Summer Haul + Youtube Video

I have been shopping a lot these past few weeks, and honestly I need to stop! I need to save money so badly, and although I have been slowly adding to my savings account, the money isn't piling up fast enough. I knew the Lobstah Roll pop up print was coming out today so I told myself after that print was released, I would allow myself to buy ONE thing from the pop-up and then wouldn't allow myself to buy anymore clothes for at least a month.

Yesterday, I took a look at what I had added to my closet over the past few weeks. Although I do love everything that I have added to my wardrobe, it's plenty for me to last all summer and I don't need anything else. However, with everything out in one pile, it seemed like a perfect time to film a YouTube video for everyone. You all keep requesting for me to film YouTube videos and never do it because I hate editing them! I was in a weird mood yesterday where I really wanted to film one, and because I knew my closet wasn't going to change anytime soon, I thought I would sit down and film. I shared everything I have purchased this summer (minus the Lobstah Roll Pearl Shift and the Roxi Top from Lilly Pulitzer). A few items below such as the bracelet, bag, and agenda are all gifts from companies for collaborations so those were not purchased but I am still loving them!

I hope you all enjoy this YouTube video! I'm not sure why it's so grainy, it was such high quality in editing. If there's something you would like for me to film this summer, leave it in the comments below! I also linked almost everything down below to shop!

Stay Preppy,


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