Spring in Stripes

We are closing out winter, I can feel it. I am so sick an tired of winer weather, let me tell you! For the past two or three weeks here in Harrisonburg, the weather has been beautiful. Usually here in the Shenandoah Valley, there's a week or two full of snow but this year there wasn't a single "big snow" like we usually get. Honestly, it was a huge relief because I did not want to walk all the way across campus in the snow. The temperature has been in the low 50's though mid 70's (on a rare day) lately and I'm so pleased. I even took the liberty of putting my puffy coat back in my closet instead of keeping it on my chair.

I wanted to start with some early spring outfits on the blog to not only get everyone else psyched about this weather but to also give readers plenty of time to shop these items if they're so inclined. Today I pulled out a classic look with a great pair of overalls. These are light wash ankle length overalls from Old Navy and boy do I love them! I purchased these last spring and wore them a handful of times to school. I always received so many compliments on them and I wanted to give them another go a year later. I am also a sucker for anything with pockets, especially big pockets, so overalls are the perfect item of clothing for me. I paired the overalls with a simple red and white striped boatneck t-shirt from J.Crew. I talk up these tees all the time! They're really great for making a simple outfit look trency and chic.

To play up the pattern, I styled the look with my cheetah print slip-ons from Target. These were purchased back then I was a junior in high school so, sadly you can't purchase them anymore, but a similar pair is linked below! For jewelry, I stuck to my roots with my pearls and monogrammed necklace from Sparkle & Whim, and finished the look with my J.Crew Clubmasters! This outfit is very inexpensive to recreate, my original ensemble cost maybe $80 total and I wear the sneaks and tee all the time!