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Move in day is slowly approaching on my calendar and after thinking about it, I have pretty much nothing. I know exactly what I am going to buy and how it is going to look but all I actually have are a few dishes, some silverware, plastic cups, a headboard pillow, sheets, towels, and my comforter. There are so many things for me to buy and I only have 19 days to get them all. I need cleaning supplies, cooking items (pots, pans, wooden spoons, spatulas) chip clips, dish soap, couch pillows, wall decorations, laundry supplies, coat hangers, shower curtain, window curtains and the list goes on and on.

Packing for an apartment is so much more stressful than packing for a dorm I think. I never needed plates, bowls, silverware, glasses, or a vacuum for a dorm, to name a few. Now, instead of thinking of things to pack for half of a room, I have to think of things to bring for a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, living room, and deck. Although I'm not supplying four girls on my own, it's just a lot of stuff to think about. I can already imagine the Target trips I will be taking the first few weeks of school.

hugeI have decided to tone down my room a little more than last year's. I want to make it little more sophisticated -- getting your own apartment is a stem into adulthood after all! The fact that I had a Lilly Pulitzer duvet, that probably isn't too hard to do. I decided to go with a navy and white comforter with pops of pink. It was going to be pops of light blue, but who are we kidding? Pink is my favorite color -- I wouldn't be able to function if there wasn't a pop of pink somewhere in the room. My main pop of pink is coming from my headboard pillow. I love the Leigh Deux headboard pillows; I can't talk about them enough! They sent me one last year and it was the one thing that really polished off my room. They sent me another one this year but it's a full one and I couldn't wait to use it so it's already on my bed at home.

My comforter for my apartment is really cute! I wish I could monogram it but sadly, I can't. I can't find anyone that is able to monogram a comforter. I found a white and navy trim nine piece comforter set for a few bucks north of $100. It came with sheets, a comforter, two shams, and two throw pillows -- seriously, what a steal.

I will say, everything outside of my bedroom will be found on bargain or at the dollar store. I'm not going to spend tons of money on my first apartment. The only thing I am spending a higher dollar on is my bedroom because I know I want this stuff to last for three years -- and trust me, not even that is going to be too expensive. Everything that I am going to be keeping in my apartment is below and is linked as well! Make sure to check it out!

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| Navy and white trim pillow | Monogrammed Shams | Navy Scout bucket | Blue Scout bucket | Voluspa candles | gold base lamps | gold desk lamp |nine piece comforter set | Leigh Deux headboard pillow | framed artwork |



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