My Go-To Makeup Products

I'm pretty simple when it comes to makeup. I stick to the same one or two routines and have found my favorite products on the market and have stuck with them. I also don't like to spend too much money on makeup because at the end of the day, you just end up washing it down the drain. I would much rather spend the money on clothing or shoes rather than makeup.

Today I want to share with you my favorite makeup products recently along with why I love them. If you're looking for some super in depth routine on how I do my everyday makeup, this probably isn't the place to come but if you're looking for some inexpensive and incredible products, this post is for you. My routine consists of mainly Covergirl products. I think that Covergirl does an outstanding job of creating inexpensive, effective products that make the customer and frequent shopper of the brand. The packaging, physical product, and face-finish is top notch. If you are just starting off wearing makeup, check out the Covergirl line at your local drugstore.

Although drugstore makeup is pretty great, there are a few high-dollar makeup products that I will never replace with a drugstore product. The big ticket on this list is the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced. This mascara is the best mascara I have ever tired. It creates thick, long, bold lashes that don't clump or fade throughout the day. A full tube of this mascara is $23 but it is so worth it. If you aren't comfortable with spending over $20 on one product, you can purchase a half sized bottle for $12. I go to Sephora to buy this mascara along with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. This palette was a gift from my sister, Leslie. She's really interested in makeup and as her collection grew, she wasn't using it so she gave it to me. There are definitely some bold colors in this palette and I tend to stick to the lighter shades but I will say I do love a good glitter shade.

CoverGirl Outlast Foundation -- I just discovered this foundation. I was a huge fan of the Ready, Set, Gorgeous foundation for well over two years and for some reason my local Walgreens stopped carrying it. I picked up this one because it was the closest color match to the Ready, Set, Gorgeous and I love it even more than the other foundation. One, it has a pump. It's so nice to be able to pump a little dollop on my Beauty Blender. Two, it's lightweight. It's very unnoticeable and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing any foundation at all.

CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Concealer -- I need concealer in my makeup routine. When I'm in a rush for time, I will put on just concealer, blush, and mascara and let me tell you, this concealer is amazing. It's extremely blendable and the applicator is awesome. It's a sponge tip and the concealer comes through the sponge. It's easy to control how much you use too and because it's CoverGirl, it's inexpensive.

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Coverup -- This coverup power is the last step of my "face makeup" routine. It goes on smooth and gives my skin a finished glow that I really like. It's a great finishing touch to help bend all of your makeup into one polished look.

Milani Baked Blush -- This was another gift from my sister's makeup collection. I love this blush! It's shimmery but not too much, so it gives you that right amount of glow. It's not super pigmented either but gives off a good coloration that doesn't overpower your face. It also blends incredibly nicely. It's priced between $6-$8 so you get that luxury makeup feel without the price that comes with most luxury brands.

Tarte Highlight -- This highlight is super easy and bendable. It's great to contour with and has a great finished look. It has great shimmer and shine and looks really great paired with the Milani Baked Blush.

CoverGirl Perfect Blend Pencil -- I like using a pencil liner rather than a liquid liner. It's easier to manage I think as well as easier to fix if you make a mistake. Instead of black liner, I purchase brown liner because I think black is too heavy on my eyes. This CoverGirl liner is around $8 and lasts for the longest time. It doesn't dry out because it's a pencil and comes with a blender at the end if you want to go with a more dramatic look.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette -- This is another expensive item in my makeup routine which runs around $49. This was another gift from my sister's makeup stash and I would never buy it on my own. If I wanted something similar with a cheaper price point, I would go for the Naked Basics palette that runs for $29. You can get both of these at Sephora. This palette really runs the gambit of colors. You have your vampy dark shades as well as some really natural and fresh shades. What I love about this palette is that is comes with a lot of shades with glitter in them (obvi, I love anything that sparkles hahah).

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara -- My favorite item in my makeup routine is my Better Than Sex Mascara. I was bragging about it earlier and I'm going to reiterate. If you want super long, luscious, bold, and thick lashes go and buy this product. It's so worth the money. I normally don't go through an entire product before it comes time that it expires and I have to purchase a new one but I ran through a tube of this way before it expired. It's comes off the applicator really wet and it feels a little heavy on your lashes ( I think) when you first apply it but once it dries, it's stuck on your lashes all day. It's also really easy to wash off. I used Micellar Water to take it off with a cotton pad and it comes off in a few swipes.

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