Weekly Skinny: August 30th

It's time for another Weekly Skinny! I am loving sharing my current faves with you all each week. This week has a lot of videos on it because I was trolling Facebook in bed the other night and found some great videos that I just needed to share with someone. Yesterday, again, no post because it was my first day of school and I had a lot of stuff to do and writing the blog post didn't make it into the schedule. I'm still working on scheduling my day out and tbh, yesterday was so busy that I just didn't schedule things out!

Weatherman Folds American Flag -- We have all watched the news about Hurricane Harvey and how hard it hit Texas, especially Houston. It's crazy to see how powerful and weather can be. It's nice to see Americans, with all different religions and political stances, come together. In a place where when it rains, it floods, Texas was nowhere near prepared for Harvey to roll through. This past week, Paul Goodloe was reporting on the storm and found a fallen American Flag on the ground. He stopped what he was doing and immediately folded up the flag. The stars and stripes were surrounded by palm trees snapped in half and trash blown everywhere, but the flag was completely intact. Through the toughest times, the nation will preserve and rally together.

Pink's Speech to Her Daughter -- The VMA awards took place this past week and all of our faves were there. P!NK has been a strong female artist for years now and more recently she has been releasing some chart toppers. Her speech at the awards to her daughter was beautiful. It was by far the most featured video on my Facebook page yesterday morning and I wanted as many people to see it as possible. No six year old should feel ugly, no child should feel like it isn't okay to be themselves. P!NK showed her strength through her overflowing love for her daughter -- you shouldn't miss the video.

"Look What You Made Me Do" Music Video -- Love it or hate it this song is pretty catchy. I spent about 30 minutes yesterday at lunch talking about it with my sorority sisters. T-Swift managed to call out every single person that has wronged her in the past few years in about three minutes -- pretty impressive, T. She killed all of her old Taylor's during the bridge and I'm not going to lie, I might have cried because Fearless Taylor was my favorite. You have to watch this video because it's the most controversial and eerie Swift has ever been. Let's not forget she broke the YouTube record with most views in 24 hours at 31 million.

Buzzfeed Analyzes Taylor Swift's New Song -- Now that we're on the topic of Taylor Swift's new song, let's talk about all of those little digs she threw in there. She managed to trash Kanye, Katy, Kim, Tom Hiddleson, Calvin Harris, David Mueller, Apple Music to name a few. She even managed to give proper significance to all of her exes including Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles. I mean really...Joe?? That was years ago -- well before she even transitioned to pop music. Seriously, this Buzzfeed article will blow your mind and leave you either loving or hating Taylor.

Carly's Instagram Story Hacks -- Instagram Story is such a major tool when it comes to growing your account and here Carly stresses about how important it actually is to reaching out to new audiences. She has been sharing some incredible stories over the past few weeks and I, along with so many others were very impressed with what she kept posting. In this post, she shares her tips and tricks for creating captivating and colorful Instagram Story animations with text and images.

Voluspa Candles -- When you're living on a budget but still want to make your apartment feel like home, you need to be a little bit budget friendly. I have been searching for great little details to add to my space to make it feel much more like home. My sister sent me a package of Voluspa candles for my birthday and they are exactly what my room needed. They are so fragrant while not too overpowering. I hate when candles give me a headache and these offer you a powerful fragrance while not giving you a headache. My favorite is the Saijo Persimmon but I can't wait to try out the Champagne one. The packaging is what I really love about them. The colors are so beautiful and once the wax melts down, you can re-use the tins for bobby pins, thumbtacks, or paperclips.

What have you been loving this past week? Let me know in the comments below!



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