15 Gifts to Ask for This Christmas

The first gift guide of many is finally upon us! Starting in September, my mom asks us for a Christmas list and each year I have no idea what to ask for. This year I had short list of things to put in my home here in Atlanta, but all throughout college I could never get a great grasp on solid things to ask for. Turns out, many people are also like this since just this year my roommate, my best friend, and a few of my co-workers have asked for suggestions on what to add to their Christmas list.

This year was full of staycations, working from home, family dinners, long walks, and enjoying the little things in life. My 15 best gifts to ask for are great for enjoying life around you as we continue to navigate a truly tumultuous year. That being said, once all this mess is over, you can still use these gifts in your everyday life whether you're a student, mother, or professional. Shop the post below and as always, you can shop the post on my LikeToKnow.It!

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Mini Uggs - My favorite purchase of my senior year of college was my Uggs. The perfect shoe for running out to get the mail, heading to and from spin, walking the dog early in the morning, or heading to class.

Card Wallet - I love my card wallet better than a full wallet because it's lighter and easy to grab as I head out the door or switch from a purse to a crossbody for a night out.

Barefoot Dreams Robe - Cozy up indoors this winter with the softest robe. To add a personal touch, add a monogram!

Waffle Knit Lounge Set - The coziest set in a beautiful pop of pink! This waffle knit jogger and sweatshirt set is perfect for the gal working from home for hours on end. The pants run a size up, so make sure to purchase down. It's also sold in several different colors if pink isn't your favorite.

Dessert Person Cookbook - As a big fan of the BA test kitchen, I couldn't wait to see this cookbook on shelves at my local bookstore, Posman Books. Claire Saffitz is a culinary queen and her book features recipes perfect for any baker. Move over sourdough, there's new recipes in town!

Perfect Parka - Have you ever seen a more perfect parka jacket? Me neither! This J.Crew Chateau puffer is the perfect jacket to brave the wind chills of late December and January. It's double lined, features a removable hood, and has a ribbed fingerless glove attachment to keep your hands warm. If the brilliant azalea isn't your favorite color, there are four others to choose from.

Gold Hoops - My go-to accessory for literally any occasion, a quality pair of gold hoops is great for any gal in your life. She can spice up her Zoom look, wear them to dinners out, and keep them in her jewelry collection for years to come.

Santal 26 Candle - The Santal 26 candle took the U.S. by storm after it was rumored that Taylor Swift has them all throughout her homes across the country. This candle smells like amber, coco, vanilla, cedar, spices, musk, sandalwood and has a great burn time of 60 hours.

Frames - One of my favorite things to put in my home are photos with nice frames. I love gold hardware in my apartment, and I emphasize the look with picture frames on walls and side tables. These two little frames from World Market are inexpensive and make for a thoughtful gift.

Monogrammed Phone Case - I never think to purchase phone cases for myself really outside the one or two I purchased when I first bought my phone. This gold foil pebble leather phone case comes in so many colors and is an accessory in itself. This is a great gift to ask for since you'll never leave home without it!

AirPods - AirPods are the best gift I've ever received (save for thoughtful gifts). I used these multiple times a day when I was in college and I keep them on my person at all times living in a city. Whether I'm at my desk working, grocery shopping, working out, or checkin my mail box I am always sporting my AirPods. They are the best piece of tech I own and are worth adding to your Christmas list.

2021 Planner - As much as a 2020 agenda might have been a waste of money, with a vaccine right around the corner, I have a feeling we'll be scheduling more events come springtime. If anything, I'm sure we have some pushed back weddings to attend!

Marble Cheeseboard - For your Bachelor and Bachelorette viewing parties and at-home tailgates, ask for this chic cheeseboard from Williams-Sonoma! It's perfect for creating a 2 person charcuterie board and making any night in special. It's currently on sale and has a matching set of marble cheese knives.

Sephora Hair Best Sellers - Again, since we're home we're not wearing makeup but a great self-care investment is taking care of your hair. Sephora has a great gift box of their best selling hair products and it's perfect for the gal looking to pamper her locks.

Vejas - As a total sneaker gal, these Vejas have been at the top of my Christmas list for years now. They are a great alternative for those opposed to Air Force One's (me hah!). The logos come in dozens of different colors too, if you're looking to add a subtle touch of color to your look.