Planning for your Next Planner

We are more than halfway though summer which means that Target is starting to put out their school supplies and college kids are starting to dorm shop. Although I'm not quite ready to leave home and go back to JMU, I am beginning to look into how I want to organize my notes and which planner I want to buy for this upcoming school year.

I am a planner junky and I truly can't function without my agenda. The first thing I will do at school if I have a couple minutes of free time is check my agenda and add new events to it. I love to color code, sticker, flag pages, and paperclip. Although I have my own system to keeping up with life, not everyone adopts the same method as I do and not everyone has the same organizational skills. Some people like less room to plan, and other people need an entire page to plan out their day. Some students also love a monthly overview to keep all of their events together as well.

I did a lot of research and found some incredible planners for the upcoming school year. Every agenda is a little different and all have different features and covers. Below I dive into each agenda and what exactly they offer you. I even found a new comer to the planer game this school season! Read more to find out!

Day Designer // $59.00 -- The Day Designer really popped up and gained popularity a few years back. They have covers that fit every style from the minimalist to the the extra preppy gal. Not only does the agenda offer a monthly overview that most ODC organizers need, but they also offer an entire page for each day of the year. Each page has a schedule already mapped out with times written in. They also come with boxes for to-do's and inspirational quotes. The cover is extremely durable as well.

Lauren James Timeless Agenda // $28.00 -- This planner has so many great features. I wasn't aware of this planner until this Summer when Lauren James emailed me about them and I instantly fell in love! First, the price is unbeatable. The main feature of this agenda is the fact that there are no dates in it. You can start using this agenda any day of the year and end up using 356 days worth. It comes with a monthly and weekly overview along with goal trackers, meal trackers, workout trackers, and water intake trackers. You can plan homework, appointments, goals, and your health all in one book for a great price.

Emily Ley Planner // $58.00 -- The Emily Ley planner is very similar to the day designer but it comes with (in my opinion) a more durable pocket for important papers and it also has a little more color. Similar to the Day Designer, has a monthly and daily overviews.

Vineyard Vines Agenda // $32.00 -- The Vineyard Vines Agenda is a 17 month agenda that is making it's debut this year. It is very similar, and honestly almost identical in design to the Lilly Pulitzer agenda. It comes in three prints and you can buy it at a great price. It comes with monthly and weekly overviews as well as stickers to help you plan your weeks.

Kate Spade Agenda // $40.00 -- The Kate Spade Agenda is a very classy and chic design. It is only black ink and very small print to give you a minimalistic feel. The pages are a little bit thinner than other planners but are just a durable. It comes with a monthly and weekly agenda pages similar to many other agendas I'm comparing today.

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda // $22.00-$35.00 -- The Lilly Pulitzer Agenda is similar to the Vineyard Vines agenda in the fact that it is a 17 month agenda with weekly and monthly pages to help you plan. Each month is separated by a printed "quote page" to help inspire your month. Each week and month page however, features some of the one of a kind artwork that the Lilly planners always do. It also comes with stickers to help you plan your week as well as a two sided pocket page to help you keep important items. You can also purchase the Lilly Pulitzer agendas in three different sizes as well as a strictly monthly agenda.

Erin Condren Life Planner // $55.00-$65.00 -- The Erin Condren LifePlanner is the most customizable agendas out of the seven that I am sharing today. You can choose the cover and even design your own if you don't see one that you love. The cover is laminated which makes it really durable and you can choose the color of the coil too. Not to mention that the coil that binds the LifePlanner together is almost indestructible. It's made specifically to not be crushed by textbooks and laptops in your backpack. Each month starts with a monthly "quote page" similar to the Vineyard Vines, Lauren James, and Lilly Pulitzer agendas and comes with a monthly overview page too. When it comes to a weekly overview. You have three options, a classic "horizontal" look which is similar to the Lilly Pulitzer weekly layout. The "vertical" look is split up into three blocks. You can make these however you like. You can make them "morning, afternoon, and evening" or "homework, studying, and clubs" or whatever you may be feeling. Finally, you can split the week into hours. It's a 12 hour column where you can write out an hourly schedule.

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