Weekly Skinny: October 31st

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone has something fun and spooky planned, or at least got the opportunity to celebrate this past weekend! I will say even though Halloween is an exciting day, I'm ready to see it pass. For me this trifecta of holidays is the best time of year, but the Thanksgiving and Christmas are what catch my attention. I may or may not have pulled my Christmas tree out of its box this morning and I know for a fact my mother started pulling out and assessing our home decorations this morning. This week isn't nearly as bad as last week, and with such a fun weekend planned I'm excited that hump day is finally here. This weekend we have our Mallard Ball formal, Diamond

I Would Be Lost Without My Agenda

It's true. I would be. My agenda is the glue that holds my entire academic and extracurricular life together. I loved the Prep Avenue Planner I purchased back in July and use that as my blogging agenda for planning out Daily Dose of Prep and Markley Prescott, but when it comes to classes, interviews, homework, meetings, and everything else I just couldn't live without my Erin Condren Hourly agenda. This agenda has seven days in a two page spread and lists out every half hour from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. I purchased mine with the customizable cover and created it myself using Pinterest images and Canva. The coil is the extra cost gold coil and the color scheme is neutral, instead of colorful. To org

Three "Put Together" Casual Outfits

I rarely wear jeans unless I have to. A big part of it is because I walk all over campus every day of the week and leggings are just more comfortable and I can walk faster in them. They're easy to move in and I like them much better at seven in the morning too when I'm getting dressed. That being said, I like looking put together when I'm wearing leggings because even if I'm casual, it doesn't mean I can't be presentable. After all, throughout my day I'm in classes, working at shift at the library, meeting with organizations, and sitting down with professors. It's smart to put your best foot forward even if you want comfort to be incorporated into your outfit. For me leggings are the definit

Weekly Skinny: October 24th

I've been to bed at 3am every night this week -- it's that kind of week. You know, those weeks where you swear your professors all sat down and meticulously scheduled everything on the same day. We've all been there and it's all good stress but yes, it's been one of those weeks. In addition to a busy schedule, each morning has been below 30 degrees. Can you predict a bad east coast winter, because I can! Nevertheless, seeing frost on the grass and a warm color palette on the mountains has been nothing but beautiful, so I'm grateful for the change in temperature. I'm camping out in Barnes & Noble cranking out papers every evening, but come Friday I'll be sitting in the movie theatre while eve

What's in My Shopping Cart

My shopping cart is so full right now with all of the styles I'm loving lately. Although I can't purchase everything in my cart there are several stores hainvg really great sales right now. There are also several stores with new arrivals that you don't want to miss out on. First of all, the Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific collection launched yesterday at Nordstrom and it's already selling out. Also, J. Crew just added a ton of new styles. If you want to find a great sale, there are several Free People items marked down at Nordstrom! For more affordable fashion, Forever 21 just relesased the lastest installment of their fall. Below I'm sharing my fashion favorites at the moment, you can shop my c

Fall Room Tour

Since moving to school I've rearranged my room about four times trying to find the perfect set up and I think I've finally done it. I feel at home here, I feel comfortable here, and I feel welcomed here. I love this room set up and love coming here, wiping my feet at the door and taking my shoes off. Last year I lived in a little shoe box room and actually loved it. The bed could only be placed long the wall and there was no other place for the desk other than right by the door. I had a tiny little closet but a window with an incredible view of campus. I loved that little shoebox room, but when I moved out and into this new apartment complex with some of my best friends those memories in the

Weekly Skinny: October 17th

Currently sitting in a Barnes & Noble café waiting for my Starbucks order - all is right in the world. Did I mention it's also 57 degrees? Fall is here and I am happy! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far. With half of the week behind us, I've got nothing but eyes for the weekend. This work week has been particularly busy with midterms and literature review papers to work on. I swear I've stayed up until 2am every night since Saturday, but this is all good stress! With just two weeks until Halloween, five weeks until Thanksgiving and ten weeks until Christmas start expecting many holiday themed posts from me. What I'm Eating: My favorite fall cookie recipe is this chewy ginger mo

4 Easy Costumes for Halloween

We're halfway through October which means Halloween is quickly approaching. I'll be the first to admit that I don't love Halloween. Aside from seeing cute kids asking me for candy on my parents' doorstep, the holiday isn't something I look forward to like many of my friends. Being in college though means that Halloween is basically a weekend long party and a rotating wardrobe of costumes is pretty much necessary. I don't subscribe to insane body and face makeup or wearing practically nothing "for the sake of the costume". After all, it's the end of October and there's no way I’m going out dressed like that. I will however create cute and easy costumes from my wardrobe. I try to stick to purc

Forget the Rules

Forget what you've heard, you can wear white jeans past Labor Day. I know it seems like traditional fashion exiles those who style white post Labor Day but modern fashion appreciates, accepts and sometimes even encourages it. After all, we love a good winter white outfits and apparently, so does Vogue. Styling a summery white outfit after the first week of September can seem a little daunting after classic styles told us time and time again that it was a big no-no, but when done correctly you can create a really chic outfit appropriate for the crisp fall season. The jeans I'm wearing are the high rise 9' from Madewell in a tall length. I love these jeans so much. If you're over 5'9, you abso

Weekly Skinny: October 10th

It's 60 degrees and sunny from here. The beginning of the week was so ridiculously hot. I gave tours and was seriously sweating through my tour polo on Monday afternoon. From here on out though, it's looking like Mother Nature has decided Virginia would be receiving crisp 60-degree weather for the next several days. I can't wait to pull out my favorite pair of J. Crew toothpick jeans and heathered mock turtleneck to wear on Friday. What I'm Eating: I haven't tried out any new recipes this past week, but when I make my way to the grocery store next week I plan on picking up ingredients to make this pumpkin spice bar recipe. The other day I made lemon cake the entire recipe just felt out of se

15 Dresses Perfect for Homecoming & Semi-Formal

October is the beginning of homecoming and semi-formal season. Whether you're in high school or college, now is the time to start shopping for the perfect yet affordable homecoming dress. When it comes to dresses for fall events I like to stick to solids. Solid colors are just so classic and look fabulous paired with crystals or pearls. With every dress linked you can add a pair of toe strap block heels to polish off the look. One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven |Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen #homecomingdress #semiformaloutfit #whattoweartohomecoming #whattoweartoadatefunction #whattoweartoasemiformal

Accessorize for Fall

Creating a chic fall outfits isn't difficult. All you need are a few classic sweaters, a great pair of skinny jeans and a few pairs of casual ankle boots and loafers/flats. Never feel the need to overthink your fall outfits. What makes your simple outfits stand out from the rest is how you accessorize them. Right now, accessories are making a big statement both on the runways and in affordable fashion stores like Forever 21 and Nordstrom. I know berets were big last year. I hopped into the trend very quickly and haven't stopped loving them since. I even took one out for a blog shoot yesterday. I think they make such a unique statement and are also incredibly warm, so that's a good excuse to

Real Talk, I'm Stressed.

There. Now you know. I know it seems I'm always happy and care-free on Instagram and Instagram stories, but truth of the matter is that I'm stressed out of my mind. Let it be clear, this is all good stress. I'm financially stable(ish), I have a job, I'm in college, I have an apartment with my friends, I can afford to buy groceries and keep my utilities current and can even afford to buy a new sweater every now and then. I live in a happy family; I have best friends a girl could ever hope for and I have all of you. I'm not complaining. I wouldn't trade my life. It's a good life. But I'm stressed out with life and I think it's time I stop pretending to be perfect just for the sake of saving fa

Weekly Skinny: October 3rd

Can it be Friday already? Do you know the stress you feel when a crazy busy week that sneaks up on you? That's me. Right now. The crazy thing about having channels like Instagram and a blog is that they share exactly what I want for you to see and currently, I'm not sharing too much because my life is like a tornado ran through it. Soon I want to share a post about how I manage school and blogging and all the struggles that I've personally faced with that, but for now, I want to share the things that have helped me smile amidst this insane workweek. What I'm listening to: Fall puts me in my feels, I know...strange. For some reason every fall I just want to sit under a blanket, work on my co

Fashion Forward with Forever 21

When I went home this past weekend I stopped by Forever 21. JMU only has a Target and an H&M so I never really get the opportunity to go shopping at Forever 21 throughout the school year. I must say though, their newest fall collection is so adorable and chalk full of plaids, knits, and blazers. The thing I love about Forever 21 is how trendy, yet affordable everything is. I know they sell fashion forward pieces but they're worth investing in because at the end of the day, it's not too expensive. When it comes to experimenting with fashion and trends, Forever 21 is a great place to start. Forever 21 has great quality clothes too. If you're new to the brand, know that the prices oftentimes do

...Where There Are Octobers

It's the great pumpkin! Welcome October, the month of candy corn, cinnamon scented candles and crockpot meals. Seriously though, we can finally make 7 hours long meals in our crockpots and I'm pretty pumped. I'm ushering in the first of the month with a few iPhone and desktop wallpapers to fit this month. If you're loving these wallpapers, let me know what you want to see for November and Thanksgiving! You can download all of these images and there are more iPhone wallpapers available on Instagram story and my highlights! #wallpapers #computerwallpapers #Octoberwallpapers #iPhonebackground #fallbackground

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