Job Fairs: How to Dress, What to Bring, How to Prep

College juniors and seniors are already stressing out about finding the perfect internship or post-grad full-time position. It's a stressful time! It feels like we just moved back to school and now we have to think about what we do when it's time to leave. Without proper preparation and starting the hunt early, it's easy to start falling behind the pack when it comes to looking for jobs and internships. Last year when I scouted for an internship, I emailed a lot of contacts I had through Daily Dose of Prep. That's one big upside of the blog is gaining so many contacts and references for things like internships. I worked for Rhoback this past summer and I loved every minute of it. I already h

Weekly Skinny: September 26th

It's the last week of September! I feel like September has been going on forever but, I swear last year this month flew by the quickest. Even with such a busy schedule I still feel like these past few weeks have gone by so slowly. Good news is, it's hump day and the weekend is just about here. I'm stoked to be going home this weekend to visit my parents and sisters. I haven't been home since moving to school, so a few days back in Crozier will be nice. Technically, this semester is at the quarter mark, so professors are piling on speeches, papers, and exams. Once Thursday comes, I know I'll be enjoying smooth sailing for the rest of the weekend. What I'm Watching: Grey's Anatomy -- I'm 15 se

Stand Alone Sweaters for Fall

Sweater weather is officially upon us! I mentioned it in yesterday's post, but I swear the turn of the season brought an entirely different climate to the East Coast. It's straight up chilly in Virginia! I'm definitely not complaining though seeing as I love bringing all of my sweaters to the front of my closet for fall. It's also officially jeans weather 🙌🏻 and now that we can happily pull on our favorite pair of medium wash jeans, let's talk about what exactly to pair with them. When it comes to classic sweaters, don't over complicate it. Truthfully, fall is easy for styling casual outfits. If you have an stylish sweater, a few go-to belts and a great pair of boots or loafers, you're set

First Pick of the Season

It wasn't fall for more than 12 hours and I was already at the apple orchard with some friends this past weekend. One of my favorite places to visit during fall is the beautiful apple orchard in Broadway, Virginia just 11 miles north of Harrisonburg. This little orchard looks out onto the Blue Ridge mountains and is the perfect backdrop for photoshoots. Not to mention, the apples they grow are absolutely delicious! Today I wanted to share with you a great way to take your favorite summer dress into autumn. I love this poplin cotton long sleeve dress from Tuckernuck so much, I just couldn't push it towards the back of my closet when I switched over my wardrobe for the season. I wanted to find

Five Podcasts You Need to Listen To

This past year, I've become a big fan of podcasts. Especially when I work at the library becasue I can listen to them while I shelve books. Podcasts are a great way to expand your thoughts, learn new things, and catch up on pop culture withough cracking the spine of a magazine or textbook. Podcasts come in a wide range of topics and I guarantee, there is a perfect one out there for you. If you love listening to TED talks, you will simply adore podcasts. Today I want to share with you my five favorite podcasts at the moment. I listen to a variety of podcasts, as you will soon read. They span from educational to literary and even humorous. I am always on the lookout for new podcasts to listen

5 Outfits to Wear This Football Season

Get up, it's game day! Finally, football season is back in full force which means us ladies have to start planning our game day outfits. I have had so many requests to share some of my favorite game day outfits with you, and the ladies on last night's Instagram Live convinced me to share. I know we all go to different schools around the country, so I shared my outfits with my school colors and tee shirts, but of course, swap those out with your team colors and logos! Football is basically a religion here at JMU. Although we aren't in the SEC, we are still a division one school and have a few national championships under our belt. This Saturday is the first football weekend for the Dukes of J

September 30 Under $30

With summer officially behind us, I can finally put my summer stripes in the back of the closet and pull my sweaters and vests to the front. Even though it's early in the season, I can already see popular colors and trends shining throughout store windows. Blazers, 70's plaids, and leopard print are going to be big hits this season and I'm ready to jump on board. During fall I like to stay within the neutral palette and then play with layers and fall prints. Having a wide range of black, brown, and white tops and sweaters in your wardrobe is smart to match any houndstooth, leopard, or classic plaid skirt or pant you might have in your closet. Also, the blazer trend is everything right now.

Popping Your "Bubble of Self Doubt"

I have had this post drafted for a while now and never quite knew what to entitle it. Just this past weekend a friendly reader of mine messaged me on Instagram inquiring (unknowingly) about this post and absolutely inspired the title behind it! For the gal who asked, you know who you are! We've all experience extreme self-doubt in our lives. Whether it be through your school years in the classroom, on the field or court as an athlete, or in the conference room at work -- we all have that moment where we hesitate on our next actions because we doubt ourselves. It's a common and natural instinct for all of us to have and truthfully, I believe having doubt is a good thing. It keeps us in check,

The First Weekend of Recruitment

One weekend down, one to go -- and I am feeling the aftermath of 1000+ girls in the exact same room. If you haven't been on my Instagram lately then you haven't seen my several sorority posts I made this past weekend. JMU is going through fall formal recruitment right now and not even a hurricane can stop us. This year, we are hosting two weekends of recruitment with the more casual rounds last weekend and the more formal sisterhood and pref rounds this upcoming weekend. I am on a special committee this year that doesn't actually recruit. We make sure that everything behind the scenes operates smoothly and efficiently. I can't quite go into detail about everything but I can say, without us r

Weekly Skinny: September 7th

Finally Friday! Woo woo! This week has been forever long it feels like, I woke up bright and early on Monday morning with a powerful head cold. Ever since I've been taking Vitamin C drops like crazy and sanitizing just about everything in sight. I even Clorox wiped by desk at the library down before sitting. I'm not taking any chances to further deteriorate my health because recruitment starts today! YES! That's right, formal sorority recruitment starts today and I am so excited! Alpha Delta Pi, along with all of the other social sororities have been preparing for formal recruitment since November and we're so excited the two weekends of recruitment are finally upon us. Be prepared on Instag

Things Every College Girl Should Invest In

By now, all of us college gals are settled in our freshly decorated dorm rooms and are buried in school work. I've had class for only a week and have already delivered a speech and turned in a paper -- tell me what's up with that?! By now, like me, you're probably assessing your inventory and slowly deciphering what you accidentally left at home or will need to replace come December. You never can truly assess what life on your own is like until you live it and you can't even fully prepare for dorm or apartment life until you get into your new space and start moving things in. Now that I'm a junior, I feel like a seasoned professional at what to save, and especially what to splurge on, in co

The Best of H&M Fall

One of my favorite shopping spots when I need great looking clothing in a pinch is H&M. It's affordable, well made, and versatile. No matter which style you choose to sport, H&M probably sells the staple item you've been trying to buy for weeks now. I think H&M does Fall and Winter best. With all of their winter accessories and sweater styles, it's hard to walk into a store and leave empty handed. I was looking for a similar scarf to the one I purchased last year to send to a friend and ended up added over two dozen items to my wishlist. Everything that you need to create a versatile, chic, and affordable wardrobe can be found at H&M newest fall collection. If there's one thing that I love a

3 Outfits for Back to School

Happy first day of school for many of you high school readers! I know I've been in school for a while, so by now I'm a seasoned pro but so many of you are headed back today to begin a brand new year -- how exciting! One of my biggest stressors in high school was determining what to wear every day. I went to Catholic school for nine years, so for my entire elementary and middle school education I wore a uniform to school. For nine years I dressed in the same kilt, button up, knee socks, and sweatshirt. It was easy and second nature for me to grab for my closest kilt and throw it on each morning. We weren't even allowed to wear makeup, jewelry, or nail polish to school so really the effort le

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