's (which I personally love). Some say it's too early for warmer weather, but if it means I can wear my Chacos to class or throw on my all time favorite Berry printed short sleeve sweater from J. Crew, then so be it. As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, I'm done with Winter. I'll gladly ride out the rest of the season in sweatshirts, leggings, and my Ugg boots, but as far as shopping for colder weather, that will have to wait until October. I'm calling it right now, duck egg blue is going to

Parmesan Potatoes

I cannot get enough of this parmesan potato recipe, I have to share it with you all! I was craving roasted potatoes the other day and decided to roll with what I had in my kitchen. This recipe is super simple and is something easy to make when you have people over. It's also a side where you can leave it alone in the oven while cooking other things. I usually start my dinners cooking these potatoes, and then move into other veggies and chicken. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cup of red skin potatoes 4 Tbsp. of olive oil Two cloves of garlic 1/2 Tsp of rosemary Grated parmesan To start, I halve the potatoes and then cut them into fourths making eight total pieces from one potato. You can make the cubes b

Love for Ladurée

While in New York City, the trip simply wouldn't have been complete without a stop at Ladurée, a little taste of Paris smack in the middle of Madison Avenue. This patisserie houses the most delicious desserts that taste as if you purchased them in the heart of Paris. Although they sell all kinds of delicious creations, the macarons are absolutely stellar and can cheer up any bad day. After a long day of walking in the rain, and before a long afternoon of shows and work, Kirsten and I popped into Ladurée for a early afternoon snack. Nothing makes a cloudy day seem a little brighter than the energetic colors of a half dozen macrons. For my long day of walking and doing touristy things, I style

Weekly Skinny: February 16th

Happy late Valentine's Day loves! I can't believe that we are halfway through February. January felt like it was years long and now it feels like February is flying by! Before we know it, it'll be Spring Break! It's currently 70 degrees here in Harrisonburg, you read that right. Seventy. Degrees. I love seeing these warm days pop up on the radar every now and then. I counteract that last sentence though by saying, the forecast is calling for snow on Saturday. The weather this time of year in Virginia is always so crazy. We go from balmy 70 degrees and sunny, and less than 48 hours later, it'll be a brisk 31 degrees and snow showers. Not to mention, this Saturday I give my first tour as a you

NYFW Fall & Winter Recap

This past weekend was a total dream. I cannot stress enough how incredible my first trip to New York Fashion Week was. I was invited by Nolcha Shows to view eight collections for the Fall and Winter 2018 seasons. The creations these designers produced were stunning. Again, something I can't stress enough. Half the time, I was so wrapped up in the creations of the garments that I forgot I was supposed to be snapping pictures to share with all of you! Of the eight designers, seven of them were clothing designers and one was a handbag designer. There were a few shows that really stood out to me due to their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and original design. I am so excited to share these

Driving Out Demons During Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, officially marking the beginning of the Lenten season in the church. It's weird to think, less than two months ago we were celebrating the birth of Christ and now, we are in the most somber time of the church as we prepare for holy week and the resurrection of Jesus. These forty days, although difficult for many (they're supposed to be) is a true gift from the church. In Advent, we celebrate and count down until Christmas. We hear week after week the events leading up to His birth. From the visitation of the angel Gabriel to the journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem, all we can think about are the exciting times ahead. Now, it's Lent -- a crucial time in our litur

A City That Never Sleeps

I'm currently on my train back to reality after an incredible weekend in New York City for Fashion Week. I felt like I was living in a dream all weekend long. I told myself back when I first watched Project Runway in 2007 that I would one day to go Fashion Week and sit front row -- yesterday I did that. Sunday afternoon and evening was full of fashion shows, but Saturday night was ours to see the city. After a day of shopping, popping into stores, and snapping photos we headed out for dinner at Parker & Quinn. It's a lively little bar and restaurant with perfectly priced meals. Everything was delicious and the service was incredible -- not to mention quick. Despite the torrential downpour we

New York Fashion Week Packing List

I leave for my first New York Fashion Week in three days and I am so thrilled to get going. Hopefully this trip will be the first of many, but since tomorrow isn't guaranteed and who knows what next year will bring, I am going to make the absolute most of my trip. I will be in NYC for three days and plan on doing plenty of walking, I also plan on taking plenty of pictures, so I want to make sure everything I wear is comfortable and cute, but will also keep me warm. I keep checking the weather and as of right now, it's looking like we'll see a lot of rain in the city -- hopefully that changes! My suitcase is going to be full of neutral colors this weekend. I am bringing a lot of black, white,

55 Years of Wisdom with Mark Smith

A few weeks ago, I asked for your feedback on everything from Instagram to the blog and what you would like to read on Daily Dose of Prep. I had a handful of people mention that they wanted to see more of my family, specifically more of my dad. I went on LiveStream with him about a year ago and y'all loved it! And when him and I traveled to NYC last Spring, so many of you followed along on our adventures. Today I have an incredible treat for you. I asked my dad to write a blog post sharing some of his wisdom. What he wrote is beautifully said and describes him as a person completely. I encourage you to read every single word of his blog post and adopt some of his tips into your daily routine

Gifts for Your Guy on Valentine's Day

It's under ten days until Valentine's Day and so many of us are still scrambling to find that perfect gift to tell someone just how much you love them. I know it can be a daunting task trying to find the gift to express your emotion, but hopefully today's post will set your mind at ease. It's so important to show the men in our life just how much we love them. Husbands, boyfriends, and especially our father's deserve to be recognized for all they do for us, and now it's time to show them some love. Below are a handful of gifts that range any price point. You can go for the less expensive pair of v-day boxer shorts from Calvin Klein or pull out all the stops with a rather pricey Apple Watch.

Monthly Must Haves: February 2018

Can you believe it's already February?! I surely can't! As I was collecting my wishlist for this monthly must haves list, all I could think about was Spring. It seems like that's just about all brands can think about too. The sweater are getting thinner, turtlenecks are getting shorter, pants are getting cropped, and we're moving away from thick wool, into lighter long sleeve blouses. It's nice to see pastels start to pop up and see more colorful shoes on the market as well. From here on out, I'm seeing nothing but Spring -- I'm so ready to break out pinstripes, pastels, Lilly Pulitzer, and Jack Rogers. Okay, that's some forward thinking... maybe I'll break out cropped jeans and espadrilles

Weekly Skinny: February 2nd

Can you believe it's already February. I've been back at JMU for just a few days shy of a month now, and so far everything has been great. I will say, I feel like my courses have been deceptively slow and things are going to pick up all at once. It's still dreary and frigid in the mountains but there have been signs of Spring here and there. Is it just me or are you also crazing to pull out your Spring wardrobe from the back of your closet. I am so over Bean Boots and puffer vests at this point. February is such a tough time of the year for me when it comes to blogging. It's still very much so Winter, but everyone is coming out with Spring lines. I don't know what to promote and when to prom

Gifts for Your Girl on Valentine's Day

Can you believe today is the first day of February?! I feel like January went on and on and now that it's February, it's starting to feel like the spring semester is progressing. With February arriving, that means Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I won't be spending Valentine's Day with anybody special, but I want to share all of my V-Day favorites with y'all today! I hunted through my favorite shops online and picked out all of my favorite items for Valentine's Day. There's a plethora of items to gift to your sister, mom, girlfriend, or best friend. Who cares?! Treat yo' self to a Valentine's Gift! A few of my favorites are the pink Old Skool Vans, the pink beret, Chanel perfume,

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