Adopting Confidence

The other day, someone at work told me that I seem much more confident in myself than I did last summer and I completely agree. It was such a nice compliment to hear from one of my co-workers but it got me thinking about how my confidence has grown over the past year. Before going to college I was very nervous and lacked confidence as a whole. After a year alone at school, I have learned so much about myself and I think there are a few things that have mainly contributed to my newly adopted confidence.

Having confidence honestly can change your day. It has completely changed my outlook on life, has distinguished what is and is not important, and has helped improve my overall happiness. Don't get me wrong, I was always happy but now I find happiness in smaller things. I feel like if you have confidence you will find happiness as well. Here are some things that helped me adopt confidence.

1. Finding a great group of friends

When I got to JMU, I was so nervous about finding friends. Making friends was always a little difficult for me because I tend to get a little awkward in situations like that. Nevertheless, I found the greatest group of friends at school who accept me for who I am and love who I am. They are supportive and kind and welcoming. They are funny, friendly, and outgoing people who I could spend all day with (and have). Finding a great group of friends who does nothing but builds you up is important to finding confidence. You know you have found these people when you can be absolutely yourself around them.

2. Taking better care of my body

When I started taking a little bit better care of my body along with putting a little more effort in my appearance, the confidence came with it. I started putting makeup on more often and blowdrying my hair instead of air drying it. I started polishing my fingernails and opting for nice outfits rather than leggings and a t shirt all of the time and it helped so much. When I looked in the mirror I thought I looked put together which helped the confidence flow. I also started drinking more water, snacking less, and going outside more.

3. Investing in my work

I have kicked it up a notch when it comes to blogging. I have given the site a new look, started blogging everyday, shoot outfits all of the time, and just really pour myself into the work it takes to make Daily Dose a success. I have no issue with other people knowing about my blog because I am confident in my work and therefore, have confidence in myself.

4. I have improved my people skills

Since getting to college, my people skills have improved immensely. It started with recruitment for sororities. You literally spend a week talking to random strangers basically trying to sell yourself to them. You also have to get to know people on your hall, the professors in your class, and eventually the 230 people that you join once you pick a sorority. Being able to talk about almost anything with a stranger and feel comfortable in my conversation boosts confidence.

5. Being selfish

Being a little selfish has improved my confidence as well. I am a people pleaser, and honestly sometimes being a people pleaser is awful. I still do like to make everyone around me happy but now I'm a little more selfish with my time. I will say no a little more often than I used to and I will take a me day every now and then. It's nice to just relax and take a day for myself. It will help you know yourself more.

6. Thinking positive

Thinking positive and adopting a positive mindset as a whole will help your confidence grow. If you try to block out negative thoughts and find positivity in the small things in life, your confidence and your happiness will grow as well.

Stay Preppy,


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