How I'm Going Into Sophomore Year

Today's the day! I'm off and on the road to JMU to start my sophomore year of college and I am so excited! Seriously, words cannot describe how thrilled I am to be returning to Harrisonburg. Last year as a rising freshman, I was excited to be heading off to college but wasn't entirely too thrilled about James Madison itself. I wasn't totally in love with the school and had the predetermined plan to try to transfer out of the university as soon as possible. It was so silly of me because I immediately gave up on something without giving it a chance. A year later and it has become so obviously clear that God's plan was way different than my own.

As I shared in this post from July, I failed miserably last Spring. My biggest failure in my life so far because in my most important goal I had set for myself in my teenage years, I failed to meet it. I think it was the very first serious goal of mine that I completely missed the mark on. It's funny how so much hard work can go into something that you care so much about and still you can fail just as hard as you tried.

I'll be the first to say that I approached my freshman year of college completely wrong. Instead of looking forward to football games, new classrooms to visit, and friends to meet, I was too distracted with the excitement of submitting another round of college applications. Well, not this year. As a rising sophomore I have a new list of things to anticipate: recruitment, another national championship, new major courses, apartment life, a job at the library, and so much more to do at JMU. I am looking forward to making new friends, meeting new sisters, and diving deeper into subjects I already love.

I can't wait to refocus and recenter my college life around school first with my faith and hardwork leading me. I want to go to church more often, spend more nights out with friends than in by myself, more nights in the library working hard, than in my room being lazy. It's not going to be an easy semester because within these next few months, I have to apply to my major. As a math major, which is what I was my entire freshman year, I never had to apply. If I wanted my degree in math, I just had to complete the courses (however hard they may be).

As a new communications major, everything feels right. I feel like I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what needs to be done. I have so many goals ahead of me and a dream of working in fashion in New York City on the PR side of things. I have always wanted to work in fashion and continue my blog and love to connecting with brands, and as a comm major, I feel like I can do just that.

I am also looking forward to finally getting back on a schedule. I am already filling out my Erin Condren with school, sorority, blogging, gym, and job time. In addition to my new major studies, I added a part time job to my schedule which is going to really force me to manage my time well. I need to remember that the Queen of England has 24 hours in a day, just like me and you. It's helpful that the job in on campus which means I can take the bus to my job and back home again. There is time to get everything done if I take everything one day at a time and manage each minute of it.

As I mentioned, I want to go to church more often too. I made it to mass a handful of times this past year which was nowhere near enough. As much as I'll be working on school, in the library, and on the blog, I know I will need some time to just be quiet and think. Mass is the perfect place to do just that. I need to hear the word of God each week to remind me that I am only human and mistakes come and go, but the love from God is forever. He will help me through my worst of days, bless me on my best, all while giving me his love each and every single day. I'm looking forward to getting to rekindle my close flame with the Lord and become a member of the church's community.

The feeling of sophomore year is already great and it's only the first day. Nothing clouding my mind like last year and nothing to distract me form falling in love with my campus. There are so many undiscovered things about JMU that I am yet to learn because of my mindset from last year, and I am already looking forward to getting around campus more and learning more about James Madison.