Weekly Skinny: August 23

They response to my new Weekly Skinny series was so great! I am so happy that you all enjoyed reading up on my favorite things and boy do I have a ton of really fun things to share with you today. On social media, at the mall, or the store, whenever I saw something I loved I wrote it down on my phone so I wouldn't forget a thing.

This week is my last week at home, and tomorrow I get to pack everything up and load up the car so I can head back to JMU. I can't wait to live in my first apartment and really decorate the place that way I want. I am thrilled to be living in my own space all while sharing a home with three other wonderful girls. But, until then, let me share what I've been loving for these past seven days.

What Your Sorority Letters Really Mean -- I found this article on Facebook this weekend and I think it's so perfect. It sums up what I think about my letters. As much as we all know each sorority on each campus has a reputation, we really need to think about what our letters really mean -- absolutely nothing. Your letters mean nothing, the person wearing them is what's important. You don't magically turn into a completely different person when you put on a few Greek letters. In fact, you are given those letters for who you are. You fit into a chapter because you represent those letters so well because you are you!

The Lady Gang -- Oh my gosh, you all need to listen to this podcast. I have been wanting to hop on the podcast bandwagon for months now and my friend, Justine, told me about this particular one. Justine and I are super similar in the fact that we both love fashion, the same shows, music, and have an extreme obsession with New York City. The Lady Gang talks all about being a woman, a lady boss, a fashionista, and they do it while being hilarious. It's hosted by Keltie Knight, Jaqueline Vanek, and Becca Tobin and they host celebrity guests each week. Seriously, I need to find a way to drink champagne with them and talk about Instagram, the do's and don't's of fashion, and my good week, bad week.

Tommy Lenk Instagram -- I found Tommy Lenk through The Lady Gang podcast this past week and quickly knew I needed to follow him. He is so funny and creative I literally cry laughing every time I see a post from him. Although he is a major Broadway talent, his red carpet inspired outfits take the cake. He recreates red carpet looks out of every day house hold items and he kills it every time. You have to check him out because his crafting ability is incredible and honestly, his posts just give me a good laugh.

Aly & AJ New Song -- We've waited a decade for this moment. If you grew up watching Disney during the Phil of the Future, Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens era, you know how incredible Aly & AJ's albums were. Seriously, my sisters and I still jam to their Into the Rush album from 2005. As they grew up, they phased out of Disney and honestly we didn't hear to much from them. This past week, they finally released another song ten years later and it's incredible. Take Me is my JMU Frog Week jam (you JMU kids know what I'm talking about). You have to listen to it! I can't wait for the rest of the album.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Eclipse Reaction -- The Great American Solar Eclipse occurred on Monday and the nation was so excited by it. I was to happy to see how an entire country set aside their differences to really enjoy something so beautiful. I mean really, everyone was thrilled to see this celestial event but, no one was quite as awestruck as Sarah Jessica Parker. The queen of stilettos and NYC was so grateful to experience nature it was wonderful. It really makes you think about how the smallest things can bring you the most joy. Material goods are nothing compared to the beauty that God bestows upon us and SJP shows us how to really appreciate those gifts from Heaven.

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