Shoes Every Fashionista Should Have

Life is short ladies, get the shoes. Today I am sharing the shoes that every self-proclaimed fashionista should have in her wardrobe. I am a firm believer in the fact that you can never have too many pairs of shoes but there definitely are the few that I reach for most often. I love to look for super expensive shoes online and then try to find a great dupe somewhere else for a smaller amount of money but when it comes to great closet classics that will stick around for seasons to come, it's so worth spending a little bit more money.

These are shoes for every occasion and ones that you can grab for, like I previously said, for seasons to come. So if you're a self-proclaimed fashionista and you always find room in your closet for one more box of shoes...this post if for you. While reading this post, note that every shoe is in a neutral color. I like to go with a neutral staple shoe because it's great all four seasons. I stick with browns, nudes, blacks, and navy. I shared every shoe from the girl leaving cycling class to the girl going to fashion week. Any event you can every think of, you can find a shoe for that down below! Everything is linked down below! Let me know in the comments below what you're favorite pair below is!

Over the Knee Boots -- I'm so happy these are back this fall. These are so trendy but I have a sneaky suspicion that they aren't going anywhere for a while. I found a great pair for $50 at Target; they're a part of the Dolce Vita line. They have slim enough calves for my legs which I love too! These are an October through February boot that have a little heel to make me feel like the tallest woman on the planet. These are great for jazzing up a fun outfit, styling with tights and dresses, and are perfect for completing that "city chic" look. These are my "take on the world" boots.

Nude Block Heel -- I love a good block heel as well as this nude color. This truly is the shoe for the girl who hates wearing heels. This is my go-to interview shoe as well as a great presentation shoe, banquet shoe, or meeting shoe. The low heel is great for busy days when you have to look fab, and the nude is a four season color. These can be found at Target for $30!

Quilted Steve Madden Slip On -- A slip on is a great shoe for every season. It's a great "after yoga" shoe that you can easily slip on. It's great for walking to class, throwing on with jeans, leggings and even a casual dress. They are my go-to darty season shoe. They're cute enough to dress up but comfy enough to spend all day in.

Hunter Wellies -- I love a Hunter Rainboot. Even if it's not raining, I'll sometimes throw these on if it's a gloomy day outside. I think these are great with leggings, with a dress, and even with jeans and a sweater if its a stormy day on the beach. These again, are a four season shoe and are perfect for all types of climate. I always stick with black because it will match most of my clothing!

Navy Margaux Flat -- These are the best flats! They come in such fun colors and have a flirty little bow on the toes. I love styling these with my jeans and a cute sweater or top if I have a busy day. They are great for running around town in and the little heel is so great. They come in so many colors, both neutral and bold, so you can find a flat to fit right into your closet.



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