Recruitment Outfits: Open House

Recruitment starts in just a few weeks for some schools. I know Auburn starts the second week of August for example but others won't being until September. When it comes to recreuitemt, you want to put your best Essie-polished foot forward from the get go so, today I want to share my favorite picks for the open house round of recruitment.

For those of you who don't know, open house is the very first round of going through rush. It's the most casual of the days and it's where you meet all of the sororities going through Panhellenic Recruitment. It's where the sororities want to hear all about YOU. Usually, you will be given a recruitment t-shirt that you will wear for the first day or two of rush. The shirt is usually a color that you can pair a lot with too. Ours was white with navy writing on it. On my first day of open house, I wore the t-shirt and a pair of Lilly Pulitzer Callahan shorts and Jack Rogers. On the second day, I wore the same t-shirt, the Lilly Pulitzer Lenore Skort and another pair of Jack Rogers.

When you are wearing a t-shirt to make your first impression, I think the little things are what's going to really polish your look. Polished toes and fingers are a great place to start along with classy jewelry, fresh makeup, finished hair, and some cute (& comfy) shoes.

Most styled the t-shirt with a pair of slightly distressed jean shorts, but I wanted to stand out and really be unique with my outfit choice. At JMU especially, not too many people are walking around in Lilly Pulitzer. I know at Alabama almost everyone is wandering the row the first few days in Lilly Callahans and Buttercups but it's different on every campus. Everything in this post is linked down below so you can shop for recruitment!

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