Campus Chic: Athleisure

I am really into the athleisure trend right now. As much as I love an oversized sorority tee shirt and a pair of Nike shorts, sometimes dressing "athletic chic" is so fun! There are so many designer fitness wear lines now, it's sometimes hard to keep track but it's been great to watch this trend grow. LuLuLemon really set the tone for this fashion-forward trend and I am finally hopping on board. Their great quality yoga pants, mats, bags, and jackets had everyone swooning and each collection they release only gets better and better. They even have a men's collection -- my dad wears it, and loves it!

For those who don't know, "athleisure" is a fashionable athletic look. They mostly come in neutral tones like black and grey -- colors that I am so slowly warming up to! Items in those colors keep getting added to my closet! This style is perfect for attending long days of classes in. This is a great look for those girls who want to look cute when going to class but want to wear PJ's too. These looks with an easy messy bun, a party pony, or a half bun hairstyle is so trendy and just perfect for a day of school work.

I did want to exclusively talk about one of the major athleisure trends at the current moment and on campuses around America is the tennis skirt trend. It started off in the deep south SEC schools and has slowly taken off. I love this trend! I cute sporty tee with a tennis skirt and Birkenstocks or sneakers is so comfy and flirty. I added a few of my current fave tennis skirts to the list! Everything is linked down below so you can prepare your athleisure collection for the upcoming school year!

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