Sailing in Lilly

Summer in Lilly Pulitzer is a always a great move. Working in the store this summer, I have definitely expanded my Lilly collection quite a bit. Truthfully, I've been pretty good about what I'm buying. The nice thing about working there, is that I can see everything that will come out during my summer so I can plan my purchases accordingly.

This summer, Lilly is throwing back to it's roots with button downs and classic shifts. The summer, they released the Emerald Beach Cover-Up, a lightweight button up tunic top with pockets. It has a collar and comes on two beautiful prints -- I couldn't say no! I purchased the one in Hey Bay Bay, a cooler print with sailboats that practically screams summer.

I travelled down to the marina here in Virginia Beach and thought I would snap a few shots of it to share with all of you. My cousin, Anna, who is so talented at photography helped me out with these photos! If you love this tunic, you can shop it here!

Stay Preppy,


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