Weekly Skinny: September 6th

It's been a pretty busy week and we're only half way through it. Due to panhellenic recruitment starting tomorrow evening, the sorority has had meetings for the past week in preparation for the new PNM's. Ever moment that I'm not in class or at a meeting I have been using it to write blog posts, making Quizlets, or reading. There hasn't been much time for anything else.

Although I have been running around campus these past few days like a crazy woman, I have had enough time to catch up the latest fashion and trends and also read up on some fun new articles. Like every Wednesday, it's my time to share this weeks skinny with you. If you have something you are enjoying make sure to leave that down below in the comments section so we can chat!

Royal Baby Number Three -- I am a huge Royals fan. I watched their wedding years back and I have followed them every step (& pregnancy) along the way. I was so thrilled to hear on Monday that Will and Kate are expecting another prince or princess. I was so excited I took to Twitter and ran a poll of what everyone thinks they will have. Most of you all said a another little girl. Although I think it's going to be a girl, I'm hoping it's a boy. I want Prince George to have a little brother to show the ropes to. I was talking with my sister, Leslie, when I heard the news and we are already predicting baby names. We think Victoria for a girl and either William or James if it's a boy.

Bell Sleeve Ruffle Sweater -- I have seen these sweaters everywhere this season and I need to get my hands on one. I share a blush colored one in my post yesterday when I shared 28 Fall Items Under $30. I can't wait to get paid so I can grab a grey one. It will go with everything. I think they're so trendy and fun but the grey color is something that I can wear for a long time. I can already see myself pair if with cheetah loafers or my over the knee suede boots.

Apple Watch -- I am slowly but surely convincing myself to get an Apple Watch. A couple of my sister have one and they love it. Now, coming back to JMU I am seeing just how many people have one and how much they rave about it. Everyone says that although they felt like it wasn't necessary they find it to be so helpful in their daily routine. My only apprehension about having one is that I am already on social media so much with the blog, I don't want for an Apple Watch to pull me deeper into the technological world. I was talking with my friend, Sarah, and she said she finds herself less on her phone now that she has one because she knows if s0mething on her phone is urgent or not.

Erin Condren Sticker Sets -- I shared back in August how I make my Erin Condren agenda stickers and now that school has started they are seriously saving my life. I am so much more organized than I was last year and I am so on top of my work. In fact, I have days of homework finished because I am so organized. I plan on sharing how I organize it for school because it's slightly different than if I were organizing it for a day full of work in the summertime. I have my grocery list, blog posts, work schedule, homework, classes, and ADPi to do's all on one page which is so helpful to me!

Sweater Blazer from J. Crew -- I'll be the first to say... I hated the sweater blazer when it came out. I thought the concept was innovative but J. Crew didn't sell it too well for me. Now, I don't think I can live without one. These are so cute and so versatile from Fall all the way through early Spring. These look great with pixie pants and a blouse for a more business casual look, leggings and a graphic tee for a busy day out and about, or a great pair of jeans and mules for a day of work. J. Crew Factory just got a shipment in and they definitely won't break the bank.