Why You NEED Amazon Prime as a Student

Being a college student gets expensive quick – trust me I completely understand. I am partnering with Amazon Prime Student, a Prime membership program, which was created especially for college students. As a Prime Student member, you receive a six-month trial, at no cost to you, which includes Free Two-Day Shipping --perfect for shipping textbooks and last-minute dorm room necessities, unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, and more. Being an Amazon Prime Student member, the shipping and one-stop shopping helped me save time in between classes.

My favorite way to relax during school is to kick back and enjoy some great movies and TV shows. Today I want to tell all you college gals about the amazing perks you can receive with Amazon Prime Student. For example, you get access to Prime Video which includes thousands of shows and movies that you can stream to your computer as well as some smart TV’s, Xbox, and even your iPhone. There’s so much to do around campus with your friends, but sometimes there’s nothing better than enjoying a night in – especially after a long week of classes and work. With Prime Video, my friends and I are able to enjoy nights in catching up on our favorite shows or watching a new movie. This membership will also give you access to the incredible FREE two-day shipping perk that Amazon Prime is known for.

Seriously y’all! Amazon Prime Student saved my life last year as a rising freshman. When I packed up my life and moved to James Madison University, I was so stressed about not forgetting everything that I ended up forgetting a few crucial things. For example, I knew that my dorm room had no air conditioning but I still left my fan at home! I quickly found the perfect one on Amazon and with the incredible two-day shipping that Prime offers, I received my fan quickly so I didn’t have bear that late August heat. Virginia gets hot, so you best believe I was pumped to see I could get a fan to my dorm room quickly with FREE Two-Day shipping. I also left home with only a few pairs of socks and I forgot cleaning supplies; I mean really…it’s a no-brainer that you need cleaning supplies in a dorm room but I forgot them. Again, Amazon had exactly what I was looking for at an incredible price. I was able to find everything I needed, and received it in record time with my Amazon Prime Student membership

So for all of you forgetful girls (me!) Amazon Prime Student is perfect for you. I can’t speak highly enough about it. It’s affordable, convenient, fast, and extremely helpful. It is a one-stop-shop for anything and everything you might have forgotten to bring along when you move into your dorm!

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