Nobody is Immune to Failure

On Wednesday night, I faced what I consider to be my biggest personal failure to date. Dramatic- I know. But still, and my roommates can attest, that everything I had ever worked for over the past several years tumbled down before my eyes this past week, and it hit me hard. I was so excited and nervous about the continual interviews that I told almost nobody about them. Just my parents and my best friend. Long story short, I applied for an internship at a company that makes heads turn. It's a coveted position at a coveted brand that, odds are, almost everyone has in their closet. I told nobody about this internship, my application, or how far I made it through in the process. I ended up maki

The Only White Dress Guide You Need

With Easter, graduation, and wedding season upon us, it's time to start purchasing a new white dress or two for your upcoming event season. I'm a big believer that you can't own too many white dresses, so if you're feeling like splurging on something, this is a great opportunity. Not only do crisp, white dresses look fabulous styled alone with neutral colors, but they give the wearer a perfect opportunity to add a fun pop of color to any look. Even when the summer nights when the air gets a little chilly, if you throw a colored pullover overtop of any white dress, you can completely transform any look. Today I'm sharing 45 short, white dresses that are perfect for this spring and summer. I

Weekly Skinny: March 19th

This week has been such a beautiful breath of fresh air. Not only has my workload decreased because I finished my eight week class, but God really blessed us with some great weather here in Virginia. I'm writing to you from campus on a 70 degree day. The sun is beautiful and the slightest breeze is blowing making the weather perfect for shorts, but also a sweatshirt. This is my favorite kind of weather, it makes me feel brand new. If you missed any of my posts from last week or earlier this week, I shared my Nashville Recap here and a guide to some of spring's most popular trends. If you're heading off to formal or prom and still need a dress, check out my affordable formal dress guide here!

Dozens of Dresses for Formal and Prom under $150

Formal season is upon us! I can't believe ADPi has theirs in just 2 weeks! If you're headed off to your sorority's or organization's formal or your high school's prom, then this post is for you. Since my junior year prom, I have always though formal season to be a little overwhelming. I hope today's post helps ease your mind a little bit. To me, short formal dresses are so underrated. I wore a short dress to my senior year prom, which was traditionally full of long dresses, and absolutely loved it. In heels, even maxi dresses look a little too short on me, so I now tend to opt for a dressier mini. Right now, some of the best places to purchase formal dresses are having great sales and even

Spring 2019 Trends to Watch + Shop

The sun set an hour later and it was 68 degrees yesterday in Virginia. If that doesn't say spring, I can't tell you what does! With the change in the weather and the clocks springing forward, we also need to usher in a new season of fashion with new trends. What started on the runways in New York back in September, has now tickled into affordable fashion so we can shop. There are a few trends that have seemed to make their way to the forefront of the Spring trends stage like black and white polka dots and safari styles. A few colors have also made their way to the front rows like lavender, light pinks, and coral. | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten| POLKA DOT

Nashville Recap

What an incredible week! Over spring break, I crossed another thing off of my bucket list by spending a few days in Nashville. Although we only spent about 72 hours in Nash, it felt like we were there for an entire week because of how packed out days were. In college, it seems like everyone heads to somewhere in Florida or the Caribbean. Not too many people head to Nashville, but it shouldn't be overlooked. The city is magical. It's fully of dream-chasers and excitement. You can hear a different live band from every street corner and the neon signs point you towards a new adventure. If you're interested in visiting Nashville, make sure to keep reading! First let's talk about the style. In Na

Weekly Skinny: March 6th

Writing a weekly skinny post to you from Nashville, Tennessee! This week of March, I am on spring break from school and took a little trip to Music City, USA with my family. So far we've bar hopped, listened live music, watched a hockey game, shopped for boots, and eaten some delicious food. I love how on every corner, you hear live music and can pretty much smell barbecue at any point of my walk downtown. Now that I'm on spring break and it's already March, I'm ready for spring to officially arrive. I'm ready to see blooming trees and wear outfits without a jacket. I want to start playing tennis outdoors again and hang out out on the quad and eat lunch for these last seven weeks of school.

It's Easy to Hate and Hard to Love

I feel like whether I’m at work, in class, around friends, or at meetings I always hear people say they hate this person or that person. For a long time, I was like this too. It’s easy to throw out that we hate something or someone without actually meaning it. We say it to make a statement, but we never stop to think about how hurtful we are. Ephesians 4:31 says “get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice”. I understand, this is near impossible to do, but keep in mind, we were not put on this earth with the intent to hate one another. No race, no religion, not person sitting next you or across the aisle. God did not intend to place you he

Nashville, Here I Come!

It's been years since I did anything over spring break besides work or catch up on sleep. I'm so excited to be spending this year's spring break in Nashville with my family. Every calendar in my family synced up pretty well to where all six of us can convene in Nashville for a few days. I've never been to Nashville, but it's always been on my bucket list of cities to visit. I swear if I don't line dance at least once a day while I'm there, then I didn't to the trip justice. During our trip, it's going to be sunny but chilly mandating pants and boots for the majority of the time exploring. Nashville is a pretty casual town too, so there's no need to pack dresses and skirts either. With every

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