Recruitment Dress You Need -- All Under $100

August is just about here which means that all you gals going back to school are prepping your dorms, ordering the last few things you need, and greeting ready for recruitment! This truly is the most exciting time of the school year I think and I want to make sure all you gals going through recruitment hoping to find your forever home are fully prepared. I shared a breakdown of recruitment here and a breakdown of the "other side" (aka the sister side) of recruitment here, so check those out too! The big stressor of recruitment is finding the right outfits to wear throughout the entire week on the row. The first thing you should know, is you shouldn't feel the need to spend a ton of money. Th

Difference in the Details: Organizing Your Life

Introducing a new series, the Difference in the Details. With the help of one of my sisters, I am starting this new series here on the blog where I am going to share your guide to success in many different areas. Whether it be your guide to finishing off your outfits, making your bedroom cozy, or cinching your internship I hope this series is your guide to accomplishing your goals, whatever they may be. One topic I'm always asked about is my organizational habits. If there's one thing I know, it's how to organize my life. I love my agendas, notebooks, to-do lists, colored pens, and white boards. With so many things to do in the day, I have to keep track of it all somehow! Agenda -- Step numb

Weekly Skinny: July 26th

It's been a while since I shared my weekly favorites and they've been piling up on my notes in my phone for several weeks now and I'm finally getting around to sharing them with you. These past few weeks have been an absolute blast filled with both busy days on vacation and also busy days sitting at my desk getting work done. I started working on several really exciting projects, both concerning the blog, that eventually you will hear about. Once includes an insane giveaway that I know you college gals will love for sure!! I have also been working on getting everything together for going back to school. Between getting all of my recruitment clothes shipped to my house, finding the finishing

Shopping for My Junior Year Apartment

It's my second favorite time of the year (behind Christmas!), apartment shopping season! I'm in the homestretch of my summer vacation and truth be told, I'm kind of happy about it. I have loved being home these past few months, but it's time to get back to school. I miss my friends, I miss my schedule, I miss my library work friends, I miss cooking in my own kitchen, I miss living on my own, and I miss being on my own. I have just under three weeks of vacation left, so I'm spending this time earning as much money as I can, saving the majority of it, and putting some of the money I make into my apartment. Last year I purchased a pretty simple navy and white comforter from Overstock and boy, w

Seagrass & Sunshine

Words cannot express how relaxed I feel after my week in Virginia Beach. As you've seen exercised, I took a week off of blogging. It wasn't intentional of me to do, but every single night at the beach I was laughing with family, playing games, making ice cream runs and the last thing on my mind was blogging. Sorry, not sorry! We were absolutely blessed with the most perfect week ever. Temperatures were in the mid-eighties, low-nineties and the sun was bright and the perfectly blue sky was dotted with puffy white clouds. God is good, I'm telling you. While I didn't sit down to write blog posts each day, I took full advantage of the perfect weather and went out to take a few photos. Before I

The "Other Side" of Recruitment

When I ask about which greek life posts you want to read, I always get a really high response rate. I big chunk of those responses are asking about the "other side" of recruitment. For those unfamiliar, the "other side" is going through recruitment as a sister, where you now are recruiting girls to join your sorority. In truth, this part of recruitment is long and sometimes irritating, but overall a great experience. The week lends itself greatly to making new memories and meeting new people. It brings you closer together with your sisters most of all, which makes the entire experience worth it. To start, the mornings, at least for JMU, are super early and the days are long. I was up most da

The Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The best sale of the year is here y'all. Who's been saving?! Yes, it's mid-July which means the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is in full swing. Early access for card holders started yesterday and for the next two weeks you're going to see nothing but updates on the Nordstrom sale from your favorite bloggers. It's such a fantastic sale from such a wide variety of brands and designers, how could I not share my favorite clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty items. I'll start by saying that I don't think this year's sale is great in the clothing department. I say that after comparing it to last year's sale. That being said, the shoe and outerwear sections of the sale are incredible. I am so in lo

A Day at the Farmers Market

I was driving down to the road the other day, on my way to work when I drove right past the most adorable fruit and vegetable stand. I had never seen it there before and was wondering how on earth I could drive that road every single day and never notice it. The following day, I stopped by to find out it was a new addition to the area. I absolutely loved the aesthetic of the little stand and immediately knew I had to take a few photos there. Richmond is full of quirky little spots and Mama Kelly's Market is no different. The fruits and veggies are so fresh and so inexpensive, and the red umbrellas that dot the small market really bring a rustic edge to the business. They're located on Patter

Nightly Skincare Routine

I'm finally bringing you my skincare routine. Hopefully my makeup routine is soon to follow! I love taking care of my skin, and truthfully I never really paid too much attention to my skincare routine in high school -- sad!! Since coming to college, I have really increased my skin care and my attention to the products that I use. One of the things that's important to me when I go shopping for skincare is price. I would love to wander around Sephora all day and pick out the best skin products, but that comes with a pretty big price tag. I mean, essential oils for $150?! Absolutely not. Maybe one day I'll get there, but on a college budget now's not the time for pricey products. My skincare ro

19 Things I Learned in My 19th Year

See ya teenage years, I'm twenty. I can't believe I've left such a big chapter of my life behind and it's time to write a new one. I can easily say that nineteen was the best year of my life. So many incredible things happened and my life changed for the better. I lived in my first apartment, I made so many new friends, I made Dean's List, I was a hands mom, I was a tour guide, I sat front row at New York Fashion Week, I was accepted into the College of Arts and Letters, I landed my first internship and experienced so many other absolutely incredible memories. Truly, there were so many blessings that entered into my life these past 365 days that I can't remember them all. God has been so inc

Let Freedom Ring in Lilly Pulitzer

Nothing trills me more than a perfect blue and white romper. When Lilly Pulitzer brought back the Jesse Romper in Stuffed Shells a few weeks ago, I knew I had to get my hands on one! This simple romper is disguised as a dress and has the most adorable white detailing along the hemline. The light, royal, and navy blues create a classic look against the white background and the seashells truly embody the perfect summer feeling the Fourth of July gives off. When I first laid eyes on this romper, I immediately thought of Independence Day. With a a fun gold sandal and a red ribbon or scarf in my hair, it would make for an absolutely perfect outfit! If you want to shop this romper, the Jesse runs

20th Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is on Thursday! There's nothing I really want. All last week my family members kept asking me what I want for my birthday and there's nothing that I'm dying to have. Does anyone else have this problem?! If there's ever something I really can't live without, I save and buy it. Even then, there's never a long list of things that I'm dying to have. I think I spent 4 hours online this weekend scouring the internet for things that I really love. Here are a few things that I would love to have for my birthday! 😌 Patagonia Pullover -- I wanted this Patagonia puffer pullover all winter long and never could get myself to buy it because it was $200! Ridiculous for a pullover I thought. It

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