It's So Good to Be Here

As I grow older, I find that I'm always rushing around. I never have an entire day where there nothing for me to do. If I have the occasional day off from work, I can't ever just stay home and be lazy. There are always errands to run, things to clean, posts to write, or outfits to shoot. There never is just a time where I can relax. I'm finding myself looking forward to the times when I'm not working or running around trying to catch up with life.

Now that August has arrived, and we're actually halfway through the month, I am starting to prepare to go back to school. I must say, summer has been slow. I have been home since May 2nd, almost four months of being home and working. I feel like freshman year was ages ago -- needless to say, it feels like it's time to go back to school. There are so many things to look forward to this semester, I can hardly contain myself. Hopefully, I will be getting a job fairly soon at school which is an exciting addition to my schedule. I have a brand new major to explore as well as new classes, and new events for ADPi. I am interested in some clubs as well. Yesterday, I found myself counting down the days until move in and it took me back to Matthew 17:4 where Peter tells Jesus "how good it is to be here".

Lately, my faith has been very present in my life and I swear, as I was sitting alone in the barn last week, Jesus spoke to me and kept telling me to go to church. I work every single Saturday and Sunday and it's difficult to carve out a time when I'm not working to get to church. I hate that it's that way, but it just is. Last Saturday, I got off work at 5 which left me just enough time to get to 5:30 mass. The Gospel reading was from the book of Matthew chapter 17. Peter explains to Jesus how good it is to be here -- in a moment so present and fleeting. God spoke to me thought this reading.

As I am looking forward to my last day of work, going back to school or even Christmastime, Jesus is telling us that we need to be present. Although in our lives, we might feel behind on work, or lonely, or like we're struggling, we need to recognize how incredible the now is. Understand that each moment is precious and is going fast. I think I feel this way because all of my sisters and I are so grown up. Next year, three of us are going to be over the age of 20. My parents are going to be empty-nesters and I am going to be halfway through college. Time flies so fast and it's important to take in each moment we have. Before we know it, we're going to have kids and husbands and live all over the country.

Peter said it best, "how good it is to be here". Here, right now. How good it is to be 19, listening to the frogs and crickets, writing to all of you. When you take a deeper look at each day, the gifts become abundantly present. The frogs and crickets are beautiful, my youth is wonderful, and all of you are just too incredible for words. So as much as I look forward to down the road like move in and colder weather, it's refreshing to think about the beauty of each individual moment -- recognizing the wonder of each day.

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