Family Vacation Recap

I returned from my family vacation on Friday night and I was just so exhausted and had such a long list of things to catch up on yesterday, by the time I looked at the clock to blog it was already 2pm. I haven't missed a posting day in a while but yesterday I was so busy, there was just no way that anything was going on the blog. I did post an Instagram though from the Meet & Mingle at Lilly Pulitzer -- you can check that out here.

I rarely get to see my family anymore, even though we all live in Virginia (except for my sister). We have one family member deployed, Leslie has moved away, and half of us are in college by now. When we do all come together for dinner, I can never go because I'm always working or away at school. It was a great week just being able to catch up with the people that I don't see too often -- especially now that I'm in college.

Smith family vacation is always my favorite week of the year. My dad's side of the family is huge. He is the oldest of 7 brothers and sisters so that makes for a lot of cousins. In total, there are around 40 of us, and it's never boring when we're all together. We all stay in houses within two block of each other and spend every minute together until about 11 pm when the littler ones have to go to bed. The family spends almost all day on the beach until around 4:30 where we all go shower and prepare for dinner. After dinner we have made it a tradition to go to Dairy Queen almost every night, watch horrible movies (The Shallows lol) and play poker of all things -- which I am terrible at. The oldest of the cousins is 23 and the youngest is four so you can already tell that we pretty much run the gambit when it comes to ages, interests, and grades.

Although from Instagram, all you saw from vacation was nice posed pictures of me in Lilly of Vineyard Vines, vacation wasn't all like that. Yes, I did peel off from the family each day to work on blog pictures but there were plenty of great moments captured from vacation that I would love to share with you.

Stay Preppy,


Photos taken by Anna Harter

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