Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Daily Dose of Prep, or shall I say the new and improved Daily Dose of Prep. I'll be approaching my two year blogging anniversary at the end of July and I decided it was due time that I rebranded and redesigned things. The blog needed a little more sophistication and a lot more me. I realized that Wordpress couldn't offer me all of the things that I needed to truly make Daily Dose of Prep perfect. I was unable to add specific HTML, couldn't use my preferred widgets and had to stick strictly to their template. As much as everybody raves about Wordpress, I was rather disappointed with their services on the paid platform end. They are simple to use but very rigid when it comes to creativity.

This new platform is exactly what I was looking for. Here, I plan out every detail, font, margin, page, and picture. Although it's meticulous, it's completely worth it when the end result is exactly what I was looking for all along. That's the main reason the blog took me so long to get back up and running. Every single page was hand designed. It was a long time coming and not posting for a few weeks was incredibly tough, but I think DDoP is finally where I wanted it to be in the beginning.

Not only did I re-do the blog layout but I also redesigned the logo. I asked my incredibly talented sister, Lisa, to help me out on the logo front. Lisa designed the original tennis racket logo but I wanted something a little more personal. This new logo is based entirely off of me. My addiction to the classic J.Crew striped tee, my blonde hair and a red ribbon to top it all off. This outfits screams me and is something that is true to myself. I'm pleased to share something a little more personal with my readers. New logo stickers will soon be available on the site, they should be coming within the next three weeks. If you want to shop more of Lisa's artwork an AD for her RedBubble account is on the sidebar of the homepage!

As for content, I have big plans and great posts coming your way. Although the blog is new, my style is still very much the same and the posts aren't going to vary on the fashion side of things. I will however be giving the readers more of what they want: giveaways, collaborations, and prep for less posts are all on my agenda. I will continue to live stream throughout the summer as well because I know that you guys love that so much!

Let me know in the comments below how you like the new blog and what you would like to read this summer on DDoP! I'm already working on new outfit posts, lifestyle posts, and college posts!!

Stay Preppy,


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