The September Issue (Downloads Inside)

I was blown away to see that so many of you enjoyed using my August desktop and computer backgrounds. Because of the overwhelming response, I wanted to release the September ones a day early so you too can get excited by the turn of the month. I love flipping the page on a monthly agenda, erasing my white board calendar and starting anew, and changing my desktop with the months. This months wallpaper was inspired by the warm and comforting colors of fall. A trendy blush pink, a deep mauve, and a classic black blend well to help with the transition of the season. In addition to the floral print, I also created a fun New York Fashion Week inspired wallpaper for the fashionistas inside of us al

Twist on a Classic Look

One of my favorite combinations for fall is styling sweaters with shorts -- it's a twist on a great classic combination. Especially if you're ready for fall but it's still a little warm where you live, shorts and a sweater is a youthful twist on a New England style that we all love. This bow sweater is from J. Crew and is one of my favorites come September. The cream and black is extremely chic and the bow adds and air of elegance and femininity to any outfit. Lucky for us, J. Crew Factory decided to bring back this darling sweater so we can shop it for yet another season. I style this sweater from September through March with skirts, jeans, and slacks. You cannot go wrong with black and whi

Difference in the Details: How to Manage Being a Perfectionist

My mom always tells me she prays each morning "that God will help the perfectionist in her third child (me) to not stress so much about everything life has to offer". If there's one thing you can count on it's that I'm the biggest type-A perfectionist on the East Coast. Anything from making my bed like a Pottery Barn catalog to organizing my agenda, working on presentations, and setting up business proposals have to be at my perfect standard before I can feel confident in them. This sometimes can be my downfall because I have astronomically high standards when it comes to just about everything. I'm harder on myself than some college professors are on their slacking students. Sometimes I expe

On the Eve of Junior Year

And just like that, summer's gone. Four months flew by in the blink of an eye and now I find myself sitting here at 11:07 pm on the eve of my junior year of college. In just 8 hours my alarm will sound and I'll wake up and catch the bus and start my third year of school and oh my gosh, am I excited! I'm in the minority of students who absolutely love school. Every thing about getting back to a schedule, eating in a dining hall and turning in assignments is something that I don't think I'll ever stop loving. Even as a twenty year old, I still adore the smell of new notebooks and the excitement that unboxing a new agenda gives me (and yes my Erin Condren came just in time!). This summer, as I'

Black & White Under $50

After decades and decades, a black and white outfit is still the most classic combination in the fashion world. I am loving the color combo right now, it truly is the perfect transition from summer to the cooler months. I am loving this dress from SheInside not only because of the fabulous and crisp white color, but also because of the price. This dress is only thirteen dollars! How can you beat that?! The cold shoulder dress is so modern and the ruffle is extremely flirty -- it makes for the perfect dress for formal occasions. P.S. -- the arm holes on this dress are a little tight! Nothing you can't get past, but I didn't want to leave that out of the post! To help dress up this look and ta

16 Shoes Every Girl Needs for Fall

Fall -- the best time of the year for fashion -- is here! I love the colors, layers, accessories, and styles that walk the street this time of year. With summer it's easy to throw on a pair of go-to sandals or a great pair of Jack Rogers and call it a day. I swear, I think the same gold wrap up sandals I own go with 95% of my summer outfits. Fall however, requires much more detail when it comes to the shoe game. The further we go, the colder it gets so us ladies have to make sure we're prepared with mules, flats, tennis shoes, and boots alike to ensure we're prepared for any outfit we need to create. I like having a neutral shoe palette when it comes to fall. Summertime is great for a neon p

Weekly Skinny: August 20th

What a busy week it has been! I've left my house in Richmond and moved into my apartment at JMU. I'm excited to finally be reunited with all of my friends and start getting back to a schedule. There's something about a weekly schedule of school and work that makes me so happy! I was talking to my mom about this, but although my home in Richmond feels more like home than my apartment, my room at school feels much more "homey" than my room at home. Does that make sense? There's something about having all of my life in one spot that makes me feel a little more comfortable. I have one week left of summer to spend with my friends at school and to prep for recruitment next weekend. I can't believe

Fall Wardrobe Starter Pack

I ran a poll on Instagram yesterday asking if I would make you mad if I started posting about Fall on the blog or if you were ready for changing leaves and cashmere sweaters. Over 75% of Instagram followers said they were ready for Fall, so here we are! If you were in the minority and were still loving summer, sorry this post might not be for you. Bookmark it though for when you're feeling Fallish --it'll come in handy then. These past few months I have really been enhancing my style and taking it from a New England prep vibe to a modern chic look. I want for my closet to last with me through college and into my twenties and the workforce and I think this is the best way to do so. I love the

Black & White Stripes in Fall

If you asked me three years ago to style a casual outfit with black clothing I literally wouldn't have been able to do it. I didn't own any black clothing and my twenty year old self cannot understand why. For some reason, I thought bright pink was a more versatile and a smarter color to purchase than black. I'm sorry, seventeen year old Lucy, what were you thinking? This summer just about the only colors I've been purchasing have been neutrals, with black leading the color-way pack. First, black is so slimming. It instantly slims anyone. It's also so versatile! You can take your favorite black items and transition from season to season. I know in Virginia, I can keep these black shorts in

What's in My College Backpack

Today is my last day of summer vacation. I cannot believe that four months went by so quickly! Tomorrow will be a day full of summer recaps and photos, but today I'm sharing what I keep in my backpack for college. Since leaving high school, I have adjusted what I carry with me on a day to day basis. At JMU, I'm away from my apartment for 12 hours a day and can sometimes eat three meals a day on campus. I don't have the time to go back and get something and oftentimes, I'm running from class, to work, to a meeting, to a tour, to another class and then to dinner so there's not a whole lot of time to grab something that I might have forgotten throughout the day. This year, I am using a Madelin

Going-Out Wardrobe Essentials

It's about time to head back to school, which means a lot of you girls are starting to add to your "going out wardrobe". Y'all know I'm in college and I go to parties. I'm extremely responsible, but I won't pretend I'm perfect and that I don't. The first thing to know is to be safe! If you have questions, I answer a lot of them here and also share my tips and golden rules of going out to college parties. Make sure to give it a read if you're nervous for your universities parties this fall. This is going to be one of those posts where I talk about college and partying and if you're not into that, I totally understand! I also understand that this isn't the "preppiest" post, but a lot of you ha

July Haul

Goodbye July, hello August! I'm still not over the fact that it's already August. I only have 12 days of summer left until I pack up and head back to school. I'm extremely excited, I am packing a little bit each and every day until the fifteenth! The month of July was pretty low key. It was full of working, blogging, interning, saving, and beaching it up for six days right in the middle of the month. I know -- ironic to say that I spent the month saving money just to post a July haul! Honestly, I did save. Working multiple jobs lends itself to money in a lot of different areas. This month I also celebrated a birthday so the jeans, leggings, hoops, sweater, and striped top are all from birthd

Peachy August Wallpapers

It's August! Can you believe it?! Feels like just yesterday that I was unpacking my entire life back into my bedroom at home and in just two shorts weeks, I'll be packing it all up again and heading back to college. All of us are wrapping up our summer internships, filling out our last summer work schedules, and shopping for school supplies. With everything going on, I want to keep that summer lifestyle incorporated in my day to day routine. Enjoy these August desktop and phone wallpapers! Share them with your friends and find them on Pinterest! Because this is so new, let me know how you like them and which wallpapers you want to see next month! #wallpapers #preppycomputerbackground #Lillyp

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