January in Pictures

January has been as long as 2018 was. I'm extremely ready for February. I capped off the month with a nasty stomach flu my roommate brought home from her nannying job. It swiftly made its way through the apartment in the span of five days, knocking out everyone living here. We all were out of commission for a few days. Monday was the first time in my entire college career that I've had to skip class for an illness and I'm a little sad I broke my streak. In truth though, January's been extremely busy. As soon as classes started back up a few weeks ago it doesn't seem like I've stopped to take a breath. This semester's classes are much more project based as opposed to last semester where it se

A Perfect Day in My Life

Every day when I get home, my roommates and I convene in the living room while we take turns cooking our dinners and talk about our day. Sometimes we're venting about professors or assignments and other times we're celebrating small accomplishments like 100's on quizzes and the fact that we made barely made it to the bus before it drove off towards campus. With each evening though came the inevitable question, "how was your day today?". I used to always respond "you know, it was a day" with as much lackluster as possible because after working two jobs and going to class after class and meeting after meeting, I was exhausted. After a lot of thought and prayer in thinking about my days, I real

Four Stylish On The Go Outfits

We're in the dead of winter right now. Currently, Virginia is experiencing the coldest three weeks of the year. Annually, the first handful of weeks in January are frigid and bring single digit temperatures, meaning it's time to bundle up. Being in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley doesn't help either, but by now I'm a pro at dressing for a long day of class while keeping my look cute and warm. Today I'm sharing my four favorite outfits for a long day at class. Although I'm envisioning myself in these outfits in class, they're perfect for long days of errand running, casual Fridays at work, or just long days where you want to look presentable while feeling comfortable. Every outfit I'm sha

Weekly Skinny: January 23rd

Like normal, it's been a busy week for me at JMU. This week is all about Student Ambassadors. For those who don't know, I give tours at JMU and we call that organization "Student Ambassadors". This week, all of us older members are welcoming in new members. After four long months of applications and interviews, we narrowed it down to the select few who get to wear the purple polo and we've been celebrating with them all week. On top of the busy evenings of extracurriculars, Harrisonburg was hit with some brutally cold weather including the complete package of frigid rain, ice, and snow showers. It's nice we had a three-day weekend to give that snow some time to melt. While we're talking abou

What's In My Bag

I still don't understand how guys only leave the house with a wallet and a phone and call it a day. I feel like I need a survival kit just to leave the house. Today I'll be sharing a quick look through what's in my bag. When I'm on campus all day, I keep everything I need in my backpack, but for days I'm going to chapter meetings, running errands, or anywhere for that matter that isn't a quick run to the store, this is what I keep in my bag. The bag I'm currently using is a Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote. I love this bag and the Barrington company as a whole. They make great products, many of them personalized, for a great price. They're made to last too. I've had this one for three years no

January Playlist

Now that I'm back at school, I have earbuds in almost every second of the day. I love walking around campus, working at the library, or waiting for the bus while listening to music. It relaxes me and on a busy day, it slows my mind little. Today's post is a simple one, but is a great one I think because it shares all of my current favorite songs - both old and new. Right now I am loving Lennon Stella and Sabrina Carpenter, two on the rise pop artists who just released new albums in the recent weeks. Other than that, Dolly Parton made her way onto the playlist this month because I watched Dumplin' with my roommates this past weekend. Great movie if you're looking for something touching to wat

15 Minute Meal: Lemon Garlic Fettuccine

Craving carbs? This is your answer. The other day I was in desperate need for carbs and wanted to whip up something really quick for dinner. I looked in my pantry and honestly didn't have too much, so I ended up throwing something together really quickly and it turned out being delicious. I needed to share! So here's what you need... - 1/4 of boxed fettuccine pasta - 1/4 cup of olive oil - 3 gloves of garlic - 1/4 of a fresh lemon - basil to taste - black pepper to taste - parmesan cheese to taste Step 1: To start, boil the 1/3 box of fettuccine pasta in pot of salted water. People skip salting the water, but I always recommend it because it adds so much flavor to the pasta. This usually tak

What I Wear to College Parties: Winter Edition

Now that we're comfortably in the middle of winter, I think it's about time I share my going out wardrobe for the chillier months. When it comes to shopping for clothing to wear to parties or going out with friends, I refuse to spend a lot of money on anything other than jeans or shoes. Sweaters, tops, and bodysuits have to be under $30. There's too much room for error when it comes to going out on the weekend to spend an insane amount of money. With people potentially spilling drinks, I tend to leave my nicer clothes at home and just wear inexpensive items from SheInside, BooHoo or Forever 21. My winter wardrobe isn't as exciting as my summer wardrobe . There are far fewer crop tops and sho

Internships: What to Do & How to Get Them

It's January, so it's internship season. College readers can especially understand the stress and nerves that come with applying to internships and trying to get your resume to the top of the pile. No matter if you're interning at a family owned business or a fortune 500 company, internships are an important addition to your resume, especially when you begin looking for a full time job after college. First, let's talk about what internships are exactly. Internships are jobs where students work for a particular organization to help learn about a certain profession and gain experience in a particular field. Sometimes, these jobs are taken on without pay while others offer pay or college credit

Weekly Skinny: January 9th

Happy Wednesday! I just started off my sixth semester of college, only two more to go! So far, the week hasn't been too hectic but amidst navigating new classes and learning the ways of new professors, I'm also going through training for a new job so things are still busy as ever. Looking at the weather report though, it's looking like it might be a snowy weekend at JMU which calls for movie marathons, sleeping in, and wine night with my roommates. It's weird to say that I'm halfway finished with the semester and now more than halfway through college in general. I'm not going to grad school so I only have a year and a half left of my education before the real world gets me 🤭. Nevertheless,

Best of Beauty 2018

I don't consider myself well-versed in beauty products as far as knowing trends and the newest products. As far as 2018 goes, I think this was my biggest year for beauty thus far. I say that because I found myself in the beauty aisle more often and even wandered into Sephora several times. I never really understood the concept of spending money on high dollar makeup products, but now I completely understand the appeal and worth. When I looked back on my favorite products of 2018, several come to mind and today I want to share with you what they are and talk about why I love them so much. They are now implemented in either my skincare, makeup, or daily routines and I can't imagine my "beauty

Everything You Need for Winter Recruitment

Winter sorority recruitment is just around the corner and today I'm bringing you everything you need to succeed this rush season. A little disclaimer though, wear what you're confident in! Dressing nice during recruitment is so you can put your best foot forward, not to impress sororities with what you wear or how much you spend. If any chapter judges you solely off what you wear and how you look then it's not a chapter worth joining. Wear what makes you feel the most beautiful and the most confident! Keep in mind, when dressing for any round of recruitment the goal is to look put together, polished, and presentable. Don't wear anything too low cut, anything too short, or anything too tatter

The Perfect Winter Blazer + Coupon Code

I've raved about SheInside recently, and I'm back again to share just how much I love them. I shop SheIn for my favorite bodysuits and crop tops but I also shop SheIn to buy business casual wear and closet staples that can be versatile for many occasions. Today I'm sharing a perfect pair of cigarette pants and a boxy blazer that have lasted me from November and will stay a closet go-to through February. First, these cigarette pants are the pants I never knew I needed. They are a lightweight, high waisted pair of black pants with an unexpected slit on the ankle. I've tried to shop for a pair of cigarette pants from several stores at much higher price points than these sell for, and nothing co

January Wish List

So I know Christmas was about a week ago, but I have a short wish list for January of things I want to slowly add to my closet. I kept things relatively inexpensive this time because we all just splurged on the holidays. However, if you're interested in spending a few dollars on some pieces that would live in your wardrobe for the rest of the season, this list is a perfect place to start. I can't stop shopping for leopard print items. I shared both a jacket and skirt that I found on SheInside. I especially love the wrap skirt shown at the bottom of the post. When worn with a fabulous black or white sweater I think it makes for a trendy look perfect for nights out. Everything shown below is l

Weekly Skinny: January 2nd

2019!! What a fresh start! I headed back to school a few days early to enjoy a stay-cation in my apartment. I've only been here for a few days but I've already purged my room, taken down the Christmas decorations and run almost every item of clothing and linens I own through the wash. It's a nice way to start off a new year -- cleaning out my clutter and washing away dirt both figuratively and literally. It's also a nice excuse to not go anywhere, not spend any money, and not fill my schedule with anything before a hectic second semester picks up. Even though it's only two days into the new year, of course I have a few favorite I want to share with you all! York Wash Denim - I hunted high an

The Truth About Daily Dose of Prep

Let's start 2019 off with some truth. My style has changed. Over the past six months or so my style has expanded. I say expanded because although I still love my Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses I also love crop tops, year-round neutrals, and cheetah print. I wear hoop earrings just as often as I wear my pearl studs and I find myself shopping at Forever 21 just as much as I shop at J. Crew. For me simpler, tailored style is more up my alley. I love pairing a simple turtleneck with a great pair of jeans and a loafer or a stylish sneaker. I still love pearls and a classic navy and white combination though. I won't ever leave monograms behind and I also love my Palm Beach Sandals. Now, I enjoy inco

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