What's In My Backpack with High Sierra

It's August which means back to school is upon us. One of my favorite things to do in August is go back to school shopping. I am a commuter to school this year meaning that I will be living off campus and riding the bus to class each day. I will be taking the bus to campus in the morning, stay on campus all day, and then ride the bus back to my apartment in the evening around 5pm. I'm a little nervous that I will forget something at my apartment and once I leave home, there's no going back. It's not like living on campus where I can just run to my dorm and grab whatever I forgot. When I'm on campus, if I left something, let's hope it won't be too important throughout the day.

To ensure that I won't forget anything, I need to be over prepared which means I will need a big backpack to hold all of my necessities. Everything from school supplies, to my laptop, planner, water bottle, snacks, workout clothes, chargers, headphones, baseball cap, sweatshirt, and sometimes an outfit to change into for work. It's a lot to carry and a lot to remember. High Sierra backpacks are so organized and extremely roomy. There are so many pockets of all different sizes to help you organize everything you may need for class. Not only that but High Sierra makes so many types of backpacks, you are bound to find something perfect to fit your school needs.

In a typical school day this year, I am planning to pack...

  • three notebooks

  • a folder

  • my computer

  • planner

  • keys

  • cell phone

  • my computer charger

  • a phone charger

  • a baseball cap

  • a sweatshirt

  • Beats headphones

  • makeup bag

  • snacks

  • gum

  • refillable water bottle

  • workout clothes

  • work clothes (sometimes)

That's so much stuff to carry with me on a daily basis. High Sierra sent me the Access backpack and I was able to fit everything I needed for the day in this backpack. It was honestly like a Mary Poppins bag, everything I could ever need and also comes in The Access backpack is $120 but is on sale right now for $60! Compared to similar backpack brands, this is a steal!! of colors! Not only are the pockets practically magic, but it comes with every feature you could ever need in a backpack. The shoulders are padded, there is a cell phone pocket, a water bottle holder, two pockets for books and your laptop, a front pocket for a few pens and pencils as well. To make things even better, you can compact the sides using hiking clips. It will compress the back to be as slim as possible. A few other features include a tuck-away rain cover, a computer/tablet sleeve and adjustable straps. High Sierra not only makes extremely durable and practical backpacks but you can purchase the packs at really affordable prices.

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