Weekly Skinny: July 31st

Can you believe it's the last day of July? Where has the summer gone? I guess eat, work, sleep, repeat makes for a pretty fast paced few months. In just two and a half weeks I'll be back in Harrisonburg and I can't contain myself. I need to get back into my routine as soon as possible. I miss my friends, my apartment and the JMU atmosphere in general. During these last few weeks home though, I am going to enjoy spending time with my family. I'm also going to enjoy the last few days of a *larger paycheck* since the library can only be so lucrative. When I return to school I know I won't enjoy going back to grocery shopping or cleaning my bathtub, that's for sure! In the meantime, let's catch

Day in My Life Vlog

This weekend was hectic and relaxing at the same time. Is that even possible? Apparently so! Between delicious meals, recruitment video editing, a trip to the radio station and even a nap or two I feel like I successfully exhausted myself after only two days! Follow along my Saturday in my vlog below!

24 Dresses Perfect for Sorority Recruitment

Once again, back with another recruitment post! Every year I get dozens of messages from readers asking about what to wear for recruitment and every year I post a roundup of cute and affordable dresses that are perfectly appropriate for rush. I do have a few general rules on what to wear and what not to wear to recruitment. These are tried and true rules for every school's rush, even if they aren't explicitly stated. First, make sure that you cover everything up. You will be on your feet all day long walking up stairs, sitting, standing and waiting in line. Make sure your dress covers everything while doing all of that. That means nothing too short and nothing too revealing. PRO TIP: Whateve

Video: 15 Things I Wish I Knew as a College Freshman

Back to school is upon us, there I said it. My last back to school season as a student! Literally, what?! As I start to look for my final undergrad planner and one last pack of colored pens for organizing my student life, I want to share my senior advice with my freshman self. As a freshman in college I was so small! I was mentally, physically, and emotionally small. A quick four years later and I feel like a totally different person. Although there is so much to learn, and some lessons only a professional life in the real world can teach me, but I have a much wider perspective than I did four years ago. This is the realest and truest tips that I would give freshman Lucy. I also feel like ma

July Recap in Pictures + a Video

I've returned home from vacation which means summer for me is just about over. July was busy though! Between internship events, birthday celebrations, and family vacation it seems like every single moment so far has been scheduled down to the very second. Despite the hectic month, it was a full of laughter and love, which is all I can ever ask for when I'm with my family and friends. I've gotten much better at stopping and taking pictures of beautiful or intrersting places and have loved capturing moments and editing them. Today I want to share how life's been going over the past month in both text and photos -- here we go! The month started with a work event in Loudoun County, Virginia to

Polka Dot Bikini

I love shopping SheInside for swim because in reality, a swimsuit is going to be relatively worn through after a few summers. I would rather spend high dollars on a nice coat or pair of shoes before a swimsuit. SheInside has been the haven for everything affordable swim. You have to be cautious when looking at size charts on this site though -- just make sure to give it a glance before checking out. The top and bottom are oftentimes sold together so you'll get a top and bottom in a size medium. My hips and chest are two different sizes which makes shopping this site finicky. Each item has it's own individual size charts, so those are your ticket to finding a suit that properly fits. This hig

50+ Items from the Nordstrom Sale Under $100

I'm back with another Nordstrom Sale roundup! The sale has been great so far! I really have to commend Nordstrom for putting a plethora of brands a price points on sale for every kind of shopper out there. What I really commend them on though is sharing plenty of autumnal wear too, as we gear up for fall. I shared on Instagram my dislike for the "Nordstrom Sale culture" that seems to flock Instagram for three weeks while the sale is going on. I received an overwhelming amount of responses from readers with feelings similar to mine. Many readers shared their thoughts on how they look to bloggers to share affordable pieces and take their reader's budget into account. Before we go too far, let

Nordstrom Sale Highlights

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us! I have a love-hate relationship with the Nordstrom Sale and everything that comes with it. I hate the excessive buying just to buy that bloggers flaunt all over social media and the "I can afford this, so everyone can too!" attitude that seems to be popping up all over feeds. Last year, I finally had to just get off social for a few days! That being said, I think the sale itself is great. As a blogger, I can't afford a majority of the things the sale offers its clients but from a practical perspective, I'm a college intern! The sale is so amazing though because it offers shoppers of all styles and price points the ability to shop for something spe

Answering Your Recruitment Questions!

After many requests, I’m back with another YouTube video! This highly requested video is answering your recruitment questions. There are a few topics that I get asked about on a daily basis and recruitment and greek life seem to always float among the FAQ’s. Understandably so! Going through recruitment is a daunting and emotional process. I would say I’m a seasoned recruitment veteran by now seeing as I’ve gone through recruitment from every possible angle (minus a Rho Gamma, but we’ll get into that). This post is the first of many recruitment posts for the summer. I know many of you will start rush in just a few short weeks so these will be frequent and packed with information to be as help

Weekly Skinny: July 10th

First Weekly Skinny of being 21! I had a fantastic weekend with my friends and family -- thank you to those who wished me well into my 21st year! Since we last spoke, I've been head over heels for a few different things and I couldn't wait to share with you! Also be on the lookout for a YouTube video from me tomorrow! Starbucks Blueberry Black Tea Refresher - If you read my birthday post here, you know that I still don’t drink coffee. This definitely helps save money at Starbucks, but every now and then I treat myself to a refresher or flavored tea. Right now I am loving the tangy, sweet, refreshing combination that is the Blueberry Black Tea Lemonade. You have to try it! Stranger Things 3 -

Looking Back on 20 & Raising a Glass to 21

Happy 4th of July! Tomorrow is my birthday which makes today the last day of my 20th circle around the sun. As I reflect back on the past 364 days, I have very little complaints about my 20th year. I did a lot in the last year and I loved just about every second of my 20th year. Let’s talk about 20 things this year taught me... If you want to do it all, you can. You just need to find the passion and have the drive to make it all work. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Connections and help from others is what can put you head and shoulders above the competition. Just remember to write a thank you note. Throw a freaking party. It’ll be fun. Fill your days from sunrise to sunset so when you

Stars and Stripes Forever: Easy 4th of July Look

Need an easy Fourth of July look?? Well I have a great one for you. Nothing is more summery than stripes and white shorts. When combined with fun and festive accessories, you're sure to have a fabulous and festive outfit. Today I am sharing an easy and lad back look for the Fourth of July. This look is entirely from J.Crew and was purchased completely on sale. The best part of this look, is you can find this look at any store or at any price point. I personally think that J.Crew sells the best t-shirts. Their signature tees and perfect fit tees are well made, form fitting, soft, and comfortable. They are affordable and run true to size. These ruffled shorts are from last year, but J.Crew has

My 21st Birthday Wishlist

Another trip around the sun almost complete and another year almost behind me. It's weird to think that I'm almost 21. The last of the "milestone birthdays" until I turn 40 I guess. I loved being 20 and I'll share more on exactly why on Friday, but for now, let me share my birthday wishlist. I say it every year, but I don't have a long running list of things to ask for for my birthday. You would think by now I would keep a running list so I don't scramble to ask for something every July and yet...here we are. There are only 6 things I can even think of to ask for this year and after three days of intense online shopping and Instagram stalking, I just can't think of anything that I can't live

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