Back to Campus with eBay

As much as it pains me to say, going back to campus is upon us. Stores are putting out their school supplies, back to school clothes, backpacks and desk supplies. In order to have a successful school year, my desk space has to be organized. There is no possible way I can accomplish anything without an organized and clutter free office space.

This year I am moving into my vest first apartment so I wanted to mature my office space while keeping with the colorful and organized theme I really enjoy. I’m saving as much money as I possibly can so I needed to revamp my desk without breaking the bank — eBay was the perfect place to get all of that accomplished.

I was able to purchase office decor, organization, office supplies, and my favorite agenda pens all for under $100. My space is completely different from what is was and is perfect! When it comes to my desk I have a few items on my perfect college checklist. The first thing is something to organize my paper and notebooks in. I need something that will hold file folders, sticky notes, and my thank you notes. My second item on the list, is a great pencil case. I’m a pen junky so I love being able to display them in a cute and trendy pencil holder. Making the third thing on my list, great pens to keep my sorority, academic, work, and blog commitments all together but separate. The Staedtler tri roller pens are my absolute favorite and priced incredibly on eBay. Fourth thing on my list is a great stapler. My major requires me to write a lot of papers and speeches so I find myself always grabbing my stapler. I found a gold and acrylic one to match my pencil case perfectly. Finally, I need some fun decorations. I already had a bulletin board but I added white and gold tassels to the set up for some extra glam to my space.

Some of my other desk must-haves include Beats by Dre Solo 2’s. They’re one of my main college staples — especially for a college freshman. However, my most useful item is my Apple MacBook Pro. It has great storage but also incredible displays, fantastic sound, and holds battery all day long.

Not too familiar with eBay shopping?? It's okay! Let me share for facts with you. eBay has over 171 million active buyers worldwide. So many people trust them to ship their items on time, and in perfect condition. Speaking of shipping, 68% of items on their site ship for free. So many of the items sold on eBay are “buy it now” meaning that there is no bidding necessary and once you purchase them, they’re yours!!

Pictures of my new desk space are below, make sure to check it out and then shop to create one for yourself!



Thank you, eBay, for sponsoring this post!

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