Weekly Skinny: April 24th

Only five days until summer. Seriously where on earth did junior year go? In just a week, the class of 2019 will graduate and I will enter into my final year of formal education. It's a little scary to think about, and if I look back on this year, I might cry just a little bit. I've already turned in 3/5 finals and only have to edit one more paper and take one written test. A long recap of the year, how I grew, and what I learned will be posted on Tuesday so I hope you check back for that! For today, I'm sharing a lot of items summertime. I'm telling you now, if I don't get my hands on a pair of those safari shorts from Forever 21 (shared below), I'm going to be so sad! What's going on in yo

Business Casual for Spring and Summer

A business casual wardrobe is crucial for every twenty-something to invest in before you graduate college. When in college you need this wardrobe for presentations, capstone classes, and sorority chapters if you choose to go greek. These clothes are critical for job interviews and internships as well. When I was a freshman I had absolutely no business casual clothing and found myself scratching my head over what to wear for professional events. From then on, have slowly started curating my business casual closet to ensure that not only do I share my personality and style to employers and my peers, but I also show off my professionalism non-verbally through how I dress. Today I am sharing doz

Black and White in Spring

It's skirt season! I almost never wear skirts or dresses before April and now I can finally style my favorite minis for the spring. This cute look is brought to you today courtesy of NA-KD fashion! They supplied me with this cute as ever Levi's distressed black denim skirt. I styled this skirt with my white flutter-sleeve blouse from J. Crew. Sadly, this top is from two summers ago, but I linked a few other down below! I love the contrast of black and white, even in the springtime. It's such a classic combination that looks fabulous in any season. I love the juxtaposition of the distressed denim skirt and the femininity of the ruffle blouse. When styled with unique accessories, the simple lo

16 Bags to Take to Work

In just two weeks college students will start their summer internships and grads will be headed off to the real world, ready to work 9-5 (yikes!). Starting a job in a professional environment can be extremely nerve-wracking and the best way to give yourself a confidence boost is with a great outfit and a fabulous work bag. The power of the work bag is silent but powerful because it makes an incredible statement as to what kind of employee you will be. It provides a polished, organized, and professional presentation to your boss and co-workers before you even say a word. Not only should your bag be an extension of your professionalism and personal style, but it should also last with you throu

Weekends in Navy

It's been a bit of time since I posted a classic navy and white outfit. The turn of spring and summer reminds me of nautical trends and colors, which prompts me to pull all of the navy and white I have up to the front of my closet. Navy and white goes hand in hand with stripes too, which is why I also shared several navy and white striped tops to recreate this look. I love styling shorts with sweatshirts and thicker tops when the weather is in its mid-sixties and low seventies. My body is naturally cold so tops like this one are perfect for transitioning from season to season. Not only is the material extremely high quality, but once again J. Crew thought of every detail possible and added a

Best of The Brands: April

Spring fashion is here!! When it comes to dressing for the springtime, I try to keep things on the simple side. There's no need to excessive layering when the weather is warm and the sun is out. I think you can show off you personality with a unique pair of jeans or shorts and a cute blouse or bodysuit. With a simple outfit, throw on a pair of cute sandals and some fabulous accessories and you'll have a fashionable and trendy look that was pretty effortless to create. Right now, I am particularly in love with styling my favorite pair of high waisted jeans with a unique, yet simple top and a pair of chunky hoops and fun sneakers. The look is youthful, playful and really low-maintenance. Today

Weekly Skinny: April 3rd

What a crazy week it's been and it's only Wednesday! I've already had meetings upon meetings and I even stayed up until 2:30 a.m. the other day absolutely lost in my work. I'm the type of student and worker who can get completely lost in a task and can't stop until it's finished. Markley Prescott took over my mindset the other night which resulted in an unexpected late night. In addition to exciting launches and fun announcements, this week I started enrolling in classes for my senior year. I can't believe in just a month I'm going to be a senior in college. I touched on it a few days ago on Instagram, but I feel like I just moved into JMU. Thank God for personal growth and change though, I'

Are You Pitching Yourself Properly?

The art of pitching has been around for centuries and has evolved over the past few decades. Not only is this a way to captivate employers and investors, but it's a critical skill to know for when you go on internship and job interviews. Now, pitching walks a fine line of confidence and narcissism and it's important to know what to say and how to say it. Today's post is to help those who are currently searching for internships, research projects, creative projects, and other professional opportunities and want to pitch their qualities to employers. The question "tell me your elevator pitch" came up in several internship interviews this application season and the worst thing you can do in a m

April Showers, Bring May Flowers

Can you believe it?! It's April already and I'm not quite sure how we got here so quickly. I have less than a month left in my junior year. In fact, I enroll in my senior year classes tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. and I'm not sure how I feel about it. With the closing out of the semester comes warmer weather and sunnier days. The past week in Virginia has been breezy and beautiful, which has caused me to pull out my shorts and striped tees. This weather is the slight whisper of summertime that I'm sure will be here before we know it. Today's look is cute and casual and you can easily recreate at home. Something about the springtime makes me want to pull out my overalls. They're incredibly un

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