My Favorite Backpack

I've worked with Madeline and Company for a few years now. I can't speak highly enough about the company. For those who aren't too familiar with Madeline, let me fill you in. Madeline is a rising sophomore at Miami University. She started her own company back when she was 17 years old when she was stumped in finding the perfect backpack for the classic prep teenager. She created the most perfect and most adorable backpack on the market. This fun flat bottomed bag stands up on its own, has a built in lap top sleeve, has a roomy pocket, side pockets, as well as a minimalistic feel all while including my favorite colors. As a little extra inspiration, she even embroiders a motivational quote on the back of each pack. The quality of these backpacks are incredible -- truly these are what I look forward to each school year.

This year, Madeline released a new backpack tailored for college girls who carry less than the typical high schooler carries. She includes the same style, color, and materials, but slims down the pockets making them perfect for the little amount of items I need for my classes. I love the navy with white and light blue stripe backpack. Blue is slowly becoming one of my favorite colors and it is so beyond perfect, I can't even tell you!

Madeline is so inspiring. She makes me want to keep going and her drive and determination makes me want to continue to work hard and keep my eye on the prize. She not only makes backpacks but monogrammed tote bags and school artwork as well. Seriously, this young entrepreneur has everything going for her. She has created a massive following and has been reviewed on the College Prepster and is featured in O Magazine this month. If you see an O Magazine on a newsstand near you, make sure to read up on the company.

A Madeline and Company backpack is at the top of my back to school list for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college gals alike. Show your prep and prep for class at the same time. Shop all of Madeline's backpacks here -- order yours before they sell out!



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