What Going Greek Can Offer You

You all know that I am in a sorority. I rushed this past September and ended up joining Alpha Delta Pi, a Christian based social sorority which is centered around friendship, leadership, and honor. Sometimes it's a little difficult for me to branch out and make an entirely new group of friends. It's tough for me to just go up to people and start a conversation but I am so happy that I ended up going greek because it opened up and entire side of me that I never knew I had!

I have shared all about recruitment before on the blog but I wanted to share some of the incredible things that going greek has taught me and can offer you. It truly is an extremely rewarding experience to be a part of an organization that helps improve our society.

1. Social Skills -- I always had social skills but joining ADPi has definitely improved them. Usually when you go up to a stranger and engage in conversation you just partake in some small talk and eventually go your separate ways. When you join a sorority you join a family of girls who will be there for you and you should get to know. You will be with these girls for four years so you learn how to easily engage in conversation and really get to know one another.

2. Schedule Balancing -- In high school, I always needed something else to do other than school. I needed to have a dynamic schedule rather than the static one way schedule of just classes. When you join a sorority you also are signing up for a lot of commitment. You'll have a lot of things to fit into your schedule: sorority events, philanthropy events, and weekly chapter. I learned how to successfully balance a schedule and learn what is necessary to do and what isn't quite as necessary.

3. Community Spirit -- Through participating in philanthropic events, you adopt a sense of community. Every Friday, girls from our chapter of ADPi head out to the closest Ronald McDonald House to make meals, clean up, or craft with the kids. It's so rewarding to be a part of something that gives back to the community so much and so often.

4. Connections in the Business World -- When you join a sorority you open up an entire avenue in the professional world just because you have those greek letters on your resume. Many sororities will help set up interviews, internships, and connections with important people after graduation. It's an extremely helpful resource to use to help you get where you want to be professionally.

5. Tradition and Honor -- I love tradition which is one reason why I love being in a sorority so much. We have over 150 years of tradition in our ritual which is so incredible to me. I enjoy sharing something special with thousands of girls.

6. Leadership -- When you join a sorority, there's so much opportunity for leadership. You not only become a leader within your sorority but, you can also become a leader in your community. You can run for community service chair, scholarship chair, or president to help improve not only your sorority but also your community.

7. Learning to Take Chances -- Rushing is all about putting yourself out there and trying new things. You go out on a limb to talk to hundreds of strangers and brag about yourself. I mean let's be honest, we don't really do that on a day to day basis. It's hard for some people to do that. You learn to take chances when you join a sorority. You might volunteer to head a school project or talk to someone new. By taking chances, you can open to door to an entire group of friends, new experiences, and traditions.

If you are heading to JMU this fall or are interested in going greek this upcoming semester, sign up for formal recruitment! ADPi encourages you to GO GREEK! We want for you to find your greek home whether it's in Tri Delta, Alpha Sigma Tau, Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Delta Pi, or any one of our outstanding organizations! You can sign up for recruitment here!

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