Freshman Dorm Tour

Yesterday I shared my college essentials packing list and you all seemed to really enjoy it. I am so happy that you all took so well to it and that many of you found it helpful. Today I wanted to share what my freshman dorm room looks like. Whenever I go on LiveStory on Instagram and I'm in my dorm that is the one thing that everybody asks. They all want to see what my dorm room looks like. For the sake of my roommates privacy, I only shared my side of the room. I didn't include our bathroom because it's the blandest thing ever as well.

I practically live on and under my bed and that's about it. There's no other way to put the furniture in my dorm room and because I moved in later in the year, I got the loft bed. I honestly don't mind a lofted bed. It makes me feel a little bit more secluded which sometimes, can be nice. I also like having a little cave where my desk is. It's easy to get lost in my schoolwork underneath there. On the same coin though, I sometimes feel a little bit stir crazy when I spend a lot of time in one spot because the room is so small.

I also tried to make my dorm room feel as homey as possible. That's why I have tons of throw pillows, pictures, and decorations on my walls. I needed to make things colorful in here in order to keep my sanity haha.

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