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I've been tinkering with web design these past few weeks with the goal of sending out email blasts in mind. I love getting great email newsletters full of great tips, information, and photos. I wanted to create my own and finally think I've found the perfect design. Introducing the "Preppy Post". The preppy post is a weekly email newsletter that will go out to Daily Dose of Prep subscribers. Each email will have personal photos and stories, weekly fashion pics, playlists, blog updates, vacation updates, and styling tips. I'll also be sharing up and coming bloggers new to the scene. You can share your blog or a friends blog in the hopes to get the word out about their style, health, travel, o

One Years Time and a Change of Perspective

Today marks a kind of crazy day for me. I wrote this past summer about why it's okay to fail. Essentially the post detailed my rejection from UVa and my choice to return to JMU as a sophomore. I harped about how I wasn't the happiest as a freshman and why I wanted to transfer. I also wrote about my determination to make JMU the best home possible for me, post-rejection. Well, it's been a year since my rejection to transfer and I am in an incredible place in life and in college. I don't think I've ever been as happy as I am right now, and I don't think I've ever felt more confident, more at home, or more comfortable with JMU and in myself. It's incredible what a years time and a new perspecti

40 Sundresses Under $50

Once the weather heats up, I am such a dress person. I love wearing fun and easy dresses any chance I get, whether it be a cotton coverup dress to run errands or to work at Lilly Pulitzer, or if I'm dressing up for dinner or a fun event. Today's post is a really exciting one, because I'm rounding up my 40 favorite dresses for Spring and Summer under $50. Some may say, "$50! That's so expensive!". Truth be told, you aren't going to find many stellar dresses with a $15-$20 budget. It's either going to be see through, the pattern will be incorrectly sewn, or the shipping will take weeks on end to get to you! With a $50 budget, you can find an affordable, durable, and chic dress that is bound to

Weekly Skinny April 18th

Two weeks y'all! Two weeks until summer. In fourteen days, I'll be unpacking my apartment in my house back at home, and getting back to working summer jobs. I still can't believe my sophomore year is almost over. I'm halfway through college -- crazy. Summer is so close, but there are so many things standing between me and my vacation. Between Greek Sing, three finals, a 20 page paper, a comic book presentation, and a career blog presentation, I'll be plenty busy from now until then. All that counts is that we're in the home stretch! Pamplemousse La Croix -- I skipped class the other day because of a guest lecturer and ended up driving around Harrisonburg shopping for groceries. That particul

Black & White Chic

I haven't styled too many black and white outfits and I'm a little disappointed in myself! The color combo is such a classic, and both colors can be styled year round, so why on earth would I not share more?! On Friday, my sorority had a PR photoshoot for recruitment in the fall to be used on social media, the chapter website, and for frames in the house. The color scheme was black, white, and denim so I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone and shoot this fun B&W outfits. The blouse I'm styling is the star tulle blouse from J. Crew that I purchased in January for literally $9 on super sale. I shared it all over Instagram at the time, so I'm hoping people jumped on the opportunity t

Sophomore Year Memories with Snapfish + Coupon Code Inside

I only have two weeks of my sophomore year left which is absolutely insane to me. Sophomore year has been incredible. I want to do an entire recap closer towards May sharing everything that happened throughout these eight months, but today I want to share my sorority experience with you. Truthfully, I almost dropped my sorority this year. I am so beyond thankful I didn't drop. Post-Recruitment in September, I decided that I was going to be all in make my chapter what I wanted it to be. Between getting involved in sisterhood events, going to mixers, taking on leadership roles, attending Panhellenic events, and just spending more time with sisters I made Alpha Delta Pi my own. This year, I fou

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes

I'm a total stripes junkie. I swear they make up 60% of my wardrobe and anytime I'm not quite sure what to wear, stripes are pretty much the answer every time. With the (late) arrival of spring, I find myself sporting stripes more often than usual. Right now, so many collections are featuring prominent striped items so I wanted to share them with you today. Stripes are a total classic and look great on dresses, shirts, shoes, seriously anything. They make any outfit a little more exciting which I think is why I love them so much. I also love mixing them with other items One of the best places to buy striped statement items for your wardrobe is the Red Dress Boutique. I've only been shopping

It's a Formal Affair

April is officially formal season, my apologies in advance if I missed your formal by a weekend! I know all different clubs, organizations, and Greek chapters are planning their formals so that means it's time to go dress shopping. I'm currently trying to fit three on my calendar (I don't think it'll work out!). Being on campus, there aren't too many great formal dress shopping locations around, so most of us end up shopping online. Dress shopping online can be such a tough thing to do, so today I rounded up fifteen of my favorite dresses for formal season. I tended to shy away from super sexy dresses because when investing in a dress like this, I want to make sure I can wear it again for ei

The Best White Dress for Spring

We're not quite at Memorial Day yet, but I don't care -- the summer whites are coming out from the back of my closet. I've been styling white before the "appropriate time", but there are just so many great garments right now, I just have to share! I've raved about this oh so perfect white shirt dress way too many times, but I haven't dedicated an entire post to it. This dress is hands down my favorite dress I own. I purchased this drop waist ruffle hem shirt dress a month ago from the Tuckernuck flagship store in Georgetown and I personally, can't get enough of it. To start, I love how lightweight this dress is. Even though it has a full length sleeve, pockets, and additional fabric for the

15 Perfect Summer Suits

Premature? Maybe. But it's always good to be prepared. I've been taking a good look at my school calendar and I have two weeks and six days of school left. By May 1st, I'll be on summer vacation and within that week I'll be traveling for my internship. We'll be traveling all along the east coast to so many different beach towns so I need to make sure I have a few really great suits in my drawer! Because everything is happening all so soon, I've been scouting the internet for versatile yet classic summer pieces that every preppy girl needs in her closet -- one of these staples is hands downs a great one piece. I love a good bikini, but ever since last summer I can't stop online shopping for o

Six Things Going Greek Has Taught Me

On Tuesday evening, Alpha Delta Pi was named the JMU sorority of the year! Truly, this is a huge honor and to be a part of this chapter is incredible. Every single time I get together with my sorority, I learn something new about one of the girls in my chapter or I make another memory with them. The more I thought about this incredible award, I kept thinking about how thankful I am to be a member of an organization that holds service, friendship, leadership, and scholarship in such high regards. I was extremely skeptical to join a sorority when I first came to college. I already had the thought of transferring on my mind, so I didn't know if I wanted to jump right into a group of girls and p

Finals Week Prep -- Tips to Finish Strong

Yesterday I counted the days until summer vacation -- 29. Literally 29 days of left as a sophomore and only 18 days a class. I feel like I was just moving into my apartment and just last night, my roommate, Madison, and I were talking about how we have to start packing things up. In order to make it to my highly anticipated summer vacation, I have to make my way through finals week. Finals week is always the most dreaded week of the year for me, this year more so because I have a Saturday final (seriously necessary). Luckily two of my finals are papers, so I only have to take three tests -- one of which is optional. As a freshman in college, I had absoltutley no clue how to handle my first f

Run Around Town

Slowly but surely it's starting to warm up, which motivates me more to get dressed in more than yoga pants and a sweatshirt in the mornings. I love being comfortable, but every so often I want to look nice for class. This skipper dress is the perfect combination of both comfort and style. I purchased this dress last summer towards the end of July and loved styling it with gold hoops and gold sandals, but now that I'm at school I wanted to style a more practical outfit around this dress. The heathered grey is extremely versatile for all seasons. I then layered my favorite navy vert from J. Crew overtop. It adds some extra warmth for early spring and looks great tied in with my pink New Balanc

Monthly Must Haves: April

Can you believed it's April?! I sure can't. It's almost unfathomable to me that Easter has come and gone and it's almost time to pack up my apartment and come home for summer. With the end of the school year nearing, I need to start making the finally changes on my seasonal wardrobe flip. If this dang snow ever leaves Harrisonburg, I can pack up my parka for good. We've seen a slow start to spring here in Virginia, so the only thing that helps satisfy my need for sundresses and bikinis is online shopping. I found a few items that simply must make their way into my closet before May arrives! As always, most of my must haves are made up of white and navy. I love incorporating fun prints and pa

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