Room Tour

My most requested post is finally here. Since coming back home from college all you have wanted to read is a tour of my bedroom. A lot of the furniture in my room is antique or was purchased back when I was in the first grade. I also do have two closets in my room. The one with one bar stores pants, dresses, and jackets along with my storage from college and my shoes. My other closet with two bars holds my Lilly Pulitzer on the bottom bar and my winter and fall items on the top bar. I would love to know what you think about my room in the comments below however I did want to answer a few questions here, because I have a feeling a lot of you will ask them.

Q: Where is your desk from?

A. Honestly, not sure. I got it when I was in the first grade lol.

Q: Where is your bedding from?

A: Martha Stewart Whim collection from 2015

Q: How did you make your bulletin boards?

A: The Lilly Pulitzer edge is made with agenda papers from the planners and the are cut into 3X2 rectangles and attached using ModPodge

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