An Open Letter to My Dad...

My Dad is honestly the greatest human to walk the face of the earth. He is funny, witty, kind hearted, passionate, hard working, faithful, God-fearing, fashionable, and extremely fun. Some of y'all have seen him on my live streams, but many of you haven't had the honor of meeting my Dad so I'm going to use today's blog post to brag about him.

Dear Dad,

Happy Father's Day! Today is all about you -- you completely deserve this day! There are so many things I want to share in today's post but I honestly can't sum up the words I have to say thank you for all you have done for me. You are a constant inspiration in my life on so many different levels. First I'll start with your work ethic. You started your own company from the ground up and worked night and day to become the best in the country. Trust me, there were nights when I would creep down the hallway and peek around the top of the stairs at 3am and still hear you typing on the computer by the single lamp in the living room. I have never seen anyone work so hard in my entire life. There would be days during vacation when you wouldn't dip a toe in the water until the early afternoon because you were working to make sure mom, Leslie, Lisa, Libbie, and I lived the best possible life. You never denied us anything even though there were many times we should have been denied. From the first day of school to our last, you taught us all the great rules of hard work and the importance of adopting a great work ethic. Working our hardest in the classroom, at work, at being a friend, and at growing our relationship with God are lessons I will carry with me until the day I die.

Although your hard work and drive impress me so much, so does your fun-loving lifestyle. I don't think I look forward to anything more than knowing I will spend a whole day with you. I loved (and still love) going to UVA football games with you even though I won't be joining you at your alma mater. I loved when I being 7 years old and knowing nothing Mud on the Tires about football and you taking the time to explain every single detail to me. You have no idea how much fun I had with you in New York City this past March being able to pick your brain about business, marketing, and life in general. I have so much to learn from you. Even driving to St. Bridget in the morning for 9 years are some of my favorite memories together. I often think back to us all listening to Brad Paisley'sor Radio Disney together. I think one of my favorite memories together happened not too long ago when we were in Chicago celebrating a Yankee's win together in Slugger's... the "crunch, scrunch, flex, and stretch" dance is quickly on the rise! Thank you for taking the family on so many fun trips together. From VA Beach, to the College World Series, New York at Christmastime, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida, and Texas for a National Championship, I have the best time when I'm with you. You truly make sure that there is never a dull moment!

I need to brag about you for little while Dad so here it goes. You are the one of the most giving people I know. You give in so many ways too. From giving support, love, encouragement, advice, laughs, and sometimes money or donations, you never stop giving. Your heart is so full of love and faith and it is the thing I admire most about you. You are so close to God. You always remind us to thank God for what he has given us before we ask him for things we need. You also give an overwhelming amount of support towards all of our dreams an ambitions. When I was just starting out with the Daily Dose of Prep, although many kids in high school thought it was weird, you encouraged me to keep going and to turn it into a job. You have always been there to answer my questions about being professional and how to get the job done. You are also my number one cheerleader. You came to every softball game even though we both knew I would strike out because I was awful and you came to every game I cheered at even though we both knew the cheer squad was terrible. You sat in 100 degree heat for me at state tennis matches for 8 hours even though I never stepped on a court that day.

There are endless things to thank you for and I fear that throughout my life I won't be able to thank you enough. I won't be able to show you just how much you mean to me. Thank you for watching every episode of the Bachelor with me. Thank you for forcing me to get a job the day I turned 16. Thank you for going to Broadway shows with me and enjoying them whole heartedly with me (still bummed we're missing Mamma Mia!). Thank you for sacrificing things so you could help me. Thank you for sending me to college. Thank you for cuddling with Gilbert while I'm away at school. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I hope you have a Happy Father's Day, I'm glad I get to celebrate another year with you.

Love you very always,


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