Video: 15 Things I Wish I Knew as a College Freshman

Back to school is upon us, there I said it. My last back to school season as a student! Literally, what?! As I start to look for my final undergrad planner and one last pack of colored pens for organizing my student life, I want to share my senior advice with my freshman self.

As a freshman in college I was so small! I was mentally, physically, and emotionally small. A quick four years later and I feel like a totally different person. Although there is so much to learn, and some lessons only a professional life in the real world can teach me, but I have a much wider perspective than I did four years ago. This is the realest and truest tips that I would give freshman Lucy.

I also feel like maybe some of my advice might help those of you who are heading to college this fall. And yes, some of these are silly (but very true) but there are also some that I could scream fromthe rooftops -- like NO! you do not have to be best friends with your roommate! Also, within the video I do address the drinking/partying aspect once or twice. Still know that no matter where you are all across America, drinking under age is illegal (even if everyone else if doing it!). Whatever it may be, I hope this video helps you new college girls!