Fall Bucket List

Fall is such a great season. The changing of the leaves is one of my most favorite things. It's so beautiful and reminds me that things are changing. It reminds me that life is never stagnant, no matter what we are all always changing and time is fleeting. Fall reminds me that whatever state of mind I'm in, stressed, or worried, or confused I know that it will pass like the season.

I also love Fall because it's when God's work truly comes out. Never does nature look as magical and beautiful than it does during Autumn. The crisp air, the chilly mornings, the marbled and vibrant leaves, and the wildlife that comes out during the season. I love seeing the geese fly south and and hear owls at night.

There are so many fun opportunities that Fall brings us. I love the fact that so many of them revolve around nature and spending time with family and friends. I for one can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch and go apple picking with my sorority. There are a ton of great places around Harrisonburg for festive fall fun. I already am planning on carving pumpkins with Lisa on her balcony too. I also want to recognize what I'm thankful for this Fall more than just on Thanksgiving. I want to be more in the present and be actively thinking of what I'm thankful for. I have been trying to think about this more often especially when I'm talking to and from class. When I have a few minutes I try to remind myself of the beautiful day I have so I can walk in the sunshine, or be thankful for my ability to be walking in general. Just being able to recognize smaller things in life that we take for granted is another big item on my Fall bucket list.

What are you looking forward do this Fall? Is there something on your bucket list that you're excited about? Share in the comments!



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