10 Milestones of my 18th year

Today is my birthday! I turn 19 today and all last week I have been reflecting on my past year. It's been a great one. I truly have nothing to complain about! There were so many incredible moments during my 18th year on earth and I wanted to share 10 of them with you all today!

1. Hitting my one year of blogging anniversary! --TBH I didn't know if I would stick with it after a few months, but I'm glad it did!

2. Moving to college -- Definitely the biggest step of this past year but after a few tough months in the beginning, I really do love JMU!

3. Going ADPi -- By far one of my favorite things from this past year! I found a great JMU family as well as some best friends.

4. Campus Foxhawk Representative -- This collaboration was huge for me and my blog. It was one of my goals to work with them and I am so happy I have a partnership with a great and truly American brand!

5. Working with RMHC -- Being in ADPi has helped me continue my passion for working for the community. We have worked closely with Ronald McDonald House Charities and I have so enjoyed collecting can tabs, cooking them meals, decorating their house for the holidays, and helping raise money for the house.

6. JMU National Championship -- One of my favorite trips of all time! I loved traveling with Lisa (my sister, and fellow Duke) and my dad to watch the Dukes win the national championship in Texas! It was also a nice trip because my sister, Leslie, was able to meet us there as well!

7. Changing my Major -- I changed my major to PR back in April and am so happy I did! I can't wait to really learn about media communications and work in fashion in the future!

8. New York, New York -- In March, Dad and I travelled to NYC for spring break. It was a great father daughter trip. We had never gone on a trip before that was just the two of us and it was great to spend time with him!

9. My Kind of Town, Chicago - We also took a trip to Chicago! We watched baseball, shopped, and ate delicious food. It was a great road trip to take with my dad and sister, Leslie. It was a favorite trip of mine because we somehow ended up dancing in a bar taking Jello shots and was so insanely fun!

10. Establishing Partnerships -- I have established partnerships with major companies this past year and I'm very proud to share them all with you. I have worked with Vineyard Vines, KJP, Lauren James, Panera Bread, Coca-Cola, Palm Beach Sandals, Suave shampoo, and so many more great brands.