May Haul

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing a rare Friday post, but after only posting once this week -- I knew I needed to make up for the absence. May was a limited budget month for me which led to very limited shopping. I have a wishlist about a mile long for June (coming soon), so this month I only purchased a few things. In fact, several things in this haul were actually purchased towards the end of April, but I used them mostly in May so I'm sharing them today! The theme for this month was work and it's antithesis -- vacation! The two shopping genres, although quite opposite, seem to sum up my few months off from school. Everyday I'm in the office and when I have a day off, I'm on vacation (probab

All Linen, All Summer

I'm on a scout for linen dresses, pants, shorts -- heck I even designed my own linen jumpsuit. Linen is the fabric of the summer and I can't seem to get enough of it! This lightweight, easy-breezy fabric has been popping up in just about every summer collection and it's about time I rave about it. I was combing through the racks of H&M the other day searching for business-casual pants and I came across this short sleeved linen shirt dress. At first I literally picked it up, glanced at it, and put it back. I thought twice and decided to try it on. I threw it on in the fitting room and I was in love. I love how it's oversized but not too much where it looks like a sack on me. I can wear it to

A Blogger's Guide to Richmond's Best Photo Spots

Sometimes it seems like bloggers can't succeed creatively if they aren't living in New York City, Chicago, or Dallas. When you do a little digging and research your city, you can find some pretty breathtaking photo locations in your own backyard. I've lived in Richmond my entire life and ever since I started blogging almost four years ago, I've been slowly compiling photoshoot locations around the entire state of Virginia. Although I have probably 50 go-to locations from the Shenandoah Valley to Virginia Beach, nothing quite beats good old Richmond. There's a surprise around every single corner! I spend my holidays and summer vacation here, so I spend much of my time shooting looks in RVA. A

19 Gifts for the 2019 Graduate

One of the most exciting days of life is graduation day. Whether you're graduating high school or college, it's the closing of one chapter and a thrilling start of a new one. If you're graduating high school, most likely you're moving out and moving to college. If you'r graduating college, you're preparing to head off into full fledged adulthood complete with 9-5 schedules, stacks of bills, and a piping hot plate of freedom. We all know at least one grad we love in the class of 2019 and after so much hard work they deserve to be rewarded. Today I rounded up 19 great gifts for both 2019 high school and college graduates. Shop everything below and continue reading to understand why these gifts

All the Swimsuits You Need This Summer (All on a Budget!)

The pools open this weekend which means it's SWIMSUIT SEASON! When shopping for swimsuits, I rarely splurge. Truthfully after making it through the pool, beach, sand, waves, and sunshine no matter how much money you spend on a swimsuit, they all pull and pill and fade over time. You and I both shouldn't be subjected to incredibly expensive swimsuits just for them to give out on us in a summer or two. Today I've rounded up great quality and greatly priced swimsuits that every fashionista needs in her summer wardrobe. I ran a poll on Instagram to see where readers like to shop their swimsuits and I wanted to share the top results with you. The top places are. J. Crew, Nordstrom, Target, Old Na

What's in My Workbag

I've never really had to carry around a "work bag" until this summer. My other jobs were party time retail so all I really needed were my keys and my phone. Other than that, I'm at school carrying around my backpack. This summer everything changed when I signed my contract for my 9-5 internship. This is my first 9-5 job which makes this my first work bag packing experience. Back a few weeks ago,I shared over a dozen great options for work bags. This black, brown, and cream bag matches any outfit and can transition from season to season. It's wide enough to carry my 13' laptop and sturdy enough to keep its shape, even if it's filled to the brim. . The bags range from $40 to $200 and there are

I Started a Clothing Line! Hello, Markley Prescott!

Have you heard the news?? I’m starting a clothing line! I know it’s a little wild to start a company when your 20 years old, but exciting things happen when you push the boundaries and go outside of your comfort zone. A year ago, my dad looked at a then 19 years old Lucy, and asked if I had ever thought about starting a clothing line. I’ll never forget us driving home from the beach, through Williamsburg, down I-64 and responding “absolutely, but where does a 19 year old even start?!” Another thing I’ll never forget was his response to me saying “when else in your life will you be absolutely debt-free with nothing to do but take a risk?” I was sold. We came home from the beach and I started

Weekly Skinny: May 13th

So much to recap after an insanely busy week. The blog was a little sparse the past few days with me readjusting to a new work schedule. I'm excited to start sharing more on the blog though as summer quickly approaches! This past week has been full of internship updates! I started on Monday and already love it. I never really traveled into downtown Richmond growing up, so I'm a late bloomer when it comes to navigating the streets. I did end up taking a wrong turn on the way to Starbucks one day and came across a beautiful courtyard where I stopped to take the picture below. Despite still being a little lost, I'm enjoying the city vibe downtown. It already makes me excited to look for jobs in

May Wishlist

May gives us a green light to shop all things summer. When it comes to summer shopping, I like to include all styles and silhouettes. I know sometimes sweaters and pants can get a little stuffy during the warmer months, but if styled properly I think they can give a unique and personal style to any wardrobe despite the high temperatures. This May, I'm planning on adding unique colors and prints to my closet. Right now, I am loving beautiful shades of green. It adds an energetic and fresh element to any wardrobe and is fitting at parties, weddings, the office, and date nights. I also am looking to add some flora to my style this summer. A few of the pieces linked, like numbers 9 and 16, share

As Junior Year Comes to A Close...

As junior year comes to a close, I can't help but look back on the past 8 months and thank God for everything my third year of college gave me. I always like to reflect on my years in school and find a common and persistent theme from the year. Sophomore year as all about finding myself and my personality within the JMU community. I changed my major, joined several clubs, and found my home at James Madison University. I coin this year, however, as the year of knowledge and intellectual growth. As I started this year, I knew I was going to dive into my major courses and focus on just public relations. As I learned how to think, write, and speak like a public relations practitioner I also spen

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