The Best of 2018 & What I Learned

2018 was both the longest and shortest year of my life. When I think about how much I managed to pack into 365 days it feels like the longest rotation around the sun, but on the other hand, that also makes it feel like I blinked and boom, it's December. Did I finish my first internship four months ago? I swear it felt like two weeks! I did a lot this year and not a single ounce of it I regret. This year brought opportunity, growth, joy, sadness, struggle, confusion, stress (lots of it), and now reflection. Rarely do I sit down and look back upon my year. I feel like I'm always running around focusing on what I need to accomplish tomorrow or next week to appreciate all I've accomplished in th

What I Got for Christmas 2018 + Holiday Season Recap

We can all relax now that Christmas is over. It was a great holiday season for me and I hope you and your family enjoyed the season as well. I for sure will miss the incredible Christmas piano playlist on Spotify and the gorgeous lights around the house but it'll be nice to save some money in the New Year and feel like I can finally relax. This Christmas was a low-key one for my family and I. We enjoyed a lazy morning, a delicious breakfast and a slow day of unwrapping a handful of gifts we each had on our lists. I was especially last minute with my shopping this year but managed to purchase everything just in time for the 25th. I'll have to remind myself of this post come next November! Thi

60+ Outfits Perfect for Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is just around the corner! In just 7 days time, many of us will be getting ready for Christmas parties, Christmas Eve mass, and family dinners. I love Christmas Eve. I come from a very close-knit family and we always practice a great family tradition on December 24th. The 38 relatives on my dad's side all go to Christmas Eve mass together and then share in a big Christmas Eve feast. I consider this day just as much fun as Christmas. Down below I linked 60+ dresses, skirts, sweaters, and blouses for you to shop for this Christmas Eve. Many of the items below are on sale or have free express shipping for Christmas so make sure to take advantage! When it comes to styling any of th

Weekly Skinny: December 12

Back with another weekly skinny during this crazy finals week! Today, I take my first final after turning in a slew of papers and final projects. As a communications major and writing minor, I don't take tests too often so I'm unimaginably nervous. Throughout the semester I've written 25 papers and only taken 6 exams, so needless to say, written finals aren't my strong suit! I'm so excited though because tomorrow I'll be heading home back to Richmond to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. This weekend we have our Smith family Christmas party which is sure to be a blast, which will then be followed by a week of relaxation (and few shifts at work I'm sure). It'll be nice though to

Lucy's Christmas List

First off, I wanted to thank people for understanding my finals week hiatus. There just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done so a cut back on the blog was what needed to happen. Despite being away for several days, today I'm sharing one of y’alls favorite posts - my Christmas list. I've said it for several years now, but there's nothing I'm dying to see under the tree this year. Since I was about 16, I felt like I had everything I ever needed. The last thing on my need list is a car and that's inappropriate to even think of ask for. When it comes to something I want, I typically save and ask for it myself making it difficult to curate a list for Santa. When asked what, I would

Settle When Necessary, Thrive When Possible.

December is the time where juniors and seniors in college start to lose their minds a little. We are all vying for the best of the best internships, the most lucrative and interesting full time jobs and starting to figure our post graduate lives out. Taking that ever-scary leap of faith into the "real world" is one of the scariest things we'll ever do in life so rightfully so, it drives us all a little crazy. The other day I was walking to work when I heard a senior talking about how it looks like she'll "have to settle next year on her job". Ugh! What a scary feeling. To many of us, settling is the act of falling short of all of our goals. It's what we do when we, in our minds, think we've

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