Snowy Day in NYC

Yesterday is snowed all morning in New York City, and honestly it was so magical. It hasn't really snowed all year near me in Virginia so it was nice to be able to walk around in the snow for a few hours. Fortunately for us, it never really stuck to the sidewalks and roads. The temperature however, dropped from 50 the day before to a crisp 31. We didn't want to wander around in the show freezing all morning so we stopped off at the Natural History Museum and it was so incredible. I was secretly waiting for the exhibits to come to life (lol movie reference) but either way, the museum was great.

I had planned for it to be very snowy yesterday morning so I packed a warmer outfit. Yesterday I wore a pair of black pixie pants from J.Crew and a white "perfect fit" button down from J.Crew as well. I layered the button down with a leather pocket sweater from J.Crew Factory. It was a sweater from a few seasons back so sadly you can't purchase it anymore. For shoes, I wore a pair of leather Chelsea boots that matched the pockets on the sweater.