Keep Organized with Lauren James

As much as I hate to start talking about it, sooner or later we are all going to have to start getting ready to head back to school. One of my favorite thing to do over the summer is research what brand of agenda is going to help me keep organized throughout the semester. Between academics, greek life, a job, and blogging, sometimes I have so much going on, it's hard to keep track of it all!

Today, I am teaming up with Lauren James to tell you about their timeless planners. These agendas are 12 months but don't come with written dates. This means you can start and end the agenda whenever you choose. It's super convenient for those who buy 16 months planners. Not only does this planner come with a monthly calendar at the start of each month but it also breaks down each week into two pages for more detailed planning. In addition to the monthly and weekly organization pages, the planner also allows you to track your monthly goals, plan your weekly meals, track your daily water intake, and plan your vacations with a holiday list.

Seriously y'all, this planner is incredible. I love the freedom it gives you and how cute the page prints are! Shop all of the Lauren James Timeless Planners here! Here's how well this planner has kept me on top of my June schedule.

Stay Preppy,


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